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The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Victor Wembanyama

Wed Jun 21 2023

Audible Free Trial and Discover Credit Cards

00:00 - 07:29

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Phoenix Suns and DeAndre Ayton

00:00 - 07:29

  • Phoenix Suns now have the third best odds to win the championship next year following Bradley Beal trade.
  • DeAndre Ayton might benefit from a change of scenery but could net more rotation caliber players if traded.
  • Priority for Phoenix Suns is to bring back Tory Craig who provides 3 and D role.

Victor Wambagnama's Podcast Appearance and NBA Draft

07:18 - 14:23

  • Victor Wambagnama provided insightful information about his mindset, makeup, and drive in his first ever podcast appearance.
  • Victor Wemanyama is excited to join San Antonio Spurs as the number one pick in this year's NBA draft.

Victor Wemanjama's Performance and Routine

14:06 - 21:32

  • Victor Wemanjama led the league in points, rebounds, and blocks while playing for Mets 92.
  • Mets 92 was a good fit for Victor because he wanted to take on more responsibility and lead a team.
  • Young players in Europe have a hard time getting the experience of being the guy on a team at the highest levels.
  • Victor's performance this year was anticipated by him and his team.
  • Victor is not a quitter and played every game this year to prove himself as durable.
  • Victor has an original playstyle and height, so he has an original routine, process, and recipe for his development.
  • Victor's daily preparation involves warm-up activation exercises before practice in either the morning or afternoon. He also does something after practice if they only practice once per day or both before and after if they practice twice per day.
  • Victor wakes up, eats, goes to practice (including weight room exercises), sleeps, does whatever he wants to do, then goes back to it.
  • Two-a-day practices involve warm-up activation exercises before each session.

Practice and European Players

21:02 - 28:38

  • Two-a-day practices are when you play once a week, and you have time to practice twice a day sometimes.
  • During the playoffs, teams don't really practice.
  • In the past, teams used to do two-a-days with contact both days.
  • Players would take naps in cots during long training camp practices.
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  • Proper form for running and climbing stairs can help take care of muscles at all times without even noticing it.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Playing Style

28:19 - 35:49

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn't feel pressure to be the best prospect in a generation or the best prospect ever in team sports.
  • He tries to live free and play the way he truly wants to play.
  • He is driven from inside his heart and nothing can put him out of his pain.
  • His motivation comes from accomplishing himself inside this universe, which goes beyond basketball.
  • The one-legged three-point shot feels natural to him and is a great move that surprises defenders.

Victor Wimanyama's Career and European Basketball

42:11 - 49:21

  • Playing one-on-one all game leads to scoring 25 points but also seven turnovers and losing the game.
  • Sharing the ball and making teammates better is key to becoming the best player on the best team.
  • Winning at a high level, spectacular play on court, and embracing being the face are characteristics of top NBA players.
  • Being responsible towards people you influence is important when representing yourself to others.
  • Playing against top NBA players like LeBron James will feel special for him.
  • He once did something crazy in practice where he kicked a ball stuck between the rim and backboard with his foot at age 14.
  • He loves football and wishes he could have played it professionally as well.
  • The moment he hears his name called during draft night will be like a dream come true for him.

Victor Wimanyama's Expectations and Interests

48:54 - 56:36

  • Discussions on how many games Victor will play next year.
  • San Antonio invented load management.
  • Victor hasn't talked about expectations with San Antonio yet.
  • Victor wants to learn as much as he can about the NBA and how to win.
  • Victor wants to focus on being intense throughout the game and improving his conditioning.

Victor Wimanyama's Personal Life

56:09 - 1:03:30

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  • Victor Wimanyama is excited to visit diverse cities and landscapes in the US during the off-season
  • Victor Wimanyama wishes he could be invisible in New York due to his height and fame but is lucky to have the opportunity to visit
  • Victor Wimanyama's happy place is his parents' house
  • Victor Wimanyama's favorite movie franchise is Star Wars, with Revenge of the Sith as his top pick followed by Attack of the Clones

Reign of Error Podcast and James Dolan

1:03:06 - 1:03:30

  • The Reign of Error podcast explores the $6 billion question of why James Dolan doesn't sell the team.
  • Dolan battles his own players, fans, celebrities, the media, politicians, and even the Girl Scouts.
  • The podcast is shocking and almost too bad to be true.