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Tue Sep 19 2023

768 - Handjob for the Recently Deceased (9/18/23)

Controversial ActionsFabricated StoriesComediansPublic BehaviorAmerican Politics

This episode covers various controversial topics including politicians' public behavior, fabricated stories, controversial comedians, and reflections on American politics and democracy. It also delves into personal habits, food preferences, and concerns about climate catastrophe.

Chapo Trap House

Tue Jul 11 2023

748 - Slave Stealers, LLC (7/11/23)

Christian filmchild traffickingOperation Underground Railroad

The episode discusses the movie 'The Sound of Freedom', a Christian film about child trafficking. It explores the controversies surrounding Operation Underground Railroad and critiques the plot and execution of the movie. The climax and insights from the movie are also analyzed.

Chapo Trap House

Fri Jul 07 2023

747 Teaser - Eric Adams’ Lies

InvestigationPigeon WomanConspiracy TheoriesDonald Trump

The episode discusses various topics including investigating a claim about a crystalline entity under Manhattan's bedrock, remembering the real pigeon woman from Home Alone, and joking about Donald Trump's conspiracy theories.

Chapo Trap House

Wed Jul 05 2023

746 - Gordian, Not! (7/4/23)

PodcastWisconsinSupreme CourtAffirmative ActionStudent Loan Debt Relief

The episode covers various topics including Podcaster's life in Wisconsin, Supreme Court rulings, Twitter and Google hosting, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk potential fight, boxing and MMA matches, controversies and apologies, personal stories and discussions, and a summary with insights.

Chapo Trap House

Fri Jun 30 2023

745 Teaser - Doctors: Mississippi or Kazakhstan?

American Medical AssociationDoctorsHealthcare SystemMedical EducationDoctor Availability

The episode discusses various aspects of the American healthcare system, including the restriction of doctors by the American Medical Association, motivations for doctors in the current system, challenges in becoming a doctor in the US, and disparities in doctor availability.

Chapo Trap House

Wed Jun 28 2023

Movie Mindset 10 Teaser - The Red Circle

CrimePolice PursuitGood vs EvilCriminal Tendencies

The episode follows Corey and Vogel's journey as they navigate dangerous situations while being pursued by the police. Inspector Mathe's personal life is also explored. The movie delves into the concept of good and evil, highlighting the unique nature of each case and the belief that all men are guilty. It also emphasizes the similarities between criminals and those who hunt them. The understanding between criminals is showcased through moments of outsmarting their enemies and a powerful tacit understanding.

Chapo Trap House

Tue Jun 27 2023

744 - People Who Died (6/26/23)

NewsRussiaUkraineCoupWagner Group

The episode covers a range of topics including the weekend's events in the news, a coup in Russia led by the Wagner group, US diplomatic efforts, distractions created by those in power, empathy and storytelling, controversial beliefs of RFK Jr., his lack of a comprehensive plan, personal struggles, concerns about COVID, and Trump's claims and voting for RFK Jr.

Chapo Trap House

Tue Jun 13 2023

740 - Crank About Creeping feat. Ben Terris (6/12/23)

  • Ben Terrace discusses his book, "The Big Break."
  • Donald Trump and his lawyer have been indicted for mishandling classified documents.
  • The severity of the charges surprises the hosts, who speculate that Trump may not be able to escape this time.
  • Trump has been indicted twice, which is 200% more than any other president.
  • Trump gets in trouble for Eastern Europe-related issues and criminal behavior related to being president.