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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Hire, Lead and Chill - Part 1

Sun Jul 09 2023
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The episode covers various topics related to job boards, recruitment, and the current labor market. It includes discussions on Google for Jobs, social recruiting, and the introduction of Blue Sky's Recruiting new dashboard. The evolution of job boards, the impact on recruitment, challenges faced by major job boards like Indeed, and emerging trends in the industry are also explored.


Job boards have become essential in the recruitment process

The podcast highlights the importance of job boards in connecting employers with talent and attracting more people to websites.

Indeed's relationship with businesses and job seekers is complex

The love-hate relationship between Indeed and businesses is discussed, with a focus on how small businesses are treated poorly while job seekers have a positive experience.

Challenges faced by major job boards

The episode sheds light on the challenges faced by major job boards like Indeed, including negative impacts on small businesses, dictation of recruitment methods, and lack of good customer service.

Emerging trends in the job board industry

The episode explores emerging trends such as declining business for major job boards, the rise of niche job boards, acquisitions in the market, legal issues on social media platforms, and the limited effectiveness of platforms like Instagram and TikTok as job boards.


  1. Part one of the interview with Sean Day from Blue Skies Recruiting on Facebook Live
  2. The evolution of job boards and the current labor market
  3. The impact of job boards on recruitment and challenges faced
  4. Challenges faced by major job boards and the future of the industry
  5. The current state of job boards and emerging trends

Part one of the interview with Sean Day from Blue Skies Recruiting on Facebook Live

00:00 - 07:03

  • Discussion about Google for Jobs and Indeed
  • Talked about social recruiting and other job work stuff
  • Introduction to Blue Sky's Recruiting and their new dashboard for clients
  • Upcoming KPI features tailored to client needs
  • Mention of the love-hate relationship with Indeed
  • Low unemployment rate at 3.4%
  • Artificial intelligence in recruiting will be discussed in the next episode
  • Introduction of guest Chris Russell, an industry expert on job boards
  • Chris Russell's background in RecTech Media and consulting in the job board space
  • His passion for connecting employers with talent through technology
  • The launch of his first local job board in Connecticut during the dot com boom

The evolution of job boards and the current labor market

06:35 - 13:58

  • The podcast guest started a local job board during the dot com boom and had good timing.
  • There are now many more job boards than there were 10 years ago.
  • The industry has matured, and there are job boards for every niche and vertical.
  • Aggregation has become common, with sites like Indeed being present on multiple job boards and search engines.
  • The labor market is tight, with supply and demand favoring employees.
  • Boosting and sponsoring jobs on platforms like Indeed have become necessary due to the high number of applications received.
  • Recruiting in the home service business has changed as small businesses allocate marketing budgets to recruiting budgets.
  • The labor market is unlikely to soften due to factors such as immigration and a lack of available talent.
  • The gig economy has created competition for traditional organizations when it comes to recruiting workers.
  • Niche industries like veterans and college students have specific job boards dedicated to them.

The impact of job boards on recruitment and challenges faced

13:30 - 20:54

  • When it comes to college students, there are various websites like college, college, way, and
  • There have been some funny and unique niche job boards in the past, such as one related to working in a strip club.
  • Some staffing firms use job boards to augment their existing business or launch their own niche job boards.
  • The labor market's difficulty is one reason why job boards are exploding.
  • A job board can attract more people to a website and potentially generate revenue.
  • Job boards require marketing skills and some companies may not have the ability or willingness to do so.
  • Indeed has a love-hate relationship with businesses and treats small businesses poorly while providing a good experience for job seekers.
  • Indeed's platform changes frequently and they frown upon recruiting businesses.
  • Indeed's pricing models have been problematic for many clients, with the pay-per-application model being expensive and the 72-hour rule for responses being inconvenient.
  • Indeed started as a small company but eventually shunned job boards and kicked them off their platform.

Challenges faced by major job boards and the future of the industry

20:26 - 27:03

  • Indeed has undergone changes that have negatively impacted small businesses.
  • Small businesses are the ones most affected by Indeed's changes, while enterprise companies are less affected due to their larger budgets.
  • Indeed's dictation of recruitment methods is not customer-friendly and makes it harder for customers to do business with them.
  • Indeed's rapid rollout of changes without proper explanation or education caused pushback from users.
  • The chairman and board of Indeed acknowledged the challenging rollout and attributed it to self-inflicted mistakes.
  • Despite layoffs and declining revenue, Indeed remains a major player in the job market.
  • Lack of good customer service could lead to a decline in Indeed's popularity, similar to other platforms like HomeAdvisor and Angie's List.
  • ZipRecruiter, as the second-largest job board, needs to step up its game and potentially acquire smaller players to compete with Indeed.
  • Major job boards, including ZipRecruiter, are currently facing challenges in the market.

The current state of job boards and emerging trends

26:44 - 33:01

  • Major job boards are currently experiencing a decline in business.
  • Enterprise companies are holding back on advertising and waiting to see how the economy will develop.
  • and Snagajob are notable hourly job boards.
  • is gaining popularity for cleaning jobs.
  • Indeed has acquired Glassdoor and Simply Hired, consolidating their position in the market.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook have faced legal issues related to discrimination in job ads.
  • Craigslist's value has diminished due to competition from Facebook Marketplace and other sectors offered by Craigslist itself.
  • LinkedIn remains largely unchanged since its inception, resembling a classified newspaper of the digital world.
  • Instagram and TikTok can be used for branding as a recruiter, but their effectiveness as job boards is limited.
  • TikTok had an experiment where users could create video resumes with certain hashtags to be seen by companies.