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Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

2129: How to Stay Consistent With Health & Fitness, the First Thing to Focus On to Lose a Lot of Fat, the Best Rep Ranges for Progress & More (Listener Live Coaching)

Sat Jul 29 2023
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This episode of Mind Pump explores the power of fitness and health in society. The hosts discuss how fitness can save the world by empowering individuals and how unhealthy individuals are easily manipulated. They delve into the impact of fitness on society, the role of personal trainers in shaping lives, and the battle against misinformation. The episode also covers the importance of unity and collaboration in the health industry, mental training for athletes, parenting and healthy habits, and optimizing reverse dieting. The hosts provide insights on redefining 'all in', setting achievable goals, and improving disc golf throws. They also discuss training for disc golf, preparing for tournaments, building a strong foundation for sports, and modifying rep ranges in workout programs.


Fitness and health can save the world

By empowering individuals, fitness and health have the potential to create positive change in society.

The impact of personal trainers

Personal trainers play a crucial role in helping individuals shape their lives and improve their overall health.

The battle against misinformation

There is deliberate misinformation about gyms and fitness to keep people unhealthy and dependent on support.

Unity and collaboration in the health industry

Unity and collaboration are important in the health and fitness industry to combat attacks on gym culture.

The power of mental training

Mental training techniques can help athletes stay focused and perform better under pressure.

Parenting and healthy habits

Parents have a responsibility to instill healthy habits in their children and prioritize their overall well-being.

Redefining 'all in'

'All in' should be redefined as a daily 20-minute workout and a diet that improves overall quality of life.

Setting achievable goals

Start with small, achievable goals and focus on consistency rather than perfection.

Optimizing reverse dieting

Reverse dieting can be beneficial for building muscle and improving overall health.

Building a strong foundation for sports

It's important to focus on developing stable joints and mastering basic exercises before pursuing sport-specific training.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Fitness and Health
  3. The Impact of Fitness on Society
  4. Shaping Lives and Communities
  5. The Battle Against Misinformation
  6. Promoting Health and Unity
  7. Unity and Collaboration in the Health Industry
  8. The Power of Mental Training
  9. Staying Calm Under Pressure
  10. Parenting and Healthy Habits
  11. Drew Canole's Impact
  12. Redefining 'All In'
  13. Setting Achievable Goals
  14. Optimizing Reverse Dieting
  15. Balancing Physiological and Behavioral Effects
  16. The Importance of Overall Health
  17. Improving Disc Golf Throws
  18. Training for Disc Golf
  19. Preparing for Disc Golf Tournaments
  20. Building a Strong Foundation for Sports


00:00 - 06:56

  • Mind Pump is a fitness, health, and entertainment podcast.
  • The hosts answer live callers' questions after a 54-minute introductory conversation.

The Power of Fitness and Health

00:00 - 06:56

  • Fitness and health can save the world by empowering individuals.
  • Unhealthy individuals are easily manipulated and consume more products.
  • Markets reflect the promotion of unhealthy behaviors.
  • In a capitalist society, evil actors may manipulate the masses for profit.
  • Consumers have power to influence markets and direct innovation towards health or distraction.
  • The internet's innovation is largely directed towards porn sites due to high consumption.
  • Consumer choices can shape the products available in grocery stores.
  • Knowing who is trying to manipulate and understanding our direction is key.

The Impact of Fitness on Society

06:31 - 13:04

  • Our ability to spend money and make choices empowers us within the capitalist system.
  • The gym industry's winning model is to charge a cheap membership that discourages people from working out.
  • Healthy, fit, and secure people have a positive impact on society in terms of climate, innovation, productivity, and violence.
  • Exercise and healthy eating can improve mental well-being and increase resilience.
  • Gyms are inclusive spaces where people of all backgrounds work hard together with mutual respect.
  • Improving overall health in communities can significantly enhance experiences for individuals.
  • Trainers and coaches are driven by a deep belief in the positive impact they can make on individuals' lives.

