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Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

2136: The Best Order to Go Through MAPS Programs, How to Fix Shoulder Pain, What to Do if You Are Experiencing Strange Weight or Hormone Fluctuations & More (Listener Live Coaching)

Wed Aug 09 2023
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The episode covers a wide range of topics including fitness, current events, uniqueness, blood sugar levels, real-world behavior, underestimation, success stories of the Kardashians, cult leaders and manipulation, charismatic practices, reactions and character, attacks on health, chicken nuggets and gut health, healing and protein intake, MAPS programs, reversing weight gain, healing process, rehabilitation and professional guidance. The hosts provide insights on various subjects such as functional medicine, confidence, attracting others towards better health behaviors, managing blood sugar levels through muscle building, the importance of gut health for overall well-being, and the impact of movements and joint degeneration on shoulder issues. The episode concludes with promotions for free fitness guides, Mind Pump's Instagram accounts, the RGB Super Bundle exercise program, and leaving a five-star rating and review on iTunes for Mind Pump.


Functional medicine practitioners aim for optimal health measurements

Functional medicine practitioners use a different range for health measurements compared to average standards. They aim for optimal health rather than settling for average.

Confidence and acceptance of uniqueness can lead to a more fulfilling life

Being confident with healthy practices and accepting one's uniqueness can attract others and lead to a more fulfilling life.

Building muscle helps manage blood sugar levels

Building muscle is an effective way to manage blood sugar levels and prevent severe complications related to diabetes.

The Kardashians strategically used underestimation to their advantage

The Kardashians strategically used underestimation as a smart strategy in building their business, starting as influencers on YouTube and being the first kids to go viral.

Cult leaders manipulate their followers through delusions and power dynamics

Cult leaders become delusional about their own importance, use drugs and psychedelics to amplify their delusions, and manipulate their followers through power dynamics and faking things for their cause.

Observing reactions reveals character and leadership qualities

Observing someone's choices in difficult situations can reveal their character and leadership qualities. Choosing the harder and selfless path demonstrates care and good character.

Fitness is not a political issue but a matter of personal well-being

Fitness and health should not be seen as political issues but rather as matters of personal well-being. Some articles use extremist verbiage to demonize fitness, turning people away from it.

Gut health is crucial for overall body performance

Gut health plays a significant role in overall body performance, muscle growth, and fat loss. Allowing the gut enough time to fully heal is crucial in preventing future issues.

Symmetry and MAPS programs provide benefits for strength and muscle development

Symmetry can be inserted anywhere in a workout program and provides benefits for overall strength and muscle development. MAPS Anabolic and other programs like Powerlift Strong are good options depending on individual goals.

Professional guidance is cost-effective for rehabilitation

Seeking the help of a physical therapist or movement specialist is recommended for rehabilitation, as it is more cost-effective than relying on ineffective treatments or guesswork.


  1. Fitness, Current Events, and Hosts' Lives
  2. Live Callers' Questions
  3. Sponsorship and Giveaway Announcement
  4. Striving for Better Health and Well-being
  5. Functional Medicine and Uniqueness
  6. Blood Sugar Levels and Diabetes
  7. Real-world Behavior and Underestimation
  8. The Success of the Kardashians
  9. Cult Leaders and Manipulation
  10. Manipulation and Charismatic Practices
  11. Observing Reactions and Character
  12. Fitness and Toxic Masculinity
  13. Fitness and Attacks on Health
  14. Chicken Nuggets and Gut Health
  15. Healing and Protein Intake
  16. Symmetry and MAPS Programs
  17. Protein Intake and Breakfast Options
  18. Choosing the Right Program and Reversing Weight Gain
  19. Addressing Health Issues and Healing Process
  20. Healing and Rewiring Behaviors
  21. PCOS and Shoulder Issues
  22. Rehabilitation and Professional Guidance
  23. Conclusion and Promotions

Fitness, Current Events, and Hosts' Lives

00:01 - 06:20

  • The podcast episode begins with a discussion about fitness, current events, and the hosts' lives.
  • Listeners can skip to their favorite parts using the timestamps provided in the show notes.

Live Callers' Questions

00:01 - 06:20

  • Live callers' questions are answered in this episode.

Sponsorship and Giveaway Announcement

00:01 - 06:20

  • The podcast is sponsored by ButcherBox, which delivers healthy meat to your door, and Ned, which offers hemp oil extract high in CBD.
  • There is a 50% off sale on the Maps Anabolic Advanced muscle building program.
  • Winners of the T-shirt giveaway are announced and instructed to email their details for shipment.

