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ChatGPT For Me Podcast

The Unfair Advantage for Entrepreneurs with Marten Palu

Wed Jun 07 2023

Podcast Introduction

00:01 - 06:44

  • Podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get ahead of AI power technology

Interview with Martin Paulo, founder and CEO of Game McCann

00:01 - 06:44

  • Game McCann is a studio that offers a portfolio of games while also acting as a hub of learning and development for aspiring game creators
  • Martin Paulo talks about his passion for diving deep into things that interest him
  • He discusses how he uses AI to execute more business ideas and scale himself
  • There are two paths with new technology - one is to do less work, the other is to use it to be more productive
  • Martin Paulo talks about HR Master, an RPG-style HR platform he's developing that gamifies onboarding and performance reviews

Measuring Skills and Productivity

06:16 - 13:10

  • Measuring skills is complicated, but 360 performance reviews gamified by Chat GPT can help.
  • Jet GPT won't take your job, people who know how to use it will.
  • Productivity is key to progress and efficiency in entrepreneurship.
  • AI-powered database with all the talent in a group can quadruple problem-solving speed.
  • Chat Chubiti powered matchmaker for niche experience can save companies money.

Niche Experience Matchmaker and Critical Thinking

12:41 - 20:01

  • Niche experience matchmaker can save companies money and time by providing the right expertise to employees.
  • Humans have two superpowers - collaboration through technology and tool building for problem-solving.
  • The chat GPT AI world will see a lot of disruption, with some people becoming less efficient and others becoming super-efficient.
  • Critical thinking is the most important factor when using AI tools like chat GPT.
  • Proper use of AI can help complete 100% of work in 30% of the time.
  • Efficient use of chat GPT requires human critical thinking and feedback.
  • The questions asked by different people to chat GPT would be wildly different based on their background.

Delegation and Training AI

19:32 - 26:55

  • Delegation is a critical skill for using AI effectively.
  • When delegating, play the whole process in your head and identify risky points to give extra information.
  • Work with AI as if you're teaching it from the beginning, step by step of the process.
  • Train AI to recognize what you're looking for, what not to do and what to do at each step of the journey.
  • To get good at using AI, practice using it like a game and treat it like a tool that can cut 80% of time off tasks.
  • Use Jet GPT for random things and find out where you need it and how you want to use it.

AI Tools for Communication and Design

26:27 - 32:59

  • Writing a poorly worded general email and adding unique bullet points is an effective use case of GPT-3.
  • There's a stigma around using GPT-3 for emails as it doesn't feel like a personal connection, but the thoughts are still yours.
  • The use of influencers and recorded videos has become socially acceptable, and GPT-3 will eventually follow suit.
  • Chat with PDF plugin can be used to give context to a project in one message.
  • Several AI tools working together in synergy through plugins can lead to artificial general intelligence (AGI).
  • Craftful is an AI tool that understands product design, different industries, segments, target audiences, etc., and can help create pitch decks by explaining changes made.

AI Tools for Research and Analysis

32:32 - 39:57

  • Investors look for red flags and reasons not to invest, so having data to back up your pitch is important.
  • Use AI tools to find stats and data points that support your product or service.
  • Plugins like Gamebase, Ask Orpedia, FODA Realistic, and Competitor PPC Ads can help with research and analysis.
  • Zapier is an API portal that allows you to create automations by connecting different tools together.
  • Chat GPT can list out all the things you can do with a plugin.
  • Microsoft Office 365 co-pilot is highly anticipated for its ability to link Premiere and After Effects.

AI in Video Production and Copy Editing

39:29 - 46:16

  • The 360 co-pilot will improve workflow for video production professionals.
  • Stitching together 360 videos used to be a time-consuming process, but automation and AI have made it much easier.
  • Auto cutting in Premiere is a game changer for editing raw material.
  • AI technology that turns video editing into a text word document is one of the greatest technologies for copy editing and slicing together videos.
  • Some people are biased against AI and chat GPT because they haven't tried it or had a bad experience with it.
  • Showing examples of how AI can solve problems is the best way to demonstrate its value.
  • CHPPT is an effective tool for quickly generating ideas on how to teach complex concepts in an engaging way.

AI for Enhancing Productivity and Building Portfolios

45:50 - 52:55

  • AI is the quickest technology to solve problems with little effort and big effort out.
  • Creativity gap exists between showing pathways and executing them on their own.
  • Utilizing AI tools inside businesses can lead to better quality output.
  • Everyone needs to figure out how to use AI as it enhances productivity in any industry.
  • Building a portfolio of work using AI is important for job applications.
  • Game gems are important for game developers' CVs.
  • Reverse engineering with AI can save time and manual labor.

AI-assisted Workflow and Collaboration

52:38 - 59:09

  • AI-assisted grid layout saved hours of manual work for armor pieces.
  • The more you practice, the more tasks will be AI-assisted.
  • Integrating AI into game development to set new trends and reduce overtime/crunch.
  • Martin is always open to collaboration and has many business ideas.
  • Martin can be found on LinkedIn by searching his name.