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Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Mon Apr 22 2024

When Should You Trust Your Gut? | Dalton & Michael Podcast

startupfoundertrust your gutexpertisedecision-making

This episode discusses when startup founders should trust their gut instincts and when they should seek validation. It explores the importance of expertise in decision-making and provides guidance for founders with and without expertise. The episode emphasizes the need for self-awareness and the ability to customize advice based on individual circumstances.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Wed Mar 20 2024

Building Confidence In Yourself and Your Ideas | Dalton & Michael Podcast


This episode discusses the common mistakes made by startups, including relying on anonymous opinions, expecting immediate success without a product, and panicking when their vision doesn't align with reality. It also explores the struggle of getting first customers, the importance of building conviction, the value of MVPs, and overcoming fear and false expectations. The episode emphasizes the need for good form in startups, the importance of solving one's own problems, and the significance of building an MVP before selling to others.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Fri Mar 15 2024

Stop Innovating (On The Wrong Things) | Dalton & Michael Podcast


This episode discusses the importance of avoiding innovation on the wrong things in startups. It highlights common anti-patterns and provides insights on putting the customer first and balancing fun with practicality. The episode emphasizes the need to focus on solving real customer problems and prioritizing proven strategies for success.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Tue Feb 13 2024

Should Your Startup Bootstrap or Raise Venture Capital? | Dalton & Michael Podcast

venture capitalbootstrappingentrepreneurship

This episode explores the debate between bootstrapping and starting a VC-backed company. It highlights that the vast majority of businesses should not raise venture capital and that VC is specifically for investing in something that can grow to be big. The episode also dispels the myth that VC-backed success is the only path to wealth and emphasizes that VC enables incremental entrepreneurship. It concludes by discussing the decision to raise VC and the business transaction nature of VC.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Mon Jan 15 2024

How To Build A Tech Startup With No Technical Skills | Dalton & Michael Podcast

businesstechnical co-foundersrecruitingpartnershipsoftware companies

This episode discusses why business folks need great technical co-founders and the importance of recruiting amazing technical co-founders. It highlights the consequences of not having a technical co-founder and provides insights on how to recruit one. The episode emphasizes the value of pitching adventure and finding a partner who cares as much as a founder. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of technical co-founders in building successful software companies.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Mon Jan 08 2024

Key Startup Metrics with Tom Blomfield | Startup School

startupsmetricsrevenueretentiongross margin

This episode discusses the importance of establishing key metrics for startups, focusing on revenue as a crucial metric for B2B companies, the significance of retention for business growth, and the impact of gross margin on profitability. It also highlights the need to avoid scaling businesses with negative gross margins and the importance of tracking key metrics rigorously before launching a startup.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Mon Jul 24 2023

Will OpenAI Kill All Startups?

AGIStartupsAI ImprovementImpact of AICreating Value

OpenAI is focused on building AGI and believes that major technological changes create opportunities for startups. AI can be used to improve products and will have a significant impact similar to mobile, open source backends, and cloud computing. OpenAI was created as a nonprofit to enable others to create value, and this is an exciting time for creative individuals to build cool stuff. Success in AI startups lies in solving customer problems in an amazing way and taking advantage of the space left by big companies prioritizing AGI.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Thu Jul 13 2023

Silicon Valley's Cargo Culting Problem

startupcargo cultingsuccess factors

The episode discusses the concept of cargo culting, where startups blindly copy successful companies without understanding the reasons behind their success. It explores examples of cargo culting from Google, Facebook, and Uber, highlighting the importance of understanding a company's success factors before copying their strategies. The episode also delves into the superficial aspects of startups that founders often focus on, emphasizing the need for original thinking and careful consideration in building a successful startup.

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Thu Jun 15 2023

How To Go From Startup Dream To Reality

  • Founders must face the truth when their startup is failing, even if it means accepting bad news.
  • Avoiding the truth leads to failure and lying to oneself and others.
  • Miyamoto Musashi said that truth is what it is, and one must bend to its power or live a lie.
  • The speaker's startup Postorus failed in 2010 because he avoided the truth about their declining growth.
  • Fear of death can paralyze founders into believing thin...

Y Combinator Startup Podcast

Fri Jun 09 2023

The Immigrant Journey Behind A Silicon Valley Success Story

  • Tracy Young's parents were refugees of the Vietnam War who built a restaurant distribution business in the SF Bay area to support their family and send all three children to college.
  • Being the child of immigrants can give founders a sense of grit and strength to endure difficult times in their startup journey.
  • Tracy had support from her parents when she decided to start her own company, despite their initial disapproval of her career as a construction engineer.
  • Tracy struggled with impos...
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