Striving for Better Health and Well-being

00:01 - 06:20

  • The hosts encourage listeners to not conform to societal norms and strive for better health and well-being.

Functional Medicine and Uniqueness

06:01 - 12:42

  • Functional medicine practitioners use a different range for health measurements, aiming for optimal rather than average.
  • The fear of being different or standing out is rooted in the fear of ostracization, which historically meant death.
  • Confidence and acceptance of one's uniqueness can attract others and lead to a more fulfilling life.
  • Being confident with healthy practices can help attract others towards better health behaviors.
  • Trainers and coaches who promote fitness and health are saving lives by preventing chronic illnesses.
  • A teaspoon of sugar in the blood can make a significant difference in managing diabetes and its complications.
  • Building muscle is an effective way to manage blood sugar levels and prevent severe complications.

Blood Sugar Levels and Diabetes

12:25 - 18:41

  • The average healthy person has a teaspoon of sugar in their blood.
  • Blood sugar level below 90 is considered normal when fasting.
  • Blood sugar level less than 140 is normal.
  • A reading of more than 200 after two hours means you have diabetes.

Real-world Behavior and Underestimation

12:25 - 18:41

  • Scientists look at data and research, trainers and coaches consider real-world behavior.
  • Netflix's untold series features interesting stories like the one about Jake Paul.
  • Jake Paul strategically built his character as a heel to disrupt the fight game.
  • Jake Paul and his brother use underestimation as a smart strategy to surprise people.
  • The Kardashians also used underestimation to their advantage in building their business.

The Success of the Kardashians

18:21 - 24:02

  • The Kardashians are billionaires and not dumb.
  • Going from a hundred million to a billion is extremely difficult and rare.
  • Scaling something to significant value is challenging.
  • It's easy to go from zero to a million, but hard to go from a hundred million to two hundred million or a billion.
  • The Kardashians played the game of underestimation well.
  • They started as influencers on YouTube and were the first kids to go viral.
  • Influencer came from them.
  • They were amazed when they got paid $5,000 for advertising on YouTube.

Cult Leaders and Manipulation

23:35 - 29:46

  • Cult leaders become delusional about their own importance and start believing they are a messiah.
  • There are connections between cult leaders like Manson and the MK Ultra CIA experiment.
  • Narcissism plays a role in the development of cult leaders.
  • Drugs and psychedelics amplify the delusions of cult leaders.
  • Jaime Gomez, a failed artist, started a new age spiritual movement where his followers had to do ballet and take care of him.
  • In group settings, some people take on power positions which often lead to sexual abuse.
  • Cult leaders believe they are special and get confirmed by their supporters, leading them to justify faking things for their cause.
  • Faith healers use tricks and manipulation to deceive their followers.
  • Magicians use mysterious phenomena to manipulate people's perceptions.

Manipulation and Charismatic Practices

29:23 - 35:30

  • Groups of people can be swayed and manipulated based on trickery, charisma, or other factors.
  • The speaker grew up going to different denominations of churches and witnessed charismatic practices like speaking in tongues and being 'slain in the spirit'.
  • The speaker found these practices obvious and saw them as bullshit, which affected their relationship with God and religion.
  • Miraculous things happen every day, but people often ignore or fail to acknowledge them.
  • People sometimes seek out radical or crazy experiences to feel special or chosen.
  • The speaker recalls a gory church show about the crucifixion of Christ that was inappropriate for children.
  • The experience confirmed the speaker's atheism.
  • One of the speakers is interested in cult leaders and their methods due to his background in a church setting.
  • He observed how people reacted to different figures on stage, such as musicians, politicians, and teachers.

Observing Reactions and Character

35:03 - 40:55

  • People's reactions to music, politicians, and teachers can be intriguing
  • Observing someone's choices in difficult situations reveals their character and leadership qualities
  • Choosing the harder and selfless path demonstrates care and good character
  • Gossiping about others indicates a lack of trustworthiness, while defending someone you mutually dislike shows good character
  • Being drawn to charisma requires self-awareness to assess a person's character
  • Holding back opinions can hinder personal growth and prevent getting what one wants
  • Supportive humor between friends can help navigate negative comments or situations

Fitness and Toxic Masculinity

40:31 - 46:33

  • Receiving hate online is inevitable when reaching millions of people.
  • The podcast hosts have noticed a recent increase in negative comments.
  • A clip about fitness and toxic masculinity received overwhelmingly positive comments from women, but some negative comments from men.
  • Women may be tired of weak men and are supportive of the message against toxic masculinity.
  • Many of the negative commenters had private profiles with pronouns in their bios.
  • Social media often rewards opinions rather than actions, leading to virtue signaling.
  • People who are secure and confident don't feel the need to proclaim it constantly.
  • Some commenters made the issue political, even though politics were not mentioned in the clip.

