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ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering Podcast

Using ChatGPT & Midjourney for the #hustleGPT challenge, and for SEO

Fri Apr 07 2023

The Prompt Engineering Podcast

00:00 - 05:32

  • Teaches effective prompt writing for AI systems like chat GPT, mid-journey, Dolly, and more.
  • Features Sean Riddley, founder of MSP SEO synergy, as a guest on the podcast.
  • Riddley learned about prompt engineering through Twitter and followed the news with chat GPT.
  • Uses prompts to build business plans, develop website copy, and figure out how to talk about his business on Twitter.
  • Experiments with mid-journey prompts for fun and tech generation prompts for work.
  • Mid-journey was used to generate ideas for different layouts of Riddley's website.
  • Mid-journey provided a big vibrant header and understood that a call-to-action button and navigation bar were necessary.
  • Kept his prompts simple when using mid-journey.

Smaller Discord Group for Mid-Journey

05:07 - 10:06

  • Focused on web design, logos, images, and designs.
  • Community is learning from each other as nobody is an expert yet.
  • Different ways of putting things together are being learned every day.
  • Mid-journey gives four different options for anything that you have and you can iterate based off of your design.
  • Role playing framework is used to put together the prompts.
  • 'Who, what, where, when, why' approach is also used to address the prompt.

Addressing Prompts and Using Generative AI

09:50 - 15:10

  • When addressing prompts, focus on the results you want to achieve.
  • Generalized information from prompts may not be enough for a full-time business.
  • Machine learning is being used to teach AI standard operating procedures for brand tone and responses.
  • Many prompts available on Prompt Base, making it hard to stand out.
  • Generative AI has the potential to solve problems related to access to information and funding.
  • Chat GPT can provide access to business backgrounds, legal consultations, and more.
  • Collaboration with people from different backgrounds is key in building with generative AI.

Excitement about Promoting and Collaborating

14:40 - 19:15

  • Promoting and collaborating with people from different backgrounds on consultations for real-life issues.
  • No success using GPT prompt building prompts to create a logo for the business.
  • New companies are using AI to create personas for different roles such as marketing, account, and sales teams.
  • JET GPT and other forms of AI integrating with the internet could lead to emergency situations being handled more efficiently.
  • AI automations and integrations within businesses could pull customer information, create code emails, send them out, iterate on them, and have their own metrics per success.

AI's Potential and Sean Ridley's Contact Information

18:50 - 21:04

  • AI can create and send code emails without human intervention.
  • It can pull information from different sources and iterate on it.
  • AI can have its own metrics for success and make money.
  • AI can scale beyond human imagination.
  • Prompt writing doesn't have to be scientific or technical, it can be abstract.
  • Sean Ridley's website is, he is also on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Sean Ridley is open to collaboration and learning more about prompt writing.