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Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Kelly Clarkson

Wed Jun 21 2023
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  1. Introduction
  2. Party Stories and Kelly Clarkson Introduction
  3. Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show Journey
  4. Kelly Clarkson's Diverse Career and Past Jobs
  5. American Idol and Kelly Clarkson's Success
  6. Kelly Clarkson's Music and Writing Process
  7. Kelly Clarkson's Music and Collaborations
  8. Funny Stories and Personal Experiences
  9. Unexpected Events and Moving Forward
  10. Streaming Services and Conclusion
  11. Conan's Show and Dave Grohl
  12. Dave Grohl and Comic-Con
  13. Conclusion and Credits

This episode of Cooner-Bryne features a live recording with a special bonus episode. Conan O'Brien interacts with the audience and teases an upcoming guest. The hosts discuss their past partying days and introduce the guest, Kelly Clarkson. They talk about Kelly's journey as a talk show host and her successful career. The conversation shifts to Kelly's diverse career and past jobs. They also discuss American Idol and Kelly's success. Kelly shares her music and writing process, as well as collaborations with other artists. Funny stories and personal experiences are shared, along with unexpected events and moving forward. The hosts discuss streaming services and conclude with Conan's show and an interview with Dave Grohl. The episode ends with credits and acknowledgements.


00:04 - 06:27

  • This special bonus episode of Cooner-Bryne is a friend recorded with a live audience
  • Conan O'Brien jokes about the small venue and the increase in capacity
  • He interacts with the audience and talks about encountering fans who listen to his podcast
  • Conan teases an upcoming guest and mentions it's been 20 years since he last spoke to them
  • Conan introduces his co-hosts Sonah Mocessian and Matt Corley
  • They discuss performing in front of an audience and reminisce about past experiences
  • Sona shares that there's nothing exciting happening in her life currently

Party Stories and Kelly Clarkson Introduction

05:57 - 12:33

  • The hosts discuss their past partying days and how they don't go out as much anymore.
  • They mention a disappointed audience member who came to see one of the hosts.
  • The hosts joke about one of them having a mistress and talk about their fashion choices.
  • They reminisce about their attempts at starting conversations with women in the past.
  • One host shares how he met his wife on camera during a remote shoot in New York City.
  • They talk about their kids watching the moment they met and not wanting to watch it themselves.
  • The guest for today's episode is introduced - Kelly Clarkson, a Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter.

Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show Journey

12:05 - 17:40

  • Kelly Clarkson appeared on a late-night show 20 years ago when she was just a child.
  • She didn't like her voice in the clip and hates her own talking voice.
  • Conan O'Brien became a talk show host despite not having other talents like singing.
  • Kelly initially said no to being a talk show host but was convinced by others to try it.
  • Being curious and communicative makes hosting a talk show an easy and fun job.
  • People thought Kelly's talk show would fail, but it turned out to be successful.
  • It's best not to know the statistics or expectations in show business and just enjoy doing what you love.

Kelly Clarkson's Diverse Career and Past Jobs

17:22 - 23:05

  • The guest talks about enjoying their work and not worrying about the outcome.
  • They discuss the guest's experience with scholarships for music colleges.
  • The guest shares their diverse taste in music.
  • They talk about the guest's decision to pursue a career in LA instead of going to college.
  • The guest mentions working as a rep for Red Bull energy drinks.
  • They discuss the guest's past job as a waitress at a comedy club and an incident with bad tippers.

American Idol and Kelly Clarkson's Success

22:48 - 28:17

  • American Idol and other singing competition shows have become a regular part of the entertainment industry.
  • The beginning of American Idol was marked by uncertainty and a lack of control.
  • The show's success can be attributed to the investment and collaboration between Simon Fuller, the record company, management, and the show itself.
  • Despite being successful, Kelly Clarkson had a positive experience with Simon Fuller allowing her to leave her deal due to unhappiness with the people she was working with.
  • Simon Fuller is known for his generosity and wealth, as demonstrated by offering to send his yacht's tender to pick up Kelly Clarkson while she was backpacking in France.

Kelly Clarkson's Music and Writing Process

27:49 - 33:21

  • The podcast hosts discuss the concept of a 'tender' and how it has different meanings in different contexts.
  • They talk about their lack of experience with Tinder and how it came before their time.
  • The conversation shifts to Kelly Clarkson's new album, which is her tenth.
  • One of the hosts mentions watching Kelly's audition tape for American Idol and being impressed by her talent.
  • Kelly shares that she had to win over Simon Cowell, who initially didn't remember her or recognize her talent.
  • They discuss the personal nature of Kelly's album 'Chemistry' and how writing about her separation and divorce was therapeutic for her.
  • Kelly explains that writing has always been a way for her to process her feelings, starting with poetry as a child.