Shaping Lives and Communities

12:46 - 19:39

  • Shaping your local community and improving yourself can have a positive impact on others.
  • Personal trainers play a crucial role in helping individuals grow and shape their lives.
  • The war against unhealthy behaviors requires belief in winning, despite the odds.
  • Success in entrepreneurship often requires delusional optimism.
  • Trainers face challenging odds but are motivated by the resistance they encounter.
  • If people prioritize fitness and health, it would positively affect various aspects of society.
  • Critics may try to discredit trainers by pointing out imperfections, but it's important to stay focused on the pursuit of improvement.
  • There seems to be an attack on the health and fitness space, possibly driven by market interests.
  • Media targeting gym culture is unusual and raises questions about hidden agendas.

The Battle Against Misinformation

19:19 - 25:34

  • Misinformation about gyms and fitness is a deliberate attempt to keep people unhealthy and dependent on help and support.
  • The fitness space is divided into different factions that often fight with each other, but they should unite against the attack on gym culture.
  • There are measures stacked against good health, and it's important to recognize the reality of what we're facing.
  • Selling the idea of good health is tougher than selling the opposite, as the other side presents their message as virtuous.
  • Relieving school debt may seem virtuous, but it ultimately has negative consequences for taxpayers.
  • Pharma and government excel at selling ideas that are not in people's best interest.
  • We need to educate people about the misinformation they're being sold and encourage personal responsibility.
  • Parents wouldn't enable their children in the same way society enables unhealthy behaviors.
  • The default person in a modern system tends to be unhealthy.

Promoting Health and Unity

25:04 - 31:30

  • The default in modern society is poor health, and being healthy and fit is not the norm.
  • To get others on board with a healthy lifestyle, it's important to lead by example rather than preaching.
  • Being an effective evangelist means living a particular way and inspiring others through your actions.
  • Living a healthy life can attract people and make them curious about your habits.
  • Personal experiences of seeing older individuals in great shape have been influential in adopting healthier habits.
  • Attacking and criticizing others who have different approaches to health is counterproductive; unity should be prioritized.

Unity and Collaboration in the Health Industry

31:02 - 37:53

  • The importance of unity and collaboration in the health and fitness industry
  • Criticism and putting others down is counterproductive to the goal of helping people
  • Considering the bigger picture and how information affects the average person's health journey
  • Small details like meal frequency are not as important as personal preference
  • Listening to music, especially classical instruments, can improve math skills in children
  • Music teaches abstract thought and quantitative reasoning, which can be applied to math
  • Music strengthens the brain's ability to learn and reason effectively

The Power of Mental Training

37:24 - 44:12

  • Strength training strengthens the body, allowing it to perform skills more effectively.
  • Music can improve communication skills and timing.
  • Kirk Cousins uses brain training techniques to stay hyper-focused as an NFL quarterback.
  • Neural feedback helps Cousins maintain focus by clearing or diluting images based on his attention.
  • Brain training techniques are also being studied for ADD in children.
  • Seeking non-traditional methods of learning and self-improvement is important.
  • Patrick Mahomes works on unconventional throws to make massive plays in football.
  • The mental game is crucial for high-performing athletes, as pressure can affect performance.
  • Astronauts and fighter pilots undergo mental training to handle high-pressure situations.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

43:46 - 49:37

  • Athletes who can stay calm under immense pressure tend to perform better.
  • Astronauts and fighter pilots have lower heart rates when under pressure.
  • The success of athletes in high-pressure situations is influenced by their ability to stay calm.
  • Grass-fed meat has a different taste compared to grain-fed meat.
  • Children who are accustomed to eating grass-fed meat may prefer its flavor over grain-fed meat.
  • Training our palates can influence our food preferences.
  • Kids who are used to whole natural foods may choose healthier options over sugary treats.
  • Delaying the introduction of sugar can make it easier for children to accept it later on without resistance.

