Coach Jason Koop covers training, nutrition and recent happenings in the ultramarathon world.


Sun Aug 06 2023

Live High, Train Low- Lessons from 25 years of Practice with Olivier Girard, PhD | KoopCast Episode #190

altitude trainingperformance improvementoptimal doseindividual responseiron supplementation

The episode discusses the principles and best practices of altitude training. It covers topics such as optimal dose and duration of altitude training, individual response to altitude, iron supplementation, training load and timing considerations, simulated altitude training, expanding the reach of altitude training to different sports, combining heat and hypoxia in altitude training, and the importance of proper preparation for altitude camps.


Sun Jul 30 2023

Continuous Glucose Monitors in Ultramarathon with Amy-Lee Bowler, PhD | KoopCast Episode #190

Continuous Glucose MonitorsCGMsSportsUltra RunningFuel Consumption

This episode of The Koopcast discusses the use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in sport, specifically ultra running. The guest, Amy Lee Bower, is the author of a review paper on CGMs in sport. They explore the history and potential use cases of CGMs, including optimizing fuel consumption patterns and assessing low energy availability. The episode highlights the challenges and limitations of using CGMs in sports, as well as the need for further research and development.


Thu Jul 13 2023

Addiction in Ultrarunning with Dr. Harlan Austin | KoopCast Episode #188

addictionendurance sportUltra Running

The episode discusses the intersection of addiction and endurance sport, focusing on Ultra Running. Dr. Harlan Austin PhD, a licensed psychologist, shares insights on sport psychology, performance, and addiction. The discussion covers the distinction between clinical addiction and colloquial use of the term, factors contributing to addiction in athletes, detecting and assessing addiction, supporting individuals with addiction, recovery and resilience in athletes, and transitioning and long-term recovery. Key insights include the importance of understanding biosychosocial health, providing support without waiting for rock bottom, and the role of athletic identity in addiction.


Fri Jul 07 2023

Adapting Ultramarathon Nutrition for High Altitude with Meredith Terranova | KoopCast Episode #187 (2022)

high altitude ultrasnutrition programshydrationelectrolytesfuel utilization

The episode provides practical advice for handling high altitude ultras. It covers challenges with nutrition programs at high altitude, hydration and electrolyte considerations, fuel utilization and digestive issues, optimizing performance and recovery, training the gut and developing good habits, as well as altitude training and altitude tents.


Fri Jun 30 2023

Blood Biomarkers with Charlie Pedlar, PhD | KoopCast Episode #186

blood testingathletesbiomarkerstrainingperformance

This episode of the podcast is all about blood testing and using it to inform training. Charlie Pedlar, a professional in the field, joins as a guest to demystify blood testing for athletes. The episode covers the accessibility of blood testing, optimization in training and recovery, key biomarkers for endurance athletes, other useful biomarkers, frequency and timing of blood testing, interpreting biomarker tests, interpreting blood test data, optimization and performance, exotic biomarkers and future trends, advancements in biomarker testing, practical considerations for blood profiling, and concludes with the importance of approaching blood profiling results critically and working with knowledgeable practitioners. The podcast aims to provide valuable information on blood testing for athletes.


Thu Jun 22 2023

How to Design Ultramarathon Training Camps with CTS Coaches Ryne Anderson and Cliff Pittman | KoopCast Episode #185 (2022)

  • Coaches Ryan Anderson and Cliff Pittman discuss how to design training blocks for ultra marathon runners.
  • Training camps are a critical programming element for athletes training for ultra marathons.
  • The concept of training camps was originally used by professional cycling teams in Solvang, California....


Fri Jun 16 2023

How Training for Ultras Can Empower Your Pregnancy Journey with Carla Meijen PhD and Stephanie Howe PhD | KoopCast Episode #184

  • The book discusses how women can use their athletic journey during maternity and the birthing process.
  • Athletes can take their experiences from training and apply them to other challenges in life.
  • The book provides a framework for mothers who are also athletes to navigate this journey.
  • Although the primary audience is expecting mothers, there are valuable insights for the entire suppo...


Thu Jun 08 2023

The Neuroscience of Ultrarunning Part 2-A Coach Roundtable | KoopCast Episode #183

  • Coaches AJW and Neil Palace discuss the application of cognitive science in their coaching practice with athletes, emphasizing the importance of monitoring an athlete's load and addressing any issues that may impact their performance.
  • Life influencers can affect an athlete's pain threshold during workouts, making the same workout feel harder even if the data shows no difference. Course correction options include reducing workout load or giving more space between workouts, but acceptance and ...


Thu Jun 01 2023

The Neuroscience of Ultrarunning with Scott Frey, PhD | KoopCast Episode #182

  • Dr. Scott Fry discusses the relationship between the brain and performance in ultra marathon events, focusing on perception of effort, coping with race day pain, and strategies for training the brain to improve performance.
  • Ultra runners are ideal test subjects for studying the role of the brain in performance outcomes that cannot be explained by traditional physiological routes.
  • The brain's prediction machine serves us differently depending on the type and duration of athletic tasks we're...


Fri May 26 2023

Protein for Ultrarunning with Jose Antonio, PhD | KoopCast Episode #181

  • Dr. Jose Antonio founded the International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN) to promote high-quality research papers on sports nutrition and supplements.

  • The field of sports nutrition was not considered legitimate in the 1980s, and the speaker faced resistance from academic departments when researching supplements.

  • Despite obstacles, the ISSN was founded to promote better research and funding for sports nutrition, which is important for athletes' recovery and performance.

  • The speaker ...