Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase

Debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice.

Maintenance Phase

Thu May 09 2024

"Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria"

rapid onset gender dysphoriatransgender-affirming caregender identity explorationtransgender rightssocial contagion

The episode delves into the topic of rapid onset gender dysphoria, addressing concerns and providing information on youth gender affirming care. The importance of recognizing and supporting trans individuals is emphasized throughout the conversation.

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Thu Apr 04 2024

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliverschool foodkids' dietscriticismcontroversy

The episode explores Jamie Oliver's influence on school food and kids' diets, as well as the criticisms and controversies surrounding his work. It delves into the historical background of school meals in the UK, challenges in school food programs, and the impact of Oliver's TV shows on school meals. The episode also discusses the controversies surrounding Oliver's approach and the short-term impacts of his interventions. Critiques of Oliver's work and suggestions for improvement are explored.

Maintenance Phase

Thu Mar 07 2024

COVID Conspiracies

COVID-19Conspiracy TheoriesIvermectinHydroxychloroquineMisinformation

The episode covers a range of COVID-19 conspiracy theories, including lab leaks and bioweapon claims. It explores the challenges of addressing false information during a pandemic and delves into the debates surrounding Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as potential treatments. The podcast also discusses the controversy and misinformation surrounding these treatments, as well as the vitamin D debates and the critique of public health officials. It highlights the importance of scientific integrity and the impact of conspiracy theories on public health.

Maintenance Phase

Tue Aug 01 2023

RFK Jr. and The Mainstreaming Of The Anti-Vaxx Movement

RFK Jr.anti-vax movementmercury in vaccinesthimerosalvaccine safety

This episode explores the journey of RFK Jr. into anti-vaxx beliefs, the spread of the anti-vax movement in America, controversy surrounding mercury in vaccines, understanding mercury and thimerosal, history and safety of thimerosal, investigation into thimerosal's safety, debunking claims of vaccine dangers, CDC meeting on vaccine safety and thimerosal, scientific evidence debunking vaccine-autism link, impact of RFK Jr.'s anti-vax movement, examining thimerosal and vaccines today, and concludes with final thoughts.

Maintenance Phase

Tue Jul 18 2023

RFK Jr. and The Rise of the Anti-Vaxx Movement

RFK Jr.anti-vax conspiracy theoriesvaccine safetyAndrew WakefieldMMR vaccine scandal

The episode discusses the views and background of RFK Jr., including his anti-vax conspiracy theories and endorsements from controversial figures. It explores his personal experiences and influences, as well as the history of anti-vax movements and vaccine safety concerns. The episode debunks conspiracy theories, highlights the repercussions of Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent study, and examines RFK Jr.'s beliefs without sufficient evidence.

Maintenance Phase

Tue Jul 04 2023


PilatesJoseph PilatesExerciseFitness

Pilates is a workout focused on muscle tone, posture, and mind-body connection. The original set of Pilates exercises consists of about 50 individual repetitive exercises. Pilates can be done on a mat or with specific equipment. Unlike other practices that evolve over time, Pilates has a single inventor named Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883 and had various health issues as a child. He found strength and relief through bodybuilding, boxing, gymnastics, and jujitsu. Joseph Pilates admired strongmen celebrities like Eugene Sandau. He opened gyms, wrote books, published magazines, and advocated for training the whole body to counteract the negative effects of civilization. In his young adulthood, Joseph Pilates pursued gymnastics and bodybuilding professionally. He moved to England in 1912 and worked as a self-defense trainer for police and Scotland Yard, a professional boxer, and a circus performer. Joseph Pilates settled in Blackpool at the outbreak of World War I.

Maintenance Phase

Tue Jun 20 2023

Brittany Dawn

  • Brittany Dawn is a Christian weight loss influencer who gained popularity on social media for her bodybuilding transformation photos.
  • She started offering personalized meal plans, macronutrient checks, personal training, and one-on-one fitness coaching for a fee.
  • Many customers who signed up for her programs had previously dealt with eating disorders and believed it was a safe way to get healthy....

Maintenance Phase

Tue Jun 06 2023

BONUS: The Conservative Diet Books of Yore

  • The podcast Maintenance Phase discusses politically conservative diet books from Aubrey's collection, including celebrity diet books and diets centered around specific foods.
  • One of the books discussed is "The I Heart America Diet" by Phyllis George and Bill Adler, which promotes a unique and integrated three-way program based on US federal dietary guidelines for Americans.
  • Another book discussed is "The Love Diet" by John Daubert, which connects love and dieting through extended metaphors...

Maintenance Phase

Tue May 23 2023

Oprah v. Beef Part 2: Apocalypse Cow

  • Oprah was sued by cattle ranchers under Texas's Agag law after airing an episode about mad cow disease, which led to a massive hit in their sales. The trial lasted for a long time due to pre-trial stuff and technical arguments, and Oprah filmed her show in Amarillo, Texas for six weeks during the trial, where she couldn't say anything related to the issues that came up in the trial due to a gag order. However, overwhelmingly, public opinion eventually swung toward Oprah during the six-week tri...

Maintenance Phase

Tue May 09 2023

Oprah v. Beef Part 1: The Rise of "Veggie Libel"

  • The Oprah V. Cattleman's Association court case of the 1990s was about mad cow disease and American libel law, with the case filed against Oprah after she did a show discussing mad cow disease, which the Cattleman's Association disputed.
  • The 1989 60 Minutes segment warning about pesticides on apples, specifically ALAR, caused mass panic and 10 large school districts pulled apples from their cafeterias, causing the apple industry to tank. The pesticide ALAR was pulled from the market due to c...
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