Parenting and Healthy Habits

49:19 - 55:11

  • The speaker talks about how their dad used to take a bite out of their ice cream to get them to eat less and allow him to have more.
  • The speaker shares that they have changed their child's behavior by consistently not allowing them to use the iPad during dinner time, and now the child has forgotten about it.
  • The speaker introduced their son to the original Tom and Jerry cartoons from the 40s and 50s, which they found funny despite the violence depicted in them.
  • The speaker discusses how purpose-driven Organifi is as a company, with its founder truly believing in the mission of the company.
  • The speaker appreciates how Organifi goes above and beyond in ensuring quality control, including being glyphosate residue-free before it was demanded by the market.
  • The speaker admires the humility of Organifi's founder for stepping down and allowing others to run the company when it scaled up, and then coming back when he felt things were not aligned with his vision.

Drew Canole's Impact

54:48 - 1:01:20

  • Drew Canole's humility in allowing others to scale his company beyond his own knowledge and experience
  • Drew Canole's focus on quality, sourcing, and clean products
  • Recommendation to follow Drew Canole on Instagram
  • Introduction of a sleep technology called 8Sleep that improves sleep quality
  • Jonathan from Maine asks for tips on staying fit year-round despite time constraints and an all-or-nothing mentality
  • Suggestion to redefine 'all in' as a daily 20-minute workout instead of unsustainable extremes
  • Emphasis on the effectiveness of consistent daily workouts over sporadic intense periods

Redefining 'All In'

1:00:53 - 1:07:24

  • Changing the definition of 'all in' to a daily 20-minute workout
  • A daily workout is more effective than sporadic workouts and diets
  • All in with diet can mean avoiding heavily processed foods and aiming for 40 grams of protein per meal
  • Workouts and diet should improve the rest of your life, not take away from it
  • Prioritize your top priorities in life and align your workouts and diet to make everything else better
  • Winning the weekends by working out before enjoying indulgences like pizza and beer
  • Consistency is key for momentum and motivation
  • Shorter workout bouts can provide momentum even when motivation is low

Setting Achievable Goals

1:07:03 - 1:13:18

  • Start with small, achievable goals and be okay with that
  • Comparing your current actions to an ideal scenario is not helpful
  • Studies show that taking a week off every four weeks still results in gains
  • Give yourself one or two basic guidelines for diet and stick to them
  • Consistency is key, even if you're not perfect
  • Elevate your baseline by doing something every day
  • Lower intensity and volume workouts can still lead to improvement
  • Consider the impact of lack of sleep on cravings and diet challenges
  • Focus on better sleep quality and winning the weekend

Optimizing Reverse Dieting

1:12:56 - 1:19:46

  • Scaling back to the maps 15 and focusing on better diet parameters and sleep quality could be beneficial.
  • Winning the weekend by exercising in the morning can lead to better food choices throughout the day.
  • Consistency in small daily interactions, like saying good morning to your kids, has a greater impact than occasional extravagant vacations.
  • A caller shares his struggle with reverse dieting after a history of weight loss and bulking.
  • The body adapts to low-calorie diets over time, making it easier to gain fat when calories are increased.
  • Building muscle through reverse dieting may be more beneficial than attempting another cut for the caller.
  • The caller is currently consuming around 2500 calories with a focus on protein intake and cutting carbs.
  • There is uncertainty about how long to continue reverse dieting before attempting a cut again.

