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The Microdose | Psychedelics, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, DMT Trip

Shrooms & Unconditional Love, Vulnerability, Heartbreak, Relationships, Rejection, and Loving Yourself feat. Omar Harb

Fri Jul 07 2023
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This episode explores the nature of unconditional love and its connection to wisdom and right view. It delves into the practice of tapping into unconditional love through meditation techniques like Twim and meta. The power of unconditional love is discussed in relation to vulnerability, forgiveness, gratitude, and overcoming loneliness. The episode also explores the role of love in relationships and the transformative potential of heartbreak and grief. Navigating grief with love is explored as a means of purification and spiritual growth. The importance of courage in living a fulfilling life is emphasized.


Unconditional Love is a Journey

Experiencing unconditional love is a journey, not a destination. It requires letting go of the self and embracing vulnerability.

Tapping into Unconditional Love

Meditation techniques like Twim and meta can help tap into the feeling of unconditional love and develop wisdom.

Overcoming Loneliness with Love

Loneliness can be overcome by giving love instead of seeking it. Cultivating self-love and practicing forgiveness are key.

The Power of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable inspires others to let go and fosters true connection. It is a crucial aspect of experiencing love.

Love and Wisdom

Wisdom comes from right view and understanding the impermanence and unsatisfactoriness of everything. Love is a natural byproduct of wisdom.

Navigating Grief with Love

Grief can be seen as a blessing that leads to transformation and spiritual experiences. Practicing loving-kindness during grief can bring healing and purification.

Courage in Life

Courage is essential in challenging authority, believing in oneself, loving, being vulnerable, taking risks, failing, and experiencing life fully.


  1. The Nature of Unconditional Love
  2. Connecting with Love and Wisdom
  3. Practicing Unconditional Love
  4. Tapping into Unconditional Love
  5. Wisdom and Right View
  6. Overcoming Loneliness and Cultivating Love
  7. The Power of Unconditional Love
  8. Love, Compassion, and Transformation
  9. Navigating Grief with Love
  10. The Role of Courage in Life

The Nature of Unconditional Love

00:00 - 08:54

  • Being vulnerable is what all of us want. That's when love truly matters.
  • Unconditional love is the lack of self, arising from letting go of everything.
  • Unconditional love cannot exist with duality; it just is.
  • Experiencing unconditional love is a journey, not a destination.
  • Unconditional love is synonymous with true enlightenment.
  • Practical love should be practiced, but unconditional love shouldn't be an orthodoxy.
  • At the core, we are all seeking love and trying to connect with our most natural state.
  • During a mushroom trip, it was revealed that seeking love is our ultimate goal.

Connecting with Love and Wisdom

08:26 - 17:37

  • During a mushroom trip, the speaker felt an instant mutual respect and trust with the mushrooms, describing it as being taken into a different plane of reality.
  • The experience felt like coming home and brought the speaker to tears.
  • It was described as finding something they had been searching for their entire life without even knowing what it was.
  • The feeling of instant recognition and connection is compared to recognizing a long-lost family member on the street.
  • The speaker mentions Jesus Christ's attraction to love and describes the feeling as clingy.
  • DMT also provided a similar feeling of coming back to the source or home.
  • The challenge is how to bring that state of love back into the 3D world.
  • Connecting back to home involves unlearning obstacles and tapping into one's natural state.
  • Enlightenment experiences are still considered experiences rather than one's natural state.
  • The speaker shares their journey from not loving themselves to experiencing love through Twim Meditation, which focuses on unlocking the heart.
  • Once love is experienced, it becomes difficult to go back because it is such a deep emotion.
  • After a certain exercise during a call with their mentor, the speaker experienced an entire week filled with nothing but love in every waking and sleeping moment.
  • This experience made it easy for them to tap into that state again, although not every day.
  • Right view and wisdom play important roles in understanding reality at a core level and developing compassion.

