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Priced To Sell Podcast is Toronto’s #1 Real Estate Podcast! Host Matthew Campoli is a Top 35 Under 35 agent in Canada, and has recently joined the Top 2% of all Agents in Canada. Every week, he sits down with unique and experienced individuals throughout the industry, from agents, builders, investors and more! Each episode will be packed with value for anyone looking to learn more about the industry from experts. Sit back, enjoy, and learn something new!Check us out on Instagram:

Priced To Sell

Tue May 28 2024

Life Coach Reveals Why You’re Failing in Your Personal Life | Zarak Fatah

ManifestationPersonal DevelopmentBuilding ConnectionsCollaborationsIntimacy

This episode explores the concepts of manifestation, personal development, and unlocking human potential. It delves into building relationships, understanding past traumas, and achieving success. The importance of balancing personal life and success is discussed, along with the impact of short-term gratification on long-term goals. Morning routines, visualization, and accessing internal technologies are explored as tools for personal growth. The episode also touches on source energy, effective listening, and the future expansion of human consciousness. Lastly, it introduces coaching programs for profound changes and emphasizes commitment and readiness for deep work.

Priced To Sell

Tue May 21 2024

Why It Is More Important Than Ever To Establish Your Personal Brand

personal brandingconsumer psychecreator economyconsistencyevolution

The episode explores the importance of personal branding in the changing consumer psyche. It highlights the growth of the creator economy and provides insights on building an influential personal brand. Consistency, evolution, storytelling, and embracing change are discussed as key elements in personal branding. The episode also emphasizes the opportunities and engagement that can be achieved through personal branding.

Priced To Sell

Tue May 14 2024

From Having His Entire Childhood Stripped Away To Making Millions In Real Estate | Jay McNabb

real estateovercoming challengesleadershippersonal growth

This episode features inspiring stories of overcoming challenges, finding success, and cultivating leadership skills in the real estate industry. J. McNabb shares his personal journey of turning pain into purpose and achieving significant success in real estate. The impact of mentorship and personal drive is explored, along with the importance of integrity, resilience, and effective communication in leadership. The episode also delves into understanding others and cultivating inner peace.

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Tue May 07 2024

"I Lost My Business, My Health & It Was A Blessing" | David Kollar

entrepreneurshipfashionbrandingtrade showsonline presence

This episode features an entrepreneur who started with $500 and now generates eight figures a year. They share their journey from web design to fashion, building a successful clothing brand. The speaker also discusses trade show strategies, growing an online presence, challenges of personal branding, health issues, and alternative healing methods. The episode concludes with insights on meditation, readiness for success, and reflections on life.

Priced To Sell

Tue Apr 30 2024

The TRUTH About Where The Canadian Economy Is Headed | Daniel Foch

Capital Gains TaxReal Estate InvestmentToronto Condo MarketHousing InitiativesDebt and Accountability

Governments are implementing stricter taxation policies like increasing the capital gains tax rate. Real estate investment in Canada is shifting towards income-based strategies. Opportunities exist in upzoning properties and investing in markets like Florida and Texas. The Toronto condo market is facing challenges with pre-construction sales and oversupply. The government is emphasizing housing initiatives and there is ongoing legal action in the real estate industry. Debt and accountability are discussed in relation to society.

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Tue Apr 23 2024

The Art of Focus: Finding Yourself In A Digital World

online addictiondopaminepurposeregaining focus

In this episode, the dangers of excessive online usage are explored, highlighting the activation of the brain's reward system. The role of dopamine in addiction is discussed, along with strategies for finding purpose and regaining focus. Practical practices for reducing distractions and regaining power are also shared.

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Tue Aug 08 2023

Television Star Of Cityline Shares His Winning Real Estate Secrets

Real EstateClient RelationshipsMarketing StrategiesPersonal Branding

The episode covers Rizwan Malek's journey in the real estate industry, the importance of client relationships and trust, lifestyle considerations, social media marketing strategies, and collaboration opportunities on Instagram. Key insights include the value of personalized service, understanding clients' needs, the impact of home ambiance, the role of social media in real estate marketing, and the significance of branding consistency.

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Tue Aug 01 2023

Toronto Pre-Con Predictions Over The Next Few Years

Toronto real estateLanterra Developmentspre-construction marketrental market

This episode features Christopher Wine, the COO of Lantara Developments, discussing the future of the Toronto real estate market. Lanterra Developments is a reputable building company known for its high-density mixed-use high-rise projects. The episode covers topics such as the background of Lanterra, factors considered in project selection, an overview of the Toronto real estate market, insights into the pre-construction condo market, the state of the Toronto rental market, and upcoming projects by Lanterra.

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Tue Jul 25 2023

The Next Big Market Boom: ​​Fort Erie's Real Estate Revolution

Toronto real estate marketpre-construction propertiesFort ErieDiscovery projectSignature Communities

The episode discusses the current state of Toronto's real estate market, highlighting the pre-construction market. It explores the Discovery project in Fort Erie and its amenities. The area's attractions and activities are also mentioned. Additionally, upcoming projects by Signature Communities are discussed.

Priced To Sell

Tue Jul 18 2023

Scaling To 420 Units! From Police Officer To Mr. Cashflow: How To Explode Your Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate InvestingJoint Venture StructuresHamilton Real EstateProperty Management

Adrian Prenozo, CEO of Executive Properties Capital, shares his journey in real estate investing, the benefits of joint venture structures, insights on investing in Hamilton and property management, securing deals and stabilizing properties, and the overall benefits of real estate investing.

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