Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

MindPump exposes the RAW TRUTH about health, fitness, nutrition and more... Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry and present science-backed solutions that result in increased muscular development and performance while simultaneously emphasizing health. No fitness institution or fitness "truth" is safe from their quick wit and over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Produced by Doug Egge. Find Mind Pump and the Mind Pump hosts on Instragram @mindpumpmedia, @mindpumpsal, @mindpumpadam, @mindpumpjustin & @mindpumpdoug and at mindpumppodcast.com. Get expertly programmed Mind Pump training protocols at mapsfitnessproducts.com

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Sat Aug 12 2023

2139: The Truth About Margot Robbie's Diet, the Benefits of Switching From Bodybuilding to Powerlifting, Identifying When Exercise Becomes Self-Abuse Instead of Self-Care & More (Listener Live Coaching)

Barbie movieMargot Robbie's dietcelebrity worshipAndrutatewebcam business

The episode covers a range of topics including the Barbie movie and Margot Robbie's diet, the impact of the movie on viewers, Andrutate's webcam business and manipulation, cautionary thoughts on celebrity worship, Jordan Peterson and the need for good leadership, insights from Joe Rogan's podcast with Patrick Bet-David, speculation on Biden, Kamala, and censorship, AI technology, Jake Paul, immigrant business owners, the right to protect your family, Tom Havilland, a painting by Travis Chapman, strength training and powerlifting, overcoming challenges in strength training, exercise as therapy and finding balance, finding balance in exercise and self-care, building strength and symmetry in legs, improving ankle mobility and foot strength

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Fri Aug 11 2023

2138: How Muscle Affects Testosterone Levels, the Best Low Cost Protein Sources, Reverse Dieting at a Higher Body Fat Percentage & More

FitnessPersonal GrowthSleepPermitsTaxes

The episode covers various topics including the importance of recognizing non-scale victories in fitness, connecting exercise consistency with deeper motivations, personal growth as a never-ending journey, the power of strengthening the body, challenges with permits and taxes, the benefits of the Eight Sleep system, the relationship between age and workouts, adaptation and survival in training and nature, ethical dilemmas of scientific progress, insights on health, fitness, and personal growth.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Thu Aug 10 2023

2137: The Best Suspension Training Workout Plan for Beginners

fitnessstrength trainingsuspension training

In this episode of Mind Pump, Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of suspension training for building muscle and strength. They cover various exercises for different body parts and provide a recommended workout routine. The episode also includes information about their Maps Suspension program, which is currently on sale. Overall, suspension training is praised for its versatility and effectiveness for people of all fitness levels.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Wed Aug 09 2023

2136: The Best Order to Go Through MAPS Programs, How to Fix Shoulder Pain, What to Do if You Are Experiencing Strange Weight or Hormone Fluctuations & More (Listener Live Coaching)

FitnessCurrent EventsUniquenessBlood Sugar LevelsReal-world Behavior

The episode covers a wide range of topics including fitness, current events, uniqueness, blood sugar levels, real-world behavior, underestimation, success stories of the Kardashians, cult leaders and manipulation, charismatic practices, reactions and character, attacks on health, chicken nuggets and gut health, healing and protein intake, MAPS programs, reversing weight gain, healing process, rehabilitation and professional guidance. The hosts provide insights on various subjects such as functional medicine, confidence, attracting others towards better health behaviors, managing blood sugar levels through muscle building, the importance of gut health for overall well-being, and the impact of movements and joint degeneration on shoulder issues. The episode concludes with promotions for free fitness guides, Mind Pump's Instagram accounts, the RGB Super Bundle exercise program, and leaving a five-star rating and review on iTunes for Mind Pump.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mon Aug 07 2023

2135: Barbell Squat Masterclass

Barbell SquatsSquattingProper FormMobilityPriming Movements

The episode covers the benefits of barbell squats, different variations of barbell squats, proper form and mobility for squats, priming movements for better squat performance, safety and technique tips for squats, optimizing squat performance and safety, advanced techniques for barbell squats, and understanding the feel of using bands for squat assistance.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Sat Aug 05 2023

2134: The Dangers of Eating Too Much Protein, Why Group Training Classes Usually Suck, How to Work Around Lifts That Hurt & More (Listener Live Coaching)

FitnessConspiracy TheoriesSodium IntakeStrength TrainingPolitical Preferences

The episode covers a range of topics including fitness, conspiracy theories, sodium intake, strength training, political preferences, perception, body image, the economy, hobbies, protein intake, fitness programs, injuries, caloric intake, and exercise. The hosts provide insights and advice on various subjects while answering listener questions.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Thu Aug 03 2023

2132: Six Reasons Men Today are Weak

men's healthpornographysubstance abusephysical strengthvideo games

Men today are facing various challenges that contribute to their weakness, including excessive pornography use, substance abuse, lack of physical strength, video game addiction, absence of good role models, and loneliness. These issues have detrimental effects on mental health, relationships, and personal growth. The accessibility and extreme nature of online pornography have negative consequences on young men's sexual function and behavior towards women. Substance abuse, including the misuse of accepted substances like caffeine and Adderall, is on the rise among young men. Lack of physical strength and excessive video game playing further contribute to weakness. The absence of positive male role models in media and society hinders personal development. Seeking real-life role models and building genuine relationships can combat loneliness exacerbated by technology. It is crucial for men to address these challenges and strive for self-mastery, discipline, and personal growth.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Wed Aug 02 2023

2131: How to Break Through a Bench Press Plateau, Simple Tips to Get Leaner, How to Work Out With a Herniated Disc & More (Listener Live Coaching)

FitnessFunctional StrengthAttractionCommunicationTraining Modifications

The episode covers a range of topics including fitness trends, functional strength, attraction, communication, training modifications, and injury recovery. It explores the decline of functional strength in favor of aesthetics in modern fitness culture and the importance of incorporating offset loading exercises for real-world strength. The episode also delves into the role of attraction in relationships, the value of effective communication in coaching, and the impact of politics on individuals. Additionally, it provides insights on training techniques for bench press improvement, obstacle course racing, weight loss strategies, and training for aesthetics and longevity.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mon Jul 31 2023

2130: The Truth About Hair Loss With Jay Campbell & Nick Andrews

Hair LossPeptidesRegenerationScalp HealthDHT Regulation

Jay Campbell and Nick Andrews discuss the truth about hair loss, the potential of peptides in stopping and reversing it, and their own formula for a hair loss product. They explore the advantages of peptides over pharmaceutical drugs, including minimal side effects and addressing underlying factors. The conversation also covers the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies and the need for a shift in the industry's profit-driven business model. The episode delves into the complexities of hair loss, highlighting the importance of blood flow, mitochondrial health, and DHT regulation. It concludes with insights on peptide-based treatments for hair regrowth and scalp health.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Sat Jul 29 2023

2129: How to Stay Consistent With Health & Fitness, the First Thing to Focus On to Lose a Lot of Fat, the Best Rep Ranges for Progress & More (Listener Live Coaching)

FitnessHealthPersonal TrainingMisinformationMental Training

This episode of Mind Pump explores the power of fitness and health in society. The hosts discuss how fitness can save the world by empowering individuals and how unhealthy individuals are easily manipulated. They delve into the impact of fitness on society, the role of personal trainers in shaping lives, and the battle against misinformation. The episode also covers the importance of unity and collaboration in the health industry, mental training for athletes, parenting and healthy habits, and optimizing reverse dieting. The hosts provide insights on redefining 'all in', setting achievable goals, and improving disc golf throws. They also discuss training for disc golf, preparing for tournaments, building a strong foundation for sports, and modifying rep ranges in workout programs.

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