Practicing Unconditional Love

17:10 - 25:01

  • Suffering is replaced by love on the path of the unconditioned mind.
  • The unconditioned mind is clear, light, and untainted.
  • Understanding reality leads to unconditional love accompanied by deep wisdom.
  • The Twim technique starts with loving kindness meditation or forgiveness practice.
  • Connect with love by imagining something that evokes deep love for five minutes.
  • Repeat mantras like 'May I be happy?' and focus on the emotion it brings up for ten minutes.
  • Give love to a spiritual friend for fifteen minutes, following the same process.
  • Twim combines insight meditation and concentration meditation, bringing up metta (loving-kindness) and the six Rs (recognize, release, relax, resmile, repeat).
  • The six Rs help purify karma and develop deep equanimity.

Tapping into Unconditional Love

24:42 - 32:53

  • The meditation technique involves recognizing distractions, relaxing, smiling, returning to the object of meditation (meta), and repeating this process.
  • By focusing attention on meta during meditation, one can align their attention with positive frequencies and experience a breakthrough in emotions.
  • Experiencing meta changes one's perception of the world and develops wisdom by seeing people as they truly are.
  • True love is unconditional and does not depend on the self; it can exist even if the self ceases to exist.
  • Appreciating something without attachment or control is a pure kind of love.
  • With practice, one can tap into the feeling of meta on command and use it to help oneself or others feel better.
  • Resentment can be navigated by initially focusing on bringing up the emotion of love rather than dwelling on resentful feelings.

Wisdom and Right View

32:28 - 41:14

  • Focus on bringing up the emotion and getting accustomed to it for wisdom and right view
  • Resentment and grudges cease to exist when you deeply understand and have wisdom
  • Love is a natural byproduct of wisdom
  • Wisdom comes from right view, which is a concept from Buddhism
  • Right view encompasses impermanence, not self, and unsatisfactoriness of everything that arises and passes away
  • Understanding the nature of reality at a fundamental level reduces emotional reactiveness
  • Observation of impermanence helps detach from identifying with impermanent things
  • Loneliness is caused by a lack of connection and love
  • Giving love to others can alleviate loneliness

Overcoming Loneliness and Cultivating Love

40:45 - 49:36

  • Loneliness can be overcome by giving love instead of seeking it
  • Bringing up the love within oneself is the solution to loneliness
  • Forgiveness practice helps in cultivating love and understanding
  • The mantra 'I forgive myself for not understanding' can be used for forgiveness practice
  • Gratitude reinforces abundance and is a powerful manifestation tool
  • Gratitude allows one to thank for things that are yet to come into their life
  • Vulnerability plays a huge role in experiencing love for oneself and in relationships
  • Being vulnerable inspires others to let go and fosters true connection

The Power of Unconditional Love

49:14 - 57:39

  • Being vulnerable is what all of us want. Because that's what love truly matters.
  • Removing the mask is a decision that is made naturally when we understand that the mask reinforces lack.
  • We cannot expect the world to give us something that we are not giving ourselves.
  • Many of us are afraid of abandonment, but we are the first to abandon ourselves.
  • Rejection can be seen as honesty and a positive framing of rejection can be adopted.
  • We cannot get anything from the external world that we are not actively giving ourselves first.
  • Love flows easily when we see the childlike purity in others and look past our own projections and judgments.
  • Love in relationships and friendships requires trust, but love as a state can exist without it.

Love, Compassion, and Transformation

57:10 - 1:06:23

  • Love and compassion are important towards all individuals, regardless of their actions or access to information.
  • Attachment is the opposite of love and is driven by selfishness and identification with others.
  • Love is not about how someone makes you feel or what they do for you; it just is.
  • Unconditional love cannot be limited to one person; it either exists universally or not at all.
  • Heartbreak occurs due to attachment and investment in a relationship, leading to feelings of grief and loss.
  • Heartbreak can be an opportunity for transformation, growth, and the development of wisdom.
  • Grief has the potential to change a person deeply and can be seen as a gift that leads to compassion, love, and wisdom.

The Role of Courage in Life

1:13:56 - 1:16:39

  • The theme of my life has been courage.
  • Courage is needed to challenge authority, believe in oneself, love, be vulnerable, take risks, fail, and experience.
  • A well-lived life requires courage in everything.
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