Fitness and Attacks on Health

46:12 - 52:22

  • The discussion is about the misconception that health and fitness are political issues, when in reality they are matters of personal well-being.
  • There was a documentary about the punk scene in East Bay, which provided a safe space for kids who didn't fit in elsewhere.
  • The venue created an inclusive environment for creativity and music, fostering bands like Green Day.
  • Skinhead groups would attack the punk scene, but the community fought back to protect their safe space.
  • The podcast hosts draw parallels between this situation and the current attacks on fitness and health.
  • Some articles use verbiage associated with extremist groups to demonize fitness and turn people away from it.

Chicken Nuggets and Gut Health

52:02 - 57:35

  • Chicken nuggets are typically breaded, but some use rice flour or corn flour instead.
  • The hosts enjoy chicken nuggets and consider them better than other types of chicken.
  • One of the hosts has a preference for a diet similar to that of an elementary school kid.
  • Gut health is important for overall body performance, muscle growth, and fat loss.
  • One host has dealt with gut issues for years and treated himself effectively for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).
  • After treating SIBO, it is necessary to wait for the gut to heal completely before considering oneself cured.
  • The host started taking oral BPC 157 KPV in pill form to speed up gut regeneration and healing.
  • Taking these peptides has improved the host's gut health significantly, allowing him to absorb nutrients properly and feel anabolic.
  • It is common for people with gut issues to reintroduce problematic foods into their diet after feeling better, only to experience a relapse later on.
  • Allowing the gut enough time to fully heal is crucial in preventing future issues.

Healing and Protein Intake

57:10 - 1:03:32

  • Dr. Will Cole explains the importance of allowing yourself to fully heal before engaging in physical activities.
  • The combination of BPC and KPV accelerates the healing process.
  • A woman with melanoma cancer found relief from muscle cramps and improved sleep by using Ned's sleep capsules and CBD oil.
  • The capsules are preferred over the oil because they don't have a taste.
  • Peter Atia, a knowledgeable health expert, can be found on Instagram @PeterAtiaMD.
  • State and Liberty offers tailored clothing for muscular individuals.
  • Jesse from New Hampshire is currently on phase three of MAPS Anabolic and enjoys the program.
  • There is flexibility in the order of running different MAPS programs based on individual needs and fitness levels.

Symmetry and MAPS Programs

1:03:10 - 1:09:51

  • Symmetry can be inserted anywhere in a workout program and provides benefits.
  • The order of the programs is not as important as finding the right program for your fitness level.
  • Symmetry is great for most people and can help improve overall strength and muscle development.
  • Anabolic helped with trap and bicep growth, as well as overall strength improvement.
  • Incorporating deadlifts into the workout routine was beneficial.
  • After Symmetry, Maps Performance or Powerlift Strong are good options depending on goals.
  • It's important to focus on form before increasing weight, regardless of the program chosen.
  • High volume programs may lead to overtraining, so it's important to assess if they are appropriate for individual capabilities.
  • If struggling to meet protein and calorie intake goals, protein shakes can be a convenient option.
  • A peanut butter banana protein shake can be a satisfying way to increase calories and protein intake before bed.
  • Magic Spoon cereal or other convenient options can also help meet protein intake goals.

Protein Intake and Breakfast Options

1:09:22 - 1:15:43

  • Magic Spoon cereal and Creatures Habit are convenient options for protein intake.
  • Having a protein-rich breakfast is important to meet daily protein goals.
  • Eating leftovers from dinner with eggs is a quick and high-protein breakfast option.
  • If making a high-protein breakfast is not feasible, Creatures Habit is a good alternative.
  • Getting at least 30 to 50 grams of protein in the first meal of the day is crucial.
  • Playing catch-up with protein intake throughout the day can be challenging.
  • Starting the day with a calorie and protein-rich breakfast sets you up for success.
  • Making extra meat during dinner and adding it to other meals is an easy way to increase protein intake.
  • The caller has been lifting consistently but experienced decreased strength due to career changes and time constraints.
  • After transitioning to a more flexible schedule, the caller ran Maps 15 in a slight deficit and gained strength in the gym.
  • The caller wants to know if they are ready for Maps Anabolic Advance after completing Maps 15.

