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Wealthy Web Designer

How to Use ChatGPT in Your Web Design Business

Tue May 09 2023

AI in Web Design and Business

00:00 - 05:53

  • AI can help web designers and business owners save time and work with more clients.
  • AI can be thought of as a virtual assistant that can perform tasks like creating content, answering questions, and scheduling appointments.
  • Using AI to create educational content like listicles or platform recommendations can add value to a business's online presence.
  • AI does not replace human creativity or experience in creating an overall customer experience.

Content Generation with Chachi BT

05:26 - 11:12

  • Use prompts from common questions to generate content ideas for Chachi BT.
  • Time block two hours every two weeks to create a month's worth of educational content for Instagram.
  • Recycle and repurpose content generated by Chachi BT.
  • Chachi BT can write entire posts or blogs with added tone and call-to-actions.
  • Chachi BT is smarter than expected and can conceptualize beyond given prompts.
  • Use Chachi BT to create priority to-do lists based on your schedule and priorities.

Consolidating Schedule and Tasks with Chachi PT

10:48 - 16:33

  • Consolidate your schedule and tasks using Chachi PT to prioritize and create a calendar.

AI Tools in Design

10:48 - 16:33

  • The use of AI in design can revolutionize the way designers work by creating assistants that need creative strategy behind them.
  • Templates on Canva do not take away clients from graphic designers.
  • Mid Journey is another platform that creates photorealistic images based on descriptive prompts.

Utilizing AI Tools

16:13 - 21:56

  • AI tools like Canva templates do not take away clients from graphic designers because humans can outshine what computers can do.
  • It is important to get comfortable utilizing AI tools now so that when they become more advanced, you are already familiar with them.
  • AI tools like Chad GPT can be used as a tool in your back pocket to deliver projects quicker and without having to work as much.
  • Commercially licensed designs and platforms like Chad GPT set service providers apart from the crowd.
  • Chad GPT can rewrite Instagram captions or emails in less than 300 words or in first/third person.
  • Chad GPT writes fire emails that you can go in and change if needed.

Enhancing Productivity with Chachippity and ChatshootBT

21:26 - 28:52

  • Chachippity can write professional emails in seconds.
  • It structures emails professionally and saves time.
  • Templates can be created for go-to replies to clients.
  • Client's copy and your own copy can be fine-tuned using Chachippity.
  • Copywriting services can be offered to clients for an additional fee.
  • Lorem Ipsum can be replaced with example tags using Chachippity.
  • Chat GPT can write paragraphs for website templates.
  • Looking at templates can be complicated for non-design focused people.
  • LORUM IPSEM can make it difficult to visualize your own story or copy on a template.
  • Chad GBT could elevate the experience of using templates.
  • It's important to consider the perspective of someone purchasing a website template.
  • ChatshootBT is a useful tool that can help with productivity and time management.

Podcast Announcement

26:23 - 28:52

  • The podcast is approaching the end of its third season and will have new topics and surprises in the fourth season.
  • Listeners are encouraged to try ChatshootBT and see how it can help them.
  • Listeners are encouraged to leave reviews for the podcast.