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The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

The End-Of-Season Mailbag

Fri Jun 16 2023

NBA Draft Predictions and Potential Trades

  • Wambanyama, a highly skilled basketball player, is favored to be the first overall pick in the upcoming draft.
  • Cam Whitmore is gaining buzz as a potential fourth or fifth pick.
  • There are rumors of teams considering trades for certain picks depending on availability.
  • The Pelicans are unlikely to trade Zion Williamson due to his potential and fitness level.
  • Charlotte has a strong interest in Brandon Miller as a rare height prospect who can handle and shoot the ball.
  • Shooting ability is crucial in the NBA, and many top prospects have question marks about their shooting skills.
  • Portland's decision to trade their pick depends on Damian Lillard's future with the team.
  • Several players outside of the top five picks, including Cam Whitmore, Anthony Black, Derek Lively, Taylor Hendricks, Brady Dick, and Jordan Hawkins, are worth watching out for.
  • Taylor Hendricks' defensive abilities make him intriguing despite not being a true center yet.
  • Jordan Hawkins is versatile enough to fit into any team.

Potential Landing Spots and Teams to Watch

  • The Pelicans and Raptors are good potential landing spots for players in the 10 to 16 range of the draft.
  • Amani Bates is an interesting prospect with high upside.
  • Many teams in the draft are not in win-now mode and have room to be patient with their young core.
  • The Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, and Oklahoma City Thunder are highlighted as teams with young talent and potential for improvement.
  • The Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz are interesting teams to watch in the upcoming weeks.

Free Agency and Team Building

  • The Houston Rockets have $47 million in cap space and are expected to add at least one star this summer.
  • The Dallas Mavericks are an intriguing team in free agency due to their generational talent in Luca Doncic but have made some questionable decisions in the past.
  • The Indiana Pacers have up to $27 million in cap space, the number seven pick, and some tradable contracts making them an interesting team to watch.
  • The Dallas Mavericks need a prototypical modern five player to pair with Luca Doncic as a rim protector and lob threat.
  • Building around Luca Doncic is key for the Mavericks' future success.
  • Several teams with young cores and cap space may give a middling vet a one-year contract.
  • Tyree's Halliburton, Brandon Ingram, and Jamal Murray showed impressive growth as playmakers.
  • Jalen Brown and Mikal Bridges are two players who could benefit from improving their playmaking abilities.
  • Bogdanovich, Kuzma, Miles Turner, and Buddy Hield are potential trade targets for top 10 teams.

Trades and Potential Moves

  • The Warriors and Suns are potential landing spots for Miles Turner.
  • Jeremy Grant and Kongu are mentioned as players who could be good on other teams.
  • The Warriors may need more optionality at the big position.
  • Adding players when a team is over the cap and taxed can be difficult.
  • The emergence of Denver does not require any changes from the Warriors.

Denver Nuggets' Playoff Run

  • The Denver Nuggets had an all-time great playoff run, facing tough opponents in each round.
  • Yokich faced players with 22 combined all-star appearances and the most defensive player of the year awards.
  • To extend Yokich's run with this roster, the Nuggets should bring back Lopez and Middleton.
  • They need to upgrade their shooting by going after a scorer who can shoot but not necessarily from three.
  • Brooke is an impact free agent that people aren't talking about.
  • The Sixers need everyone pulling in the same direction to win, including coaches, players, training staff, and support staff.
  • Doc Rivers didn't add much to the Sixers this year.
  • NURUS is a great coach who could help extend the window for the Sixers if they feature Maxi more.
  • The Knicks need more shooting options and should look strongly at trades.

Top Young Core Teams and Free Agency Challenges

  • The Pistons, Spurs, Rockets, Magic, and Thunder are ranked as the top five teams with promising young players on their rookie deals.
  • The Denver Nuggets may struggle to become a free agent destination due to the second apron rules and their young, locked-up players.
  • They will have to rely on hitting their draft picks and finding rotation level players in the 24 to 30 range.
  • It will be difficult for them to not go over the apron in two years due to having three max players.
  • The best players are likely to keep signing extensions instead of becoming free agents.
  • The new rules aim to cut down on player movement.
  • Teams may trade star players who refuse to sign extensions to avoid losing them for nothing in free agency.

Miscellaneous Topics

  • The podcast hosts express gratitude for their listeners and announce upcoming draft coverage.
  • The energy during the national anthem before games can affect players' performance.
  • There is a possibility of screwing up on TV and pod stuff.
  • The speaker shares their funniest moments covering the NBA season.