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Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Patton Oswalt Returns

Mon Jul 17 2023
Podcast RecordingComedyAI ConcernsAdvancements in AILimits in FilmmakingRisky StuntsDirector's VisionMissing GiftsMystery


The episode features discussions on podcast recording, interviews with comedian Pat Nozwel, Conan's prank on Slipknot, concerns about AI, advancements in AI technology, the importance of limits in filmmaking, risky stunts in movies, the director's vision, missing gifts, and the mystery of the missing pineapple glasses.


AI Concerns

The episode highlights concerns about AI's potential for harm, including creating fake videos and proposing harmful solutions.

Advancements in AI

The episode explores the rapid growth of AI technology and its potential to generate podcast episodes using hosts' voices.

Limits in Filmmaking

The episode emphasizes the importance of limits in filmmaking and the resurgence of practical effects over excessive CGI.

Risky Stunts

The episode discusses dangerous stunts in movies, including explosions and risky jumps, as well as changes in editing styles.

Director's Vision

The episode delves into a director's desire to emulate memorable scenes from 'Bringing Up Baby' and the importance of human emotion in shows.

Missing Gifts

The episode reveals the mystery of missing birthday gifts, including vintage cocktail glasses and mid-century pineapple jars.


  1. Podcast Introduction
  2. Interview with Pat Nozwel
  3. Conan's Prank on Slipknot
  4. Concerns about AI
  5. Advancements in AI Technology
  6. The Importance of Limits in Filmmaking
  7. Risky Stunts in Movies
  8. The Director's Vision
  9. Missing Gifts
  10. Mystery of the Missing Pineapple Glasses

Podcast Introduction

00:03 - 06:59

  • The podcast host is in New York City for interviews while co-hosts remain in Los Angeles.
  • The podcast is being recorded using Zoom.
  • The hosts discuss the difference in energy when recording remotely.
  • They joke about their locations and make humorous comments about testicles.
  • They engage in character work, impersonating French and German accents.
  • The hosts express excitement for the upcoming interview segment.

Interview with Pat Nozwel

06:30 - 13:13

  • Pat Nozwel, a comedian and actor, is the guest on the podcast.
  • The host recalls how Pat was always funny and easy to have on the show.
  • They discuss bands that would perform on the show, including screamo bands and wisdom rock bands.
  • The host shares a funny story about meeting intimidating band members backstage.
  • They talk about extreme punk rocker G.G. Allen and Slipknot's appearance on the show.

Conan's Prank on Slipknot

12:56 - 18:34

  • The Slip Nuts sketch on Conan's show was intentionally maddening, with the vaudevillian characters repeating the same joke about slipping on nuts multiple times.
  • Conan once pranked Slipknot by sending the Slip Nuts to one of their concerts, which resulted in an angry crowd reaction.
  • Slipknot actually enjoyed having the Slip Nuts on the show and wanted them to open for them at a concert.

Concerns about AI

18:09 - 24:39

  • AI has become a major concern due to its potential for accidental and premeditated harm.
  • AI is constantly learning and growing, which raises concerns about its future capabilities.
  • There is a worry that AI could create realistic fake videos or commit crimes without malicious intent.
  • Some experts believe that podcasts warning about AI may disappear if their predictions come true.
  • The idea of AI causing confusion with unexpected scenarios, such as creating fake footage, is unsettling.
  • There is a concern that an AI tasked with solving world hunger might propose harmful solutions.
  • The power grid is now self-repairing and cannot be completely shut down, which raises new worries about its vulnerability to AI attacks.
  • Partially intelligent AI connected to critical systems like nuclear arsenals can still cause significant damage.
  • Similar to the Y2K bug, conversations about AI may seem quaint in the future as it continues to advance rapidly.