Kelly Clarkson's Music and Collaborations

32:55 - 39:11

  • Writing poetry and music helped the speaker process their feelings
  • The speaker chose songs that were relatable to others, particularly about divorce, grief, and loss
  • Feeling alone during difficult times is challenging, especially when surrounded by friends who don't share the same experiences
  • Isolation during COVID-19 made it even harder to connect with others and heal
  • The speaker used various instruments and collaborated with other artists to create their music
  • A surprising collaboration with Steve Martin on the song 'I Hate Love'
  • The song references movies like 'The Notebook' and 'It's Complicated'
  • The speaker never met Steve Martin in person but worked with him remotely

Funny Stories and Personal Experiences

38:52 - 44:54

  • Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams filmed a scene together in the rain, yelling at each other.
  • Ryan Reynolds imitated Ryan Gosling during the scene.
  • The scene culminated with Reynolds and McAdams making out for what felt like four hours.
  • Reynolds twiddled McAdams' ear during the make-out scene.
  • McAdams' wife watched the scene on TV and said it ruined both actors for her.
  • McAdams had a garlic burrito before the make-out scene.
  • The conversation shifted to pride and how some people are uncomfortable with certain jokes or actions.
  • Taking things moment by moment helps keep going in difficult times, as demonstrated by the host's personal experiences during COVID-19.
  • The host found comfort in focusing on others' stories and perspectives rather than their own struggles.
  • There was a time when the host had to cancel due to personal issues, which is rare for them.
  • The host performed at an awards show despite needing an appendectomy shortly after.
  • On another occasion, the host received cancerous results right before a performance on the Grammys.

Unexpected Events and Moving Forward

44:32 - 50:08

  • The speaker received cancerous results, causing them to cry and ruin their day.
  • The next morning, the speaker called back to schedule but was told it was a mistake and someone else's results.
  • The speaker feels that award shows always get ruined for them due to unexpected events.
  • During an award show performance, the speaker thought they were dying and had to redo their makeup multiple times.
  • Another person shares a funny story about hitting a note during an award show performance and impressing Barry Manilow.
  • The host mentions that the speaker is moving their show to New York in the same studio where they met years ago.
  • The studio has a lot of history, including interviews with John Lennon.
  • The album Chemistry is mentioned but there is confusion about when it will be released.

Streaming Services and Conclusion

49:47 - 56:31

  • The phrase 'Netflix and chill' is actually a code for a casual sexual encounter.
  • The hosts discuss their preferences for streaming services and make jokes about it.
  • They promote T-Mobile's reliable coverage and fast 5G network.
  • David Hoppe, the assistant, met Kelly Clarkson and got her autograph on a vinyl record.

Conan's Show and Dave Grohl

56:06 - 1:02:03

  • Conan forgot to ask if he could bring someone along
  • Conan's acts of kindness are sometimes mistaken as cruel jokes
  • Conan talks about his new HBO Max show where he visits people and helps them with their problems
  • The show is on hold due to the writer's strike
  • People are curious about Jordan Schlansky and why he isn't with Conan
  • Conan explains that his irritation with Jordan is not an act
  • Conan launched a channel on Samsung TV and Jordan handed out ice cream in New York
  • Jordan has fans like the band Rush and may reemerge soon

Dave Grohl and Comic-Con

1:01:46 - 1:07:50

  • Dave Grohl is a guest on the podcast
  • Conan O'Brien and Dave Grohl discuss people mistaking Conan for Dave Grohl and the resemblance between them
  • Conan shares a story about someone pretending to be him and charging things in his name
  • There will be a new episode of Chill Chums this summer
  • They discuss the possibility of having alcohol in the next episode, with Dave already working on a cocktail
  • Tim asks if they will do any Comic Con stuff in the future, and Conan expresses interest in returning to Comic-Con
  • Sona met her husband after one of the shows at Comic-Con

Conclusion and Credits

1:07:24 - 1:11:18

  • The host and his friend met their spouses at work.
  • The Conan show is referred to as the greatest dating site of all time.
  • The host's lawyers advise against over-promoting the show's ability to help people find their special person.
  • Thanks are given to Kelly Clarkson for being a guest on the show.
  • T-Mobile is acknowledged for making the podcast possible.
  • The audience is thanked for being nice and a great audience.
  • Various production credits are mentioned, including producers, executive producers, theme song by The White Stripes, incidental music by Jimmy Vavino, supervising producer, associate talent producer, engineering support, and talent booking team.
  • Listeners are encouraged to rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts.
  • The Team Coco Hotline number is provided for listeners to leave messages or ask questions for future episodes.
  • Listeners are reminded to subscribe to Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend on various podcast platforms.