Balancing Physiological and Behavioral Effects

1:19:22 - 1:26:02

  • Metabolic rate, reverse dieting, bulking, and cutting have both physiological and behavioral effects on the body.
  • Physiological effects can vary between individuals due to genetic factors and other unknown variables.
  • Behavioral effects are more important for long-term success and sustainability.
  • Focusing on getting stronger without significant weight gain or loss can be beneficial for mindset and overall progress.
  • Strength gains indicate positive metabolic and hormonal changes.
  • Maintaining a stable weight while improving strength is recommended for a year or two.
  • Avoiding excessive focus on the scale prevents frustration and obsession with cutting.
  • Improving blood lipid numbers and overall health can be achieved without significant weight loss by focusing on strength training and food quality.
  • For obese individuals, weight loss may eventually be necessary but should be approached in a sustainable manner.

The Importance of Overall Health

1:25:34 - 1:31:44

  • The doctor's focus is not solely on weight, but also on other health markers like triglycerides and lipid numbers.
  • A personal trainer's job is to reframe things and educate clients about the importance of overall health rather than just weight.
  • Focusing on getting stronger can lead to unintentional weight loss.
  • Psychologically, it can be challenging when the scale doesn't move even though progress is being made in terms of strength and overall health.
  • Tracking food and lifestyle choices can help understand how they affect water retention and body composition.
  • Confidence and clear communication from trainers are important for clients to trust the process.
  • Caller Aaron F. from Alabama shares his age, weight, and training routine.

Improving Disc Golf Throws

1:31:18 - 1:39:16

  • Caller shares his experience with running anabolic and recovering from a serious injury
  • Asking for advice on rotational exercises to improve backhand throwing motion in disc golf
  • Focus should be on muscles that slow down rotation and stabilize the body
  • Technique and skill are important, but generating force and anchoring the body are key
  • Stick mobility exercises can help create tension and control in the core
  • Coiling exercises can stabilize the spine and transfer force from one side to the other
  • Deadlifts and kettlebell swings are good for generating force and fluid movement

Training for Disc Golf

1:38:55 - 1:45:53

  • The concept is to anchor your body and generate force for fluid movement.
  • Training with a stick can help teach the body to be comfortable in rotational space.
  • Landmine exercises are effective for generating force and contralateral control.
  • Sports-specific pursuits require generating force, rotational movements, and technique.
  • Resistance bands can be used to strengthen stabilizers and decelerators in the opposite direction of a throw.
  • High-level sprinters use tools to train their bodies at faster speeds than they can run by themselves.
  • Start slow with band exercises and gradually increase intensity for improved stability.
  • General workouts and mass performance training will build strength stability and joint response.
  • Specific training is needed for improving disc golf throws.

Preparing for Disc Golf Tournaments

1:45:24 - 1:51:46

  • To build strength stability and get joints to respond adequately, focus on skills training and mass performance.
  • For tournaments with long days and high volume of throws, gradually increase the volume in practice leading up to the event.
  • Hydration and energy management are crucial for tournament performance.
  • Eat small meals throughout the day instead of waiting for a lunch break.
  • Focus on hydration and energy management rather than extensive mobility sessions before the tournament.
  • Consider using maps performance or prime pro workouts for better support.
  • Carry protein bars or snacks to eat every few holes during tournaments.
  • Try drinking electrolyte water like Element throughout the day.

Building a Strong Foundation for Sports

1:57:58 - 2:04:39

  • Sports specific training often focuses too much on mimicking exact movements with resistance, but it's more important to build a stable and high-performing base.
  • Before adding complex movements, athletes should focus on developing stable joints and mastering basic exercises like balancing on one leg or doing a proper deadlift.
  • For young athletes, it's crucial to prioritize building a solid foundation before pursuing sport-specific exercises.
  • A caller named Igor asks about modifying rep ranges in his workout program to avoid plateaus. The hosts suggest training in low rep ranges for three to five weeks, then switching to moderate and higher reps for the same duration.
  • Training in different rep ranges helps create a different mindset and prevents stagnation.
  • If Igor's goal is bodybuilding, he should focus on packing on muscle by lifting heavy weights in the lower rep range.
  • The hosts recommend sticking with phase one of the Maps Anabolic program for an extra couple of weeks to maximize muscle growth.