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Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. The School of Greatness shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet—world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature—to inspire YOU to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

The School of Greatness

Mon Nov 27 2023

Rick Rubin: The Secret to Your Most Authentic Expression (Creativity Will Flow Like CRAZY!)

GreatnessArtistic ExpressionCreativityChallengesVulnerability

The episode features a conversation with Rick Rubin, a nine-time Grammy-winning producer, about greatness, artistic expression, creativity, and the challenges artists face. Rubin shares insights on staying true to oneself, overcoming creative blocks, and finding inspiration. The episode also explores the importance of vulnerability, authenticity, and personal growth in the artistic journey. Listeners gain valuable lessons on navigating success, staying true to artistic vision, and tapping into creativity. The conversation highlights the transformative power of art and the dedication required to manifest greatness.

The School of Greatness

Mon Sep 25 2023

Kevin Bacon on Overcoming Self-Sabotage, Manifesting His Dreams, and the Key to His 35 Year Marriage

ActingMusicFameEntertainment Industry

This episode explores the journey of an actor and musician who initially focused on fame and external rewards. They reflect on the importance of family support, the challenges of the entertainment industry, and the dark side of fame. The speaker shares insights on maintaining identity, finding balance, and embracing change. The episode also highlights their new podcast featuring celebrities involved in philanthropy.

The School of Greatness

Fri Sep 01 2023

Science-Backed Strategies for Lasting Weight Loss

fitnessnutritionintermittent fasting

This podcast episode discusses various topics related to fitness, nutrition, and intermittent fasting. It covers the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the role of autophagy in brain health, the impact of different diets on metabolism, strategies for weight loss, and the importance of fasting for overall health.

The School of Greatness

Mon Aug 28 2023

Why 70% of Relationships End in The First Year w/ Sadia Khan

relationshipstechnologynarcissismsuperficialityemotional intimacy

This episode explores the challenges faced in modern relationships due to the impact of technology, narcissism, superficiality, lack of emotional intimacy, and the importance of self-control, intrinsic values, and effective communication. It delves into the negative effects of pornography and emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries and cooperation for building healthy relationships.

The School of Greatness

Fri Aug 11 2023

From Doubt to Dominance & The Science of Cultivating Confidence EP 1482

personal growthself-confidencevisionary mindsetovercoming challengesemotional intelligence

The episode covers topics such as unleashing true greatness, overcoming laziness and lack of energy, being a dreamer and visionary, using your voice and building self-confidence, the power of love and managing chaos, building self-confidence through relationships and service, living with an infinite mindset, metrics, goals, and bravery, and healthy disagreement and conflict. It emphasizes the importance of having a long-term vision, taking small steps towards transformation, learning from past experiences, nurturing relationships, helping others build confidence, focusing on service, and embracing an infinite mindset. The episode also explores the role of emotions, visualization, imagination, upbringing, and the concept of 'one more' in personal growth.

The School of Greatness

Wed Aug 09 2023

Neuroscientist Reveals How Your Mind Blocks Love w/ Caroline Leaf EP 1481

Mind ManagementRelationshipsChildhood ExperiencesToxic ThoughtsSafe Spaces

The episode explores the importance of mind management in building healthy relationships. It delves into the impact of childhood experiences on adult relationships, emphasizing the need for healing toxic thoughts. The chapter also highlights the significance of changing oneself instead of trying to fix others. Practical techniques like neuro-cycle and neurophysiology are discussed to manage emotions and resolve conflicts. The episode emphasizes the creation of safe spaces for mental health conversations and the importance of supporting and lifting others up. Insights include the role of childhood in relationship formation, the impact of negative experiences on self-perception, and the need to provide children with tools to express their emotions.

The School of Greatness

Mon Aug 07 2023

Jeezy: Escaping the Streets, Building a Music Empire & Manifesting Lessons from Jay Z, Kanye West & Rihanna!

Personal GrowthSuccessOvercoming AdversityBuilding a BrandHealing

Join the Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio to unleash your true greatness. Expect inspiring speakers like Inky Johnson, Jaspri Singh, Vanessa Van Edwards, Jen Sinzhero, and more. Enjoy live music and group workouts at the summit. The new rich is finding peace within oneself. Adversity can lead to success. Jay Jeezy Jenkins shares his story of overcoming adversity. He grew up in a dysfunctional family and faced darkness early on. He found acceptance in the streets and started selling drugs at a young age. Living with his grandmother gave him freedom but also led him down a dangerous path. He aspired to achieve success and escape his current circumstances.

The School of Greatness

Fri Aug 04 2023

From Worthiness to Wealth: Expert Advice for Tough Financial Times EP 1479

MoneyEntrepreneurshipBusinessWealth Building

Join the Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio to unleash your true greatness. Expect inspiring speakers like Inky Johnson, Jaspri Singh, Vanessa Van Edwards, Jen Sinzhero, and more. Part of the reason money is a taboo topic is because society is designed with a few people at the top and many at the bottom. Shame exists for women who don't have enough money and for those who have too much. Imposter syndrome can make people feel unworthy of their wealth. Employers discourage discussing salaries to maintain control over pay disparities. The mystery surrounding salaries creates fear of embarrassment or not belonging. Conversations about money should include sharing earning strategies and investment advice. Transparency can lead to others being transparent as well. Talking about money with friends, family, and spouses can break down walls and foster learning.

The School of Greatness

Wed Aug 02 2023

Simon Sinek: Is A.I. a Threat to Human Connection? EP 1478

personal growthAIrelationshipscapitalismunity

The episode covers a wide range of topics including personal growth, the impact of AI, the importance of relationships, and redefining capitalism. It explores the Summit of Greatness event in Columbus, Ohio and features inspiring speakers. The discussion delves into setting boundaries, the fear surrounding AI, and the need for unity despite political differences. Personal experiences during September 11th are shared, highlighting the resilience and unity that can arise from tragedy. The episode also emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, human connection, and maintaining a sense of humor in navigating life's challenges.

The School of Greatness

Mon Jul 31 2023

4 Habits of Irresistible Conversationalists w/ Michael Bungay Stanier EP 1477

Summit of GreatnessCoachingDeep RelationshipsAsking QuestionsEmpowerment

Join the Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio to unleash your true greatness. Expect inspiring speakers, live music, group workouts, and opportunities to connect with others. Learn about coaching, building deep relationships, asking powerful questions, fostering 'I-Thou' relationships, and effective communication. Explore challenges in growing a podcast, creating successful intimate relationships, and navigating differences. Discover insights on repairing relationships, setting priorities, and getting incredible results through effective communication. Gain stagecraft techniques for engaging the audience and building effective relationships. Unleash your greatness by staying curious longer and reaching out to others.

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