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Tue Jun 20 2023

April Wine's 12th album, Walking Through Fire

00:11 - 13:43

  • Made to fulfill a contractual obligation to the record label
  • Features Miles Goodwin and Brian Greenway from the band augmented by three Montreal based session musicians
  • Opens with a song called 'Rock Myself to Sleep'
  • 'Rock Myself to Sleep' was also released that year by Starship on their album 'Need Deep in the Hoopla'
  • Second song is called 'Wanted Dead or Alive', an AOR ballad
  • 'Wanted Dead or Alive' is better than the Bon Jovi song of the same name
  • Third song is called 'BEG FOR YOUR LOVE', written by Canadian songwriter Eddie Schwartz. It's not good
  • Fourth song is called 'Love Has Remembered Me', a super corny ballad in very 80's
  • 'Annejo' is a five-minute song with some heavy guitar but not...
  • 'Open Soul Surgery' was originally released by Jim Valance's band Prism
  • 'You Don't Have to Act That Way' is a weird, quiet, loud, quiet, loud kind of song and it doesn't work

April Wine's albums and songs

13:13 - 21:09

  • April Wine were a decent band with some great songs, but a lot of their material was uninspired and derivative
  • Their third album Electric Jewels was really strong, where the band flexed their muscles
  • The next album Stand Back had some bad songs, but also a couple of their best songs
  • They hit their stride with album number 9, The Nature of the Beast in 1981
  • They had a few more great songs in the 80s like Waiting on a Movie
  • After they called it a day, they were forced to make one more album which had one good song at the end called Wait Anymore