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The GoodLion Podcast

GoodLion Update: School of Discipleship Ministry Reports, Great Things in Store for the Podcast, & an Update on Aaron's Seminary Journey

Tue Jun 06 2023

The Good Lion podcast and Good Lion Ministries

  • The Good Lion podcast is winding down season nine after almost five years of production.
  • The show has grown and evolved with incredible guests and positive feedback from listeners who say it's helping them follow Jesus.
  • The Good Lion podcast evolved into Good Lion Ministries, which now includes the Good Lion School of Discipleship in Yukon, Oklahoma.
  • The school is a gathering for young adults to study theology and discipleship and learn the way of Jesus.
  • It started in March 2023 and has been an absolute blast with consistent attendance from around 23 students.
  • During the first semester, they covered topics such as the theology of God, covenants, eternal life, sin, and more.
  • They will take a break for summer before starting back up again for semester two in August.

Changes to the Podcast

  • The podcast is going through changes due to the speaker's busy schedule with work and vacation.
  • Instead of posting nothing for a couple of months, they will be pulling out some classic episodes from earlier seasons that have not been heard by the majority of new listeners.
  • Brian Higgins, the co-host, has not been on the show as much lately due to being busy with his full-time job, raising a toddler, and local ministry work at his church.
  • The speaker and Brian plan to schedule one big recording session per month where they will record multiple episodes together.

Upcoming Plans for the Podcast

  • The Good Lion podcast will have Brian involved in the upcoming season.
  • There are eschatology episodes recorded with Nick Katie and Professor Darryl Bach, who talks about progressive dispensationalism.
  • Some episodes will touch on what has been taught at the Good Lion School of Discipleship.
  • The show aims to bring helpful, encouraging, and inspiring content to listeners as they follow Christ.
  • There are plans to book great guests for future episodes, including those in the free-elosion space.
  • The host is pursuing a master's degree in applied biblical leadership under Professor Gary Breshears and hopes to teach at a Bible college or seminary professionally in the future.
  • A new branch of Gary's cohort will be opening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the host lives.

Financial Challenges and Support Request

  • The speaker is a single-income dad who prioritizes ministry work and family time over side hustles.
  • He used to have a good side client that paid well, but they haven't given him any work since October of last year.
  • This puts him in a bind financially as he wants to pay for seminary.
  • He feels called to remain dedicated to being a good husband, father, and doing ministry work.
  • He humbly asks for support from listeners who want to contribute to his studies and help fund his seminary journey.
  • The link to donate is
  • The speaker values transparency.
  • They are not planning on using something for anything else.
  • The speaker is trying to let go and trust that the Lord might be doing something, even if nobody donates anything.
  • They feel stretched thin and frustrated with their lack of resources, including money and time.
  • The speaker has been reminded of the story of the loaves and fishes, where Jesus multiplies what little is available to make something out of it.
  • They have seen God multiply their efforts in unexpected ways in their podcast, Good Lion School of Discipleship, and CGN as a whole.
  • The speaker is approaching this situation with faith and trust that God will provide however he wants to.
  • They would appreciate prayer and encouragement from listeners.

Call to Action

  • Host requests listeners to pray for him, the show, and his ministry work
  • Host invites listeners to reach out to him
  • Classic episodes will be released starting next week
  • The first series, the Righteousness Mini series, will be featured
  • Host believes it will be encouraging and is one of his favorite episodes