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PT422 – Oliver Carlin - Curative Mushrooms: Exploring the World of Grow Kits and Home Growing

Tue Jul 11 2023
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The episode covers the Pain and Psychedelics Conference hosted by Remap Therapeutics, navigating psychedelics course, insights into mushroom cultivation, the potential of psychedelics in mental health, alternative healing methods for military personnel, legal considerations in growing mushrooms, success in mushroom cultivation, microdosing mushrooms, benefits of growing your own mushrooms, and the power of mushrooms with Paul Stamets. The episode explores various topics related to mushrooms, including their therapeutic potential, cultivation techniques, legal issues, and personal experiences.


Psychedelics for Mental Health

The episode highlights the potential of psychedelics in preventing suicide and emphasizes the importance of proper guidance and education when using psychedelics. It also discusses the host's interest in mushrooms and plans to embark on a hero's journey with psychedelics after retiring from the Navy.

Growing Mushrooms and Alternative Healing

The episode explores the speaker's journey into mushroom cultivation, the benefits of mushrooms for military personnel, and the use of alternative healing methods. It also discusses legal considerations in growing mushrooms and the success rates in mushroom cultivation.

Microdosing Mushrooms and Future of Mycology

The episode delves into the concept of microdosing mushrooms and its potential benefits. It also touches upon the future of mycology, including the possibility of pre-packaged microdosing options.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Mushrooms

The episode highlights the advantages of growing your own mushrooms, such as the ability to create your own strains and obtain fresh, potent mushrooms. It also discusses the partnership between Curative Mushrooms and a college student to create new strains exclusively available for Curative Mushroom members.

Paul Stamets and the Power of Mushrooms

The episode showcases Paul Stamets' experience with using mushrooms to supplement cancer treatment therapy and his mother's successful battle against stage four breast cancer. It also introduces Curative Mushrooms' mission to spread knowledge about mushrooms and their upcoming mushroom-infused instant coffee product.


  1. Remap Therapeutics Pain and Psychedelics Conference
  2. Navigating Psychedelics Course
  3. Interview with Oliver Carlin from Curative Mushrooms
  4. The Speaker's Journey into Mushroom Cultivation
  5. Psychedelics and Mental Health
  6. Retired Navy Member's Hero's Journey with Mushrooms
  7. Alternative Healing Methods for Military Personnel
  8. Growing Mushrooms and Legal Considerations
  9. Success in Mushroom Cultivation and Benefits
  10. Microdosing Mushrooms and the Future of Mycology
  11. Benefits of Growing Your Own Mushrooms
  12. Paul Stamets and the Power of Mushrooms

Remap Therapeutics Pain and Psychedelics Conference

00:02 - 07:38

  • Remap Therapeutics is hosting the second ever Pain and Psychedelics Conference on July 15 and 16.
  • The conference features leading experts in the pain space, including Dr. Joel Castellanos, Professor John Romaker, Devin Christie, Boris Heifetz, Josh Woolley, James Close, Julia Bournman, Professor Imad Dimash, Bob Wold from ClusterBusters, Dr. Emmanuel Schindler, Dr. Michelle Wiener, Professor Greg Quarter, Court Wing himself, CJ Spotswood, and Jim Harris from Outside Magazine.

Interview with Oliver Carlin from Curative Mushrooms

00:02 - 07:38

  • Joe Moore interviews Oliver Carlin from Curative Mushrooms about grow bags and growing mushrooms at home.
  • Curative Mushrooms offers grow bags and other supplies for mushroom cultivation.

The Speaker's Journey into Mushroom Cultivation

07:12 - 13:58

  • Mushrooms found the speaker instead of the other way around, sparking their curiosity and interest.
  • The speaker's introduction to mushrooms came from a friend who suggested they look into it.
  • The speaker was immediately intrigued by the health benefits of mushrooms and started researching them extensively.
  • At the time, mushrooms were not popular, but the speaker's friend discovered them through their research as a blogger.
  • The speaker received an email from someone whose life was saved by mushrooms, which further motivated them to learn more about growing mushrooms.
  • This person asked for guidance on growing mushrooms without expensive equipment, inspiring the speaker to start their own mushroom cultivation journey.

Psychedelics and Mental Health

13:33 - 20:19

  • A man's life was changed by mushrooms after suffering from depression due to the loss of a loved one.
  • The potential of psychedelics in preventing suicide is discussed.
  • Proper guidance and education are emphasized when using psychedelics.
  • The podcast host has a YouTube channel that provides informative videos on mushrooms and psychedelics.
  • Instagram and Facebook are used for short videos and live Q&A sessions respectively.
  • Retreats were previously offered but are currently on pause.
  • The host's interest in mushrooms started with non-psychedelic varieties before discovering the clinical studies on magic mushrooms.
  • The host plans to embark on a hero's journey with psychedelics after retiring from the Navy.

