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The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Doris Burke And The NBA Finals Deep Dive

Fri Jun 09 2023
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  • Jamal Murray and his teammate achieved a 30 point triple double, which is remarkable. The podcast discusses the best two-man games in NBA history and considers Jamal and his teammate's potential inclusion on that list. In their last game, Yokich and Murray had 32 on-ball screens, the most they've ever had as teammates in any game. Murray's playoff run has been dominant with impressive stats, but Yokech is favored to win finals MVP with 41% of the money, but Jamal Murray has the most percentage of bets. Denver needs a big game from KCP or MPJ to improve their three-point shooting. Miami needs to make layups and two-point shots in addition to their three-point shooting. Murray's off-ball attachment and physicality could be an adjustment for Miami.
  • Shooting and making threes is important to get layups, which are more efficient. The idea of blitzing Murray every time and sending help early to prevent Yokech from catching the ball may be a solution, but Denver's cutting ability makes it difficult. Yokich has a talent for finding ways to get the ball to whoever is open, as seen in his high assist combos with Gordon, Murray, and others.
  • JJ and the speaker are disappointed they can't have wine together due to not working together. The speaker appreciates JJ and Mike recognizing their work on the broadcast. Draymond and JJ bring a unique perspective as media personalities who understand the daily grind of players. The speaker asks Doris about Joker's impact on the NBA and if teams will try to build around him.
  • Teams are always looking for the next D-Wade, such as Randy Foy or Brandon Roy. Steph Curry, James Harden, and Damian Lillard changed the paradigm of three-point shooting with high volume. Yokech is an anomaly and reminds the speaker of Tim Duncan in being a low maintenance, selfless superstar. Building through the draft is the best way to build a roster, with timely acquisitions through free agency.
  • Nikola Jokic is having a historical playoff run. Jamal Murray's playoff run this year is on par with some of the greats. The Denver Nuggets have beaten tough opponents in the playoffs, including Rudy Gobert, Anthony Edwards, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. Tom Haverstrow interviewed Marcus Elliott about rethinking athleticism beyond traditional measures like vertical jump and linear speed.
  • The speaker was skeptical about frozen coffee extract, but found it to be impressive when mixed with water. Listeners can visit for a starter pack of the speaker's favorite rows and $20 off their first two orders. There is debate about Joe's defense in basketball, with some feeling it is underrated and others criticizing it. Joe has had an impact on the series and his defense.
  • Michael Malone prefers being up in pick and roll and doesn't like drop. He has great hands and gets many deflections even at the rim. He is not likely to make an all defensive team due to the amount of data available and the presence of versatile bigs. Denver has been a solid above average defensive team throughout the season, particularly in the fourth quarter. Miami believes in compression and upped their zone defense by putting someone at the nail full time. They used a 1-3-1 formation and focused on hitting low posts with three players on one side. Denver had a 10x success against this defense in the playoffs. Christian Brown had a good game making smart cuts. Miami is physically and mentally tough, and someone will have to take them out in the playoffs.
  • The speaker believes that the NBA has a self-perpetuating focus on star players and legacy franchises, which can lead to important teams and players being overlooked. They suggest that media coverage could do more to build up stars and highlight the greatness of lesser-known teams and players. The speaker acknowledges the business side of media coverage, but also believes there is power to build stars and it is their job to do so. Caitlin Clark was the most compelling figure in the women's Final Four based on ratings. There is a responsibility to generate momentum and promote women's sports and personalities within them. Misogyny exists with casual sports fans and affects coverage of women's sports. JJ Redick gets frustrated discussing certain teams on "Get Up." The personalities of players in the women's Final Four generated more buzz than the men.
  • NBA is great at off-court pizzazz and flair. Responsibility of networks and media to highlight exciting players outside of big cities. De'Aaron Fox is a compelling player with a lot of swag. Entertainment is key in broadcasting, not just analysis. Women's basketball players have confidence and are not afraid to be themselves. Dash Pass membership from DoorDash offers $0 delivery fees and reduced service.
  • The speaker was the school's all-time leader in assists and started working in media after graduation. Their first broadcasting job was calling games for the women's college basketball team at Providence. They had no ambition when they started out and their only goal was to have a jumpshot that matched their dribble drive ability. Their entry into broadcasting was due to leaving coaching to start a family, and they lost out on a job opportunity due to being pregnant. The speaker panicked when offered a job and called Michelle Tifoya and Al Troutwig for advice. Jeff Van Gundy offered the speaker the finals offer after Michelle Tufway moved to NBC. The speaker enjoyed being part of the finals runs, including LeBron and Steph matchups. Sideline reporting is a challenging role with limited time to make an impact on the broadcast. Preparation level for sideline reporting is the same as for analysts.
  • Analysts prepare for games by watching NBA games and consuming information through podcasts and media coverage. The amount of information available to consume has increased with technology, but the game itself still dictates where the broadcast should go. Doris Burke's love for basketball started at a young age when she played in a park next to her house and it provided her with confidence and education that she may not have been able to afford otherwise.
  • Basketball is a beautiful game that requires a lot of cooperation and builds strong relationships. Retirement from basketball is difficult because it becomes ingrained in your life and it's hard to give up. Playing basketball teaches teamwork and working with others towards a goal, even if personalities don't always mesh. The beauty of basketball is also in the problem-solving aspect of the game. People in organizations put in a lot of effort to make things work. Elite athletes and coaches aim to take away their opponents' greatest strengths. The mental and physical stamina of elite athletes is difficult to quantify or describe. There is beauty in the struggle and perseverance of elite athletes, as exemplified by "The Man in the Arena" quote. The guest's emotional story made the host tear up, which was a first for the podcast. The guest did not have ambition when they started out, but found success through hard work.
  • The current generation of sports has more representation for different groups than 30-40 years ago. Doris Burke is a pioneer in creating opportunities for women in sports media. The speaker asks for Doris's perspective on the Ray Allen shot and the 2016 NBA Finals. Doris recalls being next to Todd Harris during the Ray Allen shot and trying to prepare questions for post-game interviews with San Antonio players.
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