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Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend


Thu Jul 06 2023
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The episode features musician Dave's journey, a guest's perspective on Conan, Claire's perception of the host, Conan's strategy to win Claire over, and their future plans. Dave shares his musical background and life in Galway. The guest recalls funny moments from Conan's shows and Claire's fascination with Jordan Slansky. Claire finds the host annoying, while the guest admires his entertainment skills. Conan seeks advice to impress Claire, discussing her interests and joking about changing his personality. They talk about visiting Ireland and express hope for future encounters.


Dave's Musical Journey

Dave was a successful musician with his band Legalexy in Ireland before starting a new project. He moved to Galway to be with his wife Claire and they got married during the pandemic.

Claire's Perception of Conan

Claire finds the host annoying and desperate, but the guest disagrees. The guest's wife also shares this perception and was surprised when he got the opportunity to talk to Conan.

Conan's Strategy to Win Claire Over

Conan seeks advice from his friends, including Dave, on how to impress Claire. They discuss her interests and Conan contemplates changing his personality.

Future Plans

Conan and Dave discuss visiting Ireland and express hope of crossing paths one day. Dave challenges Conan to settle things in Galway.


  1. Dave's Journey
  2. Guest's Perspective
  3. Claire's Perception
  4. Conan's Strategy
  5. Future Plans

Dave's Journey

00:04 - 05:57

  • Dave is a musician living in Galway, Ireland.
  • He used to play with his band Legalexy and they did well in Ireland.
  • Dave decided to quit the band and start a new project just before the pandemic hit.
  • He moved to Galway to be with his now wife Claire.
  • They got married during one of the lockdowns with only a few people present.
  • Living together has been an adjustment for Dave and Claire, but they are getting through it.
  • Claire is tolerant of Dave's musical instruments crowding the house.
  • Dave shows Conan his synthesizer, which is a reproduction of a Moog.
  • Conan comments on how Dave pronounces Moog differently from him.

Guest's Perspective

05:38 - 11:57

  • Dave Maclachlan, a guest on the podcast, shares his drink of choice
  • Dave recalls how he first became familiar with Conan O'Brien's work
  • He mentions receiving clips of Conan's shows before the internet era
  • Dave remembers a funny bit involving a ghost in the studio and its racist and sexist remarks
  • Claire, Dave's partner, doesn't like Conan but finds Jordan Slansky fascinating
  • Conan expresses disappointment that Claire doesn't appreciate his comedy

Claire's Perception

11:32 - 18:12

  • Claire finds the host's voice annoying and doesn't want to hear it
  • The host thinks Claire misses the point of his humor
  • The guest admires the host's ability to be entertaining in any situation
  • Claire perceives the host as desperate, but the guest disagrees
  • The guest's wife also finds the host needy and repellent
  • The guest's wife was surprised when he got the opportunity to talk to the host
  • The guest is determined to convince his wife that he is not needy or desperate
  • The host worries about why Claire doesn't like him and wants to win her approval
  • There may be other people who find the host desperate, according to the guest

Conan's Strategy

17:45 - 23:46

  • Conan wants to win over Claire and asks for advice from his friends.
  • Dave suggests Conan should be like the cool, aloof guy in high school.
  • Conan contemplates changing his personality to win Claire's affection.
  • They discuss Claire's interests, including grunge music and heavy metal.
  • The conversation veers off-topic to helicopters and airplane terminology.
  • Conan imagines a scenario where he impresses Claire with his new persona.
  • Dave jokes about seizing assets until Claire finds him funny.
  • Conan promises Dave that he will win over Claire when he visits Ireland.

Future Plans

23:30 - 25:28

  • Conan and Dave discuss visiting Ireland
  • Dave challenges Conan to settle things in Galway
  • Conan compliments Dave's humor
  • They express hope of crossing paths one day