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Fri Jun 23 2023

Low budget movies in the 80s

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  • Low budget movies were produced in the 80s for video rental stores.
  • These movies had songs commissioned for them, despite having no soundtracks.
  • The songs were mostly only available on VHS tapes and have since been uploaded to YouTube.

Songs from low budget films

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  • 'Out of the Darkness' by Tony Shuto was a song from the film 'All American Murder'.
  • Mark Mancina's 'It's Not Over Yet' was featured in the 1988 film 'Night Wars'.
  • Always On My Mind by Steve Butler from a 1984 film called Final Mission.
  • Cry of the City by The Night Brothers from a 1986 film called Nights of the City.
  • Scenes from the Gold Mine is a love story featuring Katherine Mary Stewart, Cameron Daughe, Steve Ralesback, and Joe Pantaleano with music by Brian Adams, Fee Wable of the Tubes and Timothy B. Schmidt of the Eagles.
  • Two songs from Riders of the Storm (also known as The American Way), a 1986 science fiction comedy directed by Maurice Phillips starring Dennis Hopper and Michael J. Pollard.
  • Jim Manzie's song The Way of All Flesh is featured in Tales from the Dark Side of the Movie.
  • The song Ivory Tower was performed by Tuesday Night for the movie Mad About You in 1989.
  • Jim Manzie's song The Way of All Flesh is featured in Tales from the Dark Side of the Movie.
  • Maraj's Standing in the Rain is featured in The Pistol, Cold and Birth of a Legend.
  • Debbie Leiten sings Night Patrol from the movie Tom Boy.
  • Joseph Williams, son of famous film composer John Williams, performed the song 'Turn It' for the Space Camp soundtrack.
  • The movie Revenge features the song 'Say' by Michael Brewer.
  • 'Brave Heart' by Rick Riso is played at the end of the show and is from the movie The Bone Yard.

Movies featuring specific songs

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  • 'The Final Mission' is a movie about two deadly professionals who collide in a struggle to death.
  • Mad About You is a movie about a rich man's daughter who meets three eligible bachelors and must decide which one to marry.
  • Tales from the Dark Side of the Movie is a horror anthology film that includes three dark tales.
  • Youngblood is an action movie starring Michael Pare as Sergeant Scott Youngblood seeking revenge for his sister's death.
  • Instant Justice is a movie featuring Michael Parrey from Eddie and the Cruisers in that Rambo knockoff.
  • "Vicious Lips" is a movie about a fledgling band getting an opportunity for a breakthrough if they can make it in time to a faraway planet to perform at a very popular club.

Movies with notable actors

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  • Michael Perey starred in home video smashes, Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire, and The Philadelphia Experiment.
  • Steel Justice is a Rambo knockoff movie starring Martin Kove.
  • Space Camp features Kate Capshaw as an astronaut running a summer camp for teenagers.
  • Distant Thunder is a 1988 film starring John Lithgow and Ralph Machio about a Vietnam vet who emerges from isolation to reconcile with his teenage son.
  • The Double O Kid is a 1992 direct-to-video movie starring Corey Haim and features the song 'Part of Love' by Jean Miller.
  • Revenge is a 1986 sequel to the direct-to-video movie Blood Cult.
  • Patrick Wayne, son of John Wayne, plays Michael Hogan who investigates his brother's death in a small town.