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Governor Jon Favreau? (Subscription Show Preview)

Tue Jul 04 2023
Online CulturePolitical ControversiesMovie ReleasesGOP ConventionPersonal Aspirations


The episode covers a range of topics including online culture, political controversies, movie releases, GOP conventions, and personal aspirations. The hosts discuss frustrating narratives in the White House, highlight Ron DeSantis' campaign strategy involving his wife, analyze Roseanne Barr's controversial comments, explore the excitement around upcoming movies, recount the chaos at the North Carolina GOP convention, delve into the speaker's online activity and advice column segment, and conclude with Dan Pfeiffer's political aspirations. Throughout the episode, there is a mix of humor, analysis, and personal anecdotes.


Online Culture

The hosts discuss the concept of being 'terminally online' and the need to disconnect from the internet occasionally.

Ron DeSantis' Campaign Strategy

The campaign strategy of highlighting Ron DeSantis' wife as someone people don't hate may be more effective than using him all the time.

Roseanne Barr Controversy

Roseanne Barr's controversial comments about the Holocaust and Jewish control of Hollywood sparked a debate about her intentions and led to condemnation from organizations like the Holocaust Museum and Anti-Defamation League.

Movie Releases

The simultaneous release of a Barbie movie and a movie about the atomic bomb called Oppenheimer has generated excitement and discussion among moviegoers.

Chaos at GOP Convention

The malfunctioning voting app at the North Carolina GOP convention caused tension, accusations of corruption, and a divisive atmosphere among attendees.

Being Online vs. Offline

There is a discussion about the speaker's online activity level and the balance between being online and engaging in offline activities.

Political Aspirations

Dan Pfeiffer expresses his interest in running for Governor instead of Congress, highlighting the potential impact of holding a state-level position.


  1. Terminally Online
  2. Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis
  3. Roseanne Barr Controversy
  4. Barbie Movie and Oppenheimer
  5. North Carolina GOP Convention
  6. Being Online and Advice Column
  7. Dan Pfeiffer's Political Aspirations

Terminally Online

00:00 - 07:05

  • Terminally Online is a show where crooked hosts and staffers share things they've seen on the internet that made them realize they need to go outside and touch some grass.
  • The hosts discuss frustrating narratives they had to deal with in the White House, such as the idea that if Barack Obama played more golf with racist Republicans, more would get done.
  • They also talk about favorite political or media narratives happening now, like Ron DeSantis being unlikable and Donald Trump continually incriminating himself in public.
  • Dan Pfeiffer shares a story about an old Ron DeSantis tweet from 2015 featuring him and his wife in front of a green screen beach, wearing odd outfits and promoting Casey DeSantis as a 'man of integrity and honor.'

Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis

06:38 - 19:26

  • A photo of Casey DeSantis, Ron DeSantis' wife, was tweeted by Ron with a quote from her calling him a man of integrity and honor.
  • The tweet seemed weird and unnecessary, similar to Chris Pratt's wife defending him when people criticized him.
  • Casey DeSantis is not known to be a man, but no further research was done on the matter.
  • The photo was taken at a beach or possibly in front of Cinderella's castle at Disney.
  • The campaign strategy of highlighting Ron DeSantis' wife as someone people don't hate may be better than using him all the time.
  • Bringing out the candidate's spouse is a common tactic when the candidate is not connecting with voters.
  • Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis had a Disney wedding, which could be seen as hypocritical given his stance against woke culture.
  • People will accept hypocrisy or buffoonery from politicians, but not both together.
  • A video clip of Roseanne Barr saying controversial things about Donald Trump and the Holocaust went viral on Twitter.
  • Some popular resistance accounts shared the clip, leading to condemnation from organizations like the Holocaust Museum and Anti-Defamation League.
  • Roseanne's son and Theo Von, the comedian who hosted the podcast she appeared on, claimed that she was being sarcastic and that the clip was taken out of context.

Roseanne Barr Controversy

13:21 - 25:23

  • Roseanne Barr made controversial comments about the Holocaust and Jewish control of Hollywood.
  • Theo Von's interview with Roseanne Barr provided context to her comments.
  • There was confusion about whether Barr was being sarcastic or serious in her remarks.
  • Barr also made false claims about Joe Biden winning the election and the number of counties he won.
  • During the interview, Barr was seen smoking a cigarette and drinking from a pink toddler sippy cup.
  • The whole clip was offensive and included topics such as fishing movies, Black people, and hip-hop.
  • Some people defended Barr's comments while others found them offensive and polarizing.
  • Theo Von is a popular comedian on platforms like TikTok where his clips often receive positive feedback.

Barbie Movie and Oppenheimer

19:01 - 25:23

  • There is a Barbie movie and a movie about the atomic bomb called Oppenheimer coming out on the same day.
  • People are preparing for a double header, trying to decide which movie to watch first.
  • The Venn diagram of people excited about both movies is unclear.
  • The American theater experience is dying, so people are looking for reasons to go to the theater.
  • Christopher Nolan directed the Oppenheimer movie, which is considered an event film.
  • Some people are making T-shirts and memes about this double feature.
  • It's unlikely that people with small children will attend both movies due to cost and time constraints.
  • Parents often prioritize other activities over going to the movies when they have free time without their children.
  • The hosts express excitement about seeing this unique double feature.

North Carolina GOP Convention

24:56 - 31:32

  • Being terminally online in one narrow interest is not better than being online with a wide set of interests.
  • Attending the North Carolina GOP convention and witnessing the chaos caused by a malfunctioning voting app.
  • The challenger running for state party chair criticized the incumbent's stance on elections, comparing it to Bud Light endorsing extreme LGBTQ positions.
  • The voting app malfunctioned, causing tension and accusations of corruption among attendees.
  • The challenger refused to concede, calling it the new Maricopa County.
  • The broken election app took up all their time, preventing them from voting on other matters.
  • Every accusation became a conviction as the party tore itself apart in real time.
  • Online jokes and references seeped into offline life during the convention.
  • A discussion about scoring high for being online versus leaving the house.

Being Online and Advice Column

31:08 - 37:19

  • The speaker felt embarrassed for not being as online as others
  • They decided to step up and be more active online
  • The speaker did an interview offline before coming to the studio
  • They put on a disguise to blend in at an event
  • The speaker's team applauded their effort
  • The speaker tried to hide their true intentions at the event
  • There was a discussion about the speaker's choice of clothing for the event
  • The speaker changed their shirt before the meeting with the CEO and CFO
  • A rating of two was given to the speaker's online activity level
  • It was mentioned that the speaker is still very online compared to others at the company
  • An advice column segment was introduced in the podcast
  • A listener asked whether they should enter politics or apply for a judicial opening in Utah
  • Running for local offices was suggested as a starting point in blue areas of Utah
  • Some potential political positions were discussed, including mayor and governor

Dan Pfeiffer's Political Aspirations

36:56 - 39:23

  • Dan expresses interest in running for Governor instead of Congress because he believes more can be accomplished as a Governor.
  • They discuss the appeal of living in state capitals and mention Sacramento.
  • Elijah shares his interest in being an ambassador to France.
  • They joke about Gordon Sondland's testimony and being knowledgeable about their industries.
  • 'Terminally Online' wraps up with gratitude for listeners and a farewell.