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ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering Podcast

Staying curious, not letting FOMO win, and let's figure this AI thing out, instead of AI is the Apocalypse

Thu May 11 2023
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The episode covers various topics including prompt engineering for AI systems, creating a strength training program, getting started with prompt engineering, and analysis and insights. The guests share their experiences and provide valuable information on using chat GPT, improving question-asking skills, adjusting training programs, and more.


Effective Prompt Engineering

Asking better questions and gaining experience are crucial for successful prompt engineering. Chat GPT can be used for tasks like improving email lines and organizing thoughts.

Strength Training Program

A six-week strength training program based on linear progression can be created using AI models. Adjustments may be needed for older lifters who plateau in their progress.

Getting Started with Prompt Engineering

Remaining curious, finding a niche, and using tools like Chat GPT and the Playground are important for prompt engineering success.

Analysis and Insights

Analyzing niches, using Excel files for training prompts, and focusing on joy and peace instead of anxiety are key takeaways from this chapter.


  1. Prompt Engineering Podcast
  2. Strength Training Program
  3. Getting Started with Prompt Engineering
  4. Analysis and Insights

Prompt Engineering Podcast

00:00 - 06:17

  • The Prompt Engineering Podcast focuses on teaching the art of writing effective prompts for AI systems like chat GPT, mid-journey, Dolly, and more.
  • The host introduces a guest who shares their background in graphic design and their exposure to chat GBT through Alex Hermose's videos.
  • The guest emphasizes the importance of experience in asking better questions and getting better answers.
  • They discuss using zero-shot prompting for tasks like improving email lines, organizing thoughts, and creating proposals.
  • Role-playing has also been used for sales training purposes.
  • The guest expresses curiosity about coding but acknowledges not having the language to ask specific questions in that area.
  • They mention using chat GPT to learn about NFTs and successfully complete the process within an hour.
  • The guest highlights their tendency to ask questions about various topics that pique their interest, such as the origin of clinking glasses.
  • They explain that they use chat GPT more for general learning and problem-solving rather than crafting specific prompts for extended periods of time.

Strength Training Program

05:49 - 12:15

  • The speaker wants to create a six-week strength training program without having to do the math and percentages manually.
  • The program is based on linear progression, where the weight increases gradually over time.
  • For squats, the starting weight is 200 pounds on Monday, with lighter weights on Wednesday and medium weights on Friday.
  • The speaker is an intermediate lifter at 51 years old and has seen progress in their squatting ability.
  • The program needs to be adjusted for older lifters who may plateau in their progress.
  • There were some issues with the output of the program, particularly with switching between bench press and overhead press on different weeks.
  • Shot prompting was used to guide the model's output, but it still had some confusion.
  • Formatting the output as a table could be helpful for better readability.
  • Despite some imperfections, the speaker found it impressive that the model was able to generate accurate numbers for the program.

Getting Started with Prompt Engineering

12:00 - 18:34

  • Remaining curious and asking questions are key factors in making a prompt successful.
  • To start with prompt engineering, figure out how to use GPT to help you in your hobby, business, or interest.
  • Stay interested and find a niche that fascinates you.
  • Chat GPT is recommended for prompt engineering, but the Playground is also useful for more technical control over randomness.
  • Context is important when giving prompts to Chat GPT.
  • There is a FOMO aspect to prompt engineering, as people want to stay on top of the technology and make informed decisions about their businesses.
  • Prompt-based websites like Promptbase allow users to sell and purchase prompts for various purposes.

Analysis and Insights

18:05 - 22:17

  • Analysis conducted to identify niches with high earnings and low competition on prompt base
  • Excel files can be used for training prompts
  • Excitement and concern about the increase in quality of chat TPT tutorials and insights
  • Importance of focusing on what brings joy and peace instead of anxiety
  • Not falling for FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Connecting with people is enjoyable and valuable
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