Choosing the Right Program and Reversing Weight Gain

1:15:14 - 1:21:51

  • For consistent workout results, it's better to do a different program after maps 15
  • Anabolic Advanced or Symmetry are good options after maps 15
  • Symmetry is recommended before Anabolic Advanced for better results
  • Reducing volume can lead to better results for most people, and Symmetry is appropriate for that
  • Gradually build momentum with Symmetry and then continue with progress in Anabolic Advanced
  • Anabolic Advanced has shown great gains for many people
  • Caller Katherine from Colorado shares her fitness journey and struggles with hormonal issues and weight gain
  • She wants advice on reversing and keeping the weight off while on medication

Addressing Health Issues and Healing Process

1:21:31 - 1:27:43

  • Focus on the root cause of your health issues rather than weight loss or gain.
  • Consider working with a functional medicine practitioner to identify the root cause.
  • Gut health can have a significant impact on hormones and inflammation.
  • Join the MP Holistic Health forum for additional support and information.
  • Addressing mold and SIBO may be necessary for your healing process.
  • Allow your body time to heal before jumping back into previous habits.
  • Consider a year-long period of focusing on optimizing your health.
  • Herbal methods may not work for everyone, pharmaceutical options could be considered if needed.

Healing and Rewiring Behaviors

1:27:27 - 1:33:41

  • GLP1 agonist ozempic helps rewire behaviors and is used by functional medicine practitioners
  • BPC-157 pill form may be better for gut healing than ozempic
  • Focus on performance, strength, mobility, and health instead of aesthetic goals
  • Healing takes time, even after eliminating causes of symptoms
  • Central nervous system has memory of past threats that can affect healing
  • Reverse calories while on ozempic, then lower the dose and come off gradually
  • Building muscle speeds up metabolism and leads to a leaner physique
  • Join MP holistic health forum for advice from functional medicine practitioners

PCOS and Shoulder Issues

1:33:23 - 1:40:34

  • The speaker discusses a case of PCOS and weight fluctuations.
  • Mold toxicity can be caused by exposure to mold or the body's inability to eliminate it.
  • It takes time for the body to heal after resolving an issue like mold toxicity.
  • A listener from Ohio seeks advice on shoulder issues and bone spurs.
  • Bone spurs often result from poor movement patterns and joint degeneration.
  • Peptides like BPC 157 and TB 500 may accelerate healing, but they won't solve the root cause of the problem.
  • Working with a movement specialist or physical therapist is recommended to address movement pattern issues.
  • Mobility work and isometric exercises can help strengthen better movement patterns in the shoulders.
  • Finding a good physical therapist can assist in learning specific ranges of motion and movement patterns for rehab purposes.

Rehabilitation and Professional Guidance

1:40:15 - 1:46:11

  • Isometrics are beneficial for rehab and can be followed by exercises with rubber bands to build strength and promote healing.
  • Seeking the help of a physical therapist or movement specialist is recommended, even if it's for a short period of time, to learn proper movements and positioning.
  • Investing in professional guidance is more cost-effective than relying on surgery or medication in the long term.
  • The Maps Prime Pro program and forum can provide helpful resources for shoulder and shoulder blade mobility exercises.
  • A specific rep range is not necessary as long as exercises don't cause pain, but correctional exercise should be prioritized.
  • Following the routine provided in the Maps Prime Pro webinar can be beneficial until further guidance is obtained.
  • Hiring a knowledgeable specialist may seem expensive initially but will ultimately save money compared to ineffective treatments or guesswork.
  • Drawing parallels to a construction job, hiring an expert from the start can prevent costly mistakes and rework.

Conclusion and Promotions

1:45:52 - 1:47:33

  • A story about a guy who hired someone to install something for half the price, but ended up having to pay more because it was done poorly and had to be redone by someone else.
  • Promotion of free fitness guides available at
  • Promotion of Mind Pump's Instagram accounts.
  • Promotion of the RGB Super Bundle, an exercise program designed by Sal Adam and Justin.
  • Promotion of leaving a five-star rating and review on iTunes for Mind Pump.