Advancements in AI Technology

24:14 - 30:30

  • AI technology is growing exponentially and there will come a point where it becomes indistinguishable from human voices.
  • There may be an upside to AI if it can generate new podcast episodes using the voices of the hosts without their involvement.
  • The essential component of AI is both the people programming it and the technology itself.
  • AI has the potential to create realistic images and videos of people who don't actually exist.
  • Deepfake technology is advancing rapidly, with some examples being almost indistinguishable from reality.
  • AI-generated photos are so stunning that they make hiring supermodels seem unnecessary.
  • The premiere of 'Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse' showed that even highly stylized cartoons can evoke strong emotional connections.
  • While AI may supplement human creativity, there will always be a need for a human element in art and entertainment.
  • Limits and restrictions can lead to more creative solutions and produce more shocking and memorable works.
  • Some of the greatest moments in movies came from overcoming challenges and limitations during production.

The Importance of Limits in Filmmaking

30:03 - 36:28

  • The limited visibility of the shark in Jaws made the movie more terrifying.
  • Sam Raimi used creative techniques like a wobbly board to achieve unique effects in Evil Dead.
  • Human creativity is a powerful force that can overcome limitations.
  • Limits are healthy and part of life, just like gravity keeps us grounded.
  • After Jurassic Park, there was a decade of poorly executed CGI in movies before The Matrix took it to the next level.
  • Filmmakers are now embracing practical effects as a rebellion against excessive CGI.
  • New technologies can sometimes make things feel less exciting or risky.
  • Some filmmakers choose to use real explosives instead of CGI for authenticity and cost-effectiveness.

Risky Stunts in Movies

36:06 - 42:40

  • In the movie Bullet, there were dangerous stunts performed, even in B-level drive-in movies.
  • One example is a Joe Don Baker movie called Framed, where a stuntman had to jump out of a car before it was hit by a train.
  • The stunt went wrong and the car exploded, but they left it in the film.
  • Similar dangerous stunts can be seen in other movies like Used Cars and Sword and the Sorcerer.
  • Australian action films from the 80s also had risky stunts that were initially downplayed as being edited tricks.
  • TV shows from the late '70s had more relaxed editing compared to today's fast-paced editing style.
  • Older shows like Chips would show characters walking or driving for longer periods of time in scenes.
  • Today's editing is hyper-compressed, with frames being cut out to maintain a faster pace.
  • We have lost moments of silence and build-up in favor of constant spectacle and explosions.
  • There is less time for interesting conversations without constant action or excitement.

The Director's Vision

42:11 - 48:11

  • A director wanted every shot of his movie to be like a memorable scene from 'Bringing Up Baby', but it didn't work because it made the whole movie feel less special
  • Conan O'Brien had a conversation with Brooke Shields about stunts in movies and how they used to take risks, but now people hunger for actual human emotion in shows like 'Succession'
  • The guest on the podcast, Patton Oswalt, talks about his passion for comics and how he enjoys writing them because it allows him creative freedom without compromising his vision
  • He also mentions that he doesn't care much about material possessions and prefers to keep things simple so he can enjoy what he loves without having to spend time with people he doesn't want to hang out with

Missing Gifts

47:52 - 54:09

  • Patton and the host discuss their past encounter at the Soho House
  • The host apologizes for not delivering a birthday gift to Gorley
  • There is a postal service investigation into the missing gift
  • The host reveals that he ordered vintage cocktail glasses for Gorley
  • The glasses have a copper top that looks like a palm tree
  • The host expresses uncertainty about the whereabouts of the glasses

Mystery of the Missing Pineapple Glasses

53:43 - 59:05

  • David's mid-century pineapple cocktail jars have not been delivered
  • David received an email from the seller stating that an investigation is underway to determine the whereabouts of the order
  • Conan shows a picture of the pineapple glasses he intended to give David as a gift
  • Conan expresses his love and respect for all companies, regardless of their actions or products
  • The missing pineapple glasses become a mystery on the podcast
  • Sona receives a gift of real pineapples from Conan