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Marketing Made Simple

How to Use Email Marketing to Close Deals (REPLAY)

Wed Jul 05 2023
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The episode covers various topics including the Marketing Made Simple podcast, AI in marketing, sales funnel emails, and writing effective sales emails. The podcast celebrates its 2nd anniversary and offers a free week of Business Made Simple online platform. AI, specifically chat GPT, is discussed along with HubSpot's new AI features. The sales funnel and different types of sales emails are explained in detail. Writing effective sales emails is emphasized with tips on addressing problems, using testimonials, overcoming objections, and creating urgency. The importance of empathy and authority in sales emails is highlighted. The episode also provides insights on writing effective sales emails for parents going through a divorce or restructuring.


Sales Funnel Emails

Sales funnel emails play a crucial role in asking for commitment and closing deals. They consist of different types of emails such as deliver the asset, problem solution, customer testimonial, overcome objection, paradigm shift, and sales email.

Writing Effective Sales Emails

When writing sales emails, it is important to address the problems faced by the target audience, provide specific examples to make them relate, and establish authority. Including testimonials and creating a vision of success can also be impactful.


  1. Marketing Made Simple Podcast
  2. AI in Marketing
  3. Sales Funnel Emails
  4. Writing Effective Sales Emails

Marketing Made Simple Podcast

00:00 - 07:31

  • The Marketing Made Simple podcast is celebrating its 2nd anniversary
  • The podcast focuses on making marketing easy and effective
  • Offering a free week of Business Made Simple online platform

AI in Marketing

00:00 - 07:31

  • AI, specifically chat GPT, is a hot topic in the world
  • HubSpot's new AI features, Content Assistant and ChatSpot, save time

Sales Funnel Emails

07:10 - 21:47

  • Selling products becomes more challenging when targeting people who don't know you
  • The marketing-made simple sales funnel consists of five essential pieces: one-liner, website, lead generator, nurture emails, and sales emails
  • Replaying episode 16 on creating sales emails
  • Sales funnel emails ask for a commitment and sales email sequence is about asking for the commitment.
  • The sales campaign focuses on closing the deal and creating an email sales campaign allows you to share how your product solves customer problems and ask them to buy it.
  • There are six types of emails that can be written for a sales email campaign.
  • The number and frequency of emails depend on your audience's preferences and your sales process.
  • Emails are still effective, especially when used in conjunction with social media to get engagement and follow up with emails.
  • Having someone's email address gives you direct contact with them, unlike social media platforms where accounts can be shut down.
  • The first type of email in a sales email series is the deliver the asset email, which delivers the value promised in exchange for their email address.
  • The second type is the problem solution email, where you identify the problem your product solves and offer it as a solution.
  • The third email in a sales sequence is the customer testimonial email, which can be crafted using the same formula as earlier emails.
  • Customer testimonial emails should highlight the problem the customer was experiencing, the solution provided by the product or service, and how their life has improved.
  • Overcoming objections is important in sales emails. Acknowledge the main reason why customers may not buy and address it directly.
  • A paradigm shift helps customers change their perspective and take action. Encourage customers to see themselves as heroes in their own story.
  • The last email in a sales sequence is the sales email, where you focus on selling one product or service and create urgency with limited time offers or bonuses.
  • In sales emails, focus on one product or service and make it clear what the customer will get when they buy.
  • Identify the problem that the product solves and talk about it in the email.
  • Repeat the call to action multiple times, emphasizing urgency and limited time offers.
  • Mix up the types of emails in your sequence to keep it engaging.
  • The more expensive your product is, the longer you want to stretch out your email sequence.
  • For less expensive products with immediate buying potential, send more emails in a shorter period of time.

Writing Effective Sales Emails

28:15 - 35:00

  • The email starts by addressing the external and internal problems faced by parents going through a divorce or restructuring.
  • Starting with the problem section is important as it hooks people in and makes them feel understood.
  • Specific examples are given to make the parents see themselves in the email.
  • The language of 'it doesn't have to be this way' is used to change the narrative that divorced families are broken.
  • Empathy is shown towards the parents, acknowledging that they are processing a lot.
  • Authority is established by explaining how a plan has been created to cover all topics related to parenting from two homes.
  • A short testimony is included to give a snapshot of how much better life can be after taking the course.
  • The testimony includes the problem, solution, and success in just two sentences, making it impactful.
  • The email closes with a vision of success and relief from worry for parents who apply what they learn.