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10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course

Lesson 10 - How to Put Your Perfect Productivity System in Place (today!)

Thu Mar 24 2016
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The episode covers building a productivity system, email and communication strategies, productivity techniques and skills, and planning and task management. It provides practical tips and insights on how to organize and optimize your workflow for increased productivity.


Consolidate all items in one inbox

Putting all your thoughts, documents, and other items in one big inbox helps keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Regularly review and improve your system

After working with your productivity system for a week, it's important to review everything and make necessary improvements to ensure its effectiveness.

Communicate your email strategy to others

Letting others know about your new email strategy and turning off email sounds can help minimize distractions and improve focus.

Experiment with different productivity techniques

Trying out different techniques like Pomodoro can help you find what works best for you and boost your overall productivity.

Use a task management app on your smartphone

Having a smartphone with a task management app that syncs with your desktop can help you stay organized and manage your tasks efficiently.


  1. Building a Productivity System
  2. Email and Communication Strategies
  3. Productivity Techniques and Skills
  4. Planning and Task Management

Building a Productivity System

00:01 - 05:23

  • Put all your thoughts, documents, and other items in one big inbox
  • Process each item in the inbox and decide what to do with it
  • If an item is actionable, add it to your task and project management system
  • If an item is reference material, put it in a drawer or scan it to Evernote or Dropbox
  • Continue processing items until the inbox is empty
  • Your productivity system doesn't have to be perfect at first; you can tweak it as you go
  • Work with your system for a week and see the results
  • After the first week, review everything and make improvements where necessary
  • Watch the course again after the first week to catch anything you may have missed before
  • Schedule weekly review sessions for the next four weeks and continue improving your system

Email and Communication Strategies

05:24 - 09:45

  • Be diligent about putting everything in your inbox; what goes in eventually gets taken care of
  • Practice email processing by archiving old emails and deciding what to do with the rest
  • Communicate your new email strategy to others and turn off email sounds
  • Subscribe to productivity blogs and magazines for inspiration and new information

Productivity Techniques and Skills

09:46 - 13:12

  • Consider listening to audiobooks instead of reading books for increased productivity on-the-go
  • Find a productivity partner who is also building their own system; share ideas and encourage each other
  • Experiment with different techniques like Pomodoro for improved productivity
  • Learn touch typing to increase typing speed; there are many courses available online

Planning and Task Management

13:13 - 15:45

  • Don't rely too heavily on your calendar for planning; use your task system instead
  • Get a smartphone if you don't have one, along with a task management app that syncs with your desktop