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ChatGPT For Me Podcast

Using ChatGPT Get a Bird Eye View of Sales with Dave Lehman

Tue May 02 2023

The Chat GPT for Me Podcast

  • Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs stay ahead of AI power technology by learning tips, tricks, and expert secrets of Chat GPT.
  • Hosted by Dylan Watkins.
  • Interviews David Layman, an experienced chief OO operator of Bird Eye, a software development studio that delivers customer experience applications.

Using Chat GPT in Business

  • Layman learned about Chat GPT from various sources such as news, LinkedIn, and customers.
  • Believes it will change everything for his team and customers.
  • Institutions that preach change and growth are often slow to adopt new technologies like AI.
  • AI is becoming more prevalent and creative in its output, empowering companies but also creating fear of replacement among professionals.
  • Chat GBT and Google's Bard are examples of AI being used practically in sales, marketing, and HR departments.

Personalizing Emails for Sales and Marketing

  • Personalizing emails involves giving a persona to the recipient, including their name, title, company, and industry.
  • More specific data fed into the system leads to better tailored responses.
  • Persona prompts involve dialing in details about a person's personality type, role, motivations, and strengths to write sales letters for them.
  • Gathering customer data is crucial for feeding into the system to understand their personality or other vectors of information.

Researching Prospects and Communication Styles

  • Sales professionals are limited to the information they can find on LinkedIn and Twitter when researching prospects.
  • The industry of the prospect plays a significant role in how they should be approached.
  • Marketers who frequently speak at events or participate in podcasts can provide valuable insights into their organization's needs.
  • Sales professionals can gain knowledge about a prospect's communication style by recording and transcribing calls with them.
  • Enterprise versions of sales chat sheets will have larger context windows, allowing for more data to be inputted.
  • Chunking is a method of summarizing large amounts of data by breaking it down into smaller sections.
  • AI-powered systems can summarize articles into tables with key points and concepts.

Using Tables for Data Summarization

  • The speaker suggests using a table format to summarize data and key points.
  • Example: creating a table for different buyer types and their behaviors/habits.
  • Additional tables can be added for motivations, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • By combining this with buyer profile data, businesses can create targeted sales and marketing strategies.
  • Google Docs cannot currently be used to feed information into the system.

Meta Prompts for Email Introductions and Objection Responses

  • Meta prompts involve feeding data into a system to analyze key points, tone, messaging, objections, and differences from other versions to create a prompt for generating desired results.
  • Chat GPT can be used as a prompt engineer bot to ask questions and drill down on goals, processes, frameworks, timeframes, etc. to generate the perfect prompt.
  • The meta prompt framework helps overcome the challenge of not knowing what one doesn't know.
  • Meta prompts can be used in individual deals or building out material for an industry by understanding different types of personalities.

Overcoming Objections and Training New Account Executives

  • The table format is a useful tool for identifying objections and creating ways to overcome them.
  • Feeding data into the tool can identify objections and suggest ways to address them based on different types of avatars.
  • This tool can be helpful in training new account executives by teaching them about the industry, buyers, product value proposition, sales tools, and methodology.
  • A knowledge base could be created to help new hires get up to speed faster.

Knowledge Transfer and AI-Assisted Coaching

  • Humans are good at innovative thinking but bad at memory recall, making it difficult to transfer knowledge.
  • New tools like Chat to be plugins can help plug into a company's knowledge base in the future.
  • Documenting expert knowledge and feeding it into chat GPT can create a "knowledge on demand" system.
  • The chat GPT playground allows developers to try out different prompts and models, save presets, and adjust creativity levels with temperature settings.
  • The system being discussed is not creative and will give the same response if asked to regenerate.
  • Turning up the creativity to 1% allows for more varied responses.
  • The system can be used for AI-assisted coaching, including role-playing scenarios and analyzing footage from events.
  • Prompt engineering is a new language that people are still trying to figure out.

Keeping Up with Technological Advancements

  • The evolution of technology is happening rapidly, and companies need to keep up with it to stay competitive.
  • Open APIs make it easy to integrate new technology into software systems.
  • AI tools like Grammarly can be very helpful in specific areas, but businesses need to understand their operations and how AI can be integrated into them for unique results.
  • Understanding AI capabilities can help businesses create advanced marketing strategies that will benefit both themselves and their customers.

Content Creation and SEO

  • The company has generated 400 well-written blogs in their 10 years of existence and plans to create another 400 in the next quarter.
  • They are using chat GPT to help with content creation, but it requires diving deeper into ideas and correcting drafts for better results.
  • Chat GPT can be used to create a digital doppelganger of oneself for more authentic content creation at scale.
  • The use of chat GPT may change SEO and search algorithms, potentially requiring an authentication piece to verify human-created content.
  • Search engine optimization is becoming less valuable as AI becomes more prevalent in finding answers for users.
  • Authentic sources of information will become more important, such as user-generated content and online reviews.
  • Scaling is important for gaining a competitive advantage.

Scaling Authenticity and Voice Technology

  • AI can help businesses scale authenticity, value, and save time.
  • Chat GBT brought the advantage of saving time, which is more valuable than money.
  • The use of AI is changing quickly and businesses need to adjust accordingly.
  • Customers are also starting to use AI in their businesses.
  • Voice technology can be used to pick up the tone and voice of a business for messaging purposes.

Establishing Brand Voice and Scaling Authenticity

  • There are different ways to establish a brand voice, such as using a document or analyzing past blogs that resonated with the community.
  • Aspirational values may differ from true values, and it's important to understand the difference when creating a brand voice.
  • Mr. Beast has been successful in scaling his authenticity and connecting with his audience, which is something that corporate entities struggle with as they grow.


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