Retired Navy Member's Hero's Journey with Mushrooms

19:56 - 26:46

  • The speaker, who is a retired Navy member, wanted to go on a hero's journey after retiring.
  • Despite never having done drugs before, the speaker decided to try mushrooms for the first time.
  • The speaker organized a retreat in Costa Rica with experienced individuals to guide them through the experience.
  • Initially hesitant, the speaker ultimately decided to proceed with taking mushrooms.
  • They consumed seven grams of mushrooms and found it difficult to stomach.
  • As the effects started kicking in, the speaker became more aware of their surroundings and felt heavy.
  • Tourists unexpectedly arrived at their private location during the trip, causing some discomfort.
  • The trip lasted for four to six hours and involved deep introspection and enjoyment of nature.
  • When leaving the jungle, the speaker believed they could walk on water due to their altered state of mind.
  • No injuries occurred during the retreat.

Alternative Healing Methods for Military Personnel

26:18 - 32:57

  • The speaker recalls a time when he walked on water barefoot and didn't get hurt.
  • People in the military are increasingly using alternative methods to heal and continue their careers.
  • The military establishment needs to catch up with providing the help that people want.
  • The speaker discusses his experience with depression in his family and in the Navy.
  • Antidepressants can have side effects like weight gain, which can affect physical fitness tests in the Navy.
  • There is a lack of willingness to acknowledge these side effects and address them properly.
  • Implementing alternative healing methods could lead to substantial fitness gains and overall health benefits for military personnel.
  • Transitioning out of the military can be challenging, leading to feelings of depression due to loss of identity.
  • The speaker researched extensively before creating a grow kit for mushrooms.
  • The grow kit includes three grow bags and two syringes to spread out the risk of contamination and increase success rates.

Growing Mushrooms and Legal Considerations

32:31 - 39:25

  • Possession of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is federally banned, but spores are legal.
  • The company created a book on studying spores under a microscope to ship with the spore syringes.
  • The grow bags are for growing gourmet mushrooms, not illegal mushrooms.
  • Certain states may have laws prohibiting possession or transfer of spores, so individuals should check their local laws.
  • The grow bags create their own microclimate and do not require additional equipment.
  • The bags typically produce three flushes of mushrooms, with each flush yielding an average of 26 dry grams.

Success in Mushroom Cultivation and Benefits

39:03 - 46:16

  • On average, each flush of mushrooms yields about 26 dry grams.
  • With improved processes and genetics, success rates in growing mushrooms have increased to almost 100%.
  • Retired military personnel have found great benefits from using mushrooms.
  • Many people who start growing mushrooms develop a love for it and enjoy the process.
  • Using the term 'happy mushroom' instead of 'magic mushroom' helps keep things legal and safe.
  • As long as growers use mushrooms for personal use and avoid drawing attention to themselves, they are unlikely to get in legal trouble.

Microdosing Mushrooms and the Future of Mycology

45:46 - 53:10

  • Micro-dosing mushrooms can enhance the experience of being in nature.
  • Taking a heavy dose of mushrooms in a public setting can lead to unexpected consequences, such as getting arrested.
  • Virginia is considering the legality of mushrooms and there may be potential for legalization.
  • Liquid culture is preferred over spores for growing mushrooms due to its cleanliness and predictability.
  • The future of mycology could involve pre-packaged microdosing options, but there will always be a market for growers who enjoy the process and want to create their own strains.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Mushrooms

52:43 - 59:44

  • Growing your own mushrooms allows you to create your own strains and have super fresh, potent mushrooms.
  • There may be different motivations for growing mushrooms, such as pleasure, principle, or convenience of buying pre-packaged products.
  • Even if capsules were available for specific mushroom strains, some people would still prefer to grow their own due to the ability to obtain the best genetics.
  • Curative Mushrooms has partnered with a college student who successfully crossbred two different species of psilocybin mushrooms to create new strains exclusively available for Curative Mushroom members.
  • The use of these mushroom kits is attracting a broad range of people, including those suffering from depression and military veterans.
  • Mushrooms can benefit anyone and improve various aspects of life beyond just treating depression.
  • Researching and understanding the reasons behind taking mushrooms is crucial before trying them.
  • One mind-blowing fact about mycology is how Paul Stamets' mother was able to overcome stage four breast cancer using mushrooms.

Paul Stamets and the Power of Mushrooms

59:27 - 1:06:46

  • Paul Stamis supplemented his cancer treatment therapy with turkey tail mushrooms and the treatment was successful, leading to complete remission.
  • Mushrooms have many underexplored applications and are considered almost magical.
  • Curative Mushrooms aims to introduce people to the benefits of mushrooms and spread knowledge about them.
  • Curative Mushrooms has a website ( where they share blog articles and sell mushroom products.
  • They also have a YouTube channel where they post daily videos about mushrooms.
  • YouTube is more friendly towards magic mushroom content compared to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Curative Mushrooms is launching coffee in the next few months, which will be mushroom-infused instant coffee.