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Responding To Tough Pushback Around Christian Sexual Ethics | Pieter Valk - Pt 2: "Is Gay Sin Worse Than Straight Sin?" and More Challenging Questions From Pastors.

Mon May 08 2023
  • Peter Valc is the director of Equip, a consulting and training ministry for churches to help gay people thrive according to the biblical sexual ethic. He seeks to clarify the middle ground between revisionist sexual ethics and ex-gay theology.
  • There is a need for more development and marketing of the talking points for compassionate orthodoxy, which represents the middle ground. Many Christians are interested in Peter's work because resources for same-sex attracted individuals are lacking in churches.
  • The goal of Peter's ministry is for churches to become places where anyone can thrive in singleness, and straight people are held to the same high standard of sexual stewardship as gay people.
  • Same-sex sin is not necessarily worse than straight sexual sin, but it is listed as an abomination in the Bible and should continue to be taught as such. All sin should be taken seriously and balanced consideration is needed.
  • The use of terminology in ministry to LGBT+ individuals is a sensitive topic, with no perfect term that works for everyone. Using language that accommodates the audience and is most effective for evangelism is important.
  • The speaker shares a model for overcoming shame, which involves confessing sin and struggles to supportive individuals and healing past memories. They acknowledge the difference between appropriate guilt and destructive shame, and recognize the importance of representation in media for same-sex attracted individuals.
  • Being gay does not mean a less full life, and Jesus has just as much to offer. Churches can play a big role in helping people find that fullness. Good Lion Ministries offers podcasts, resources, courses, and more on their website for those looking to deepen their faith.