The Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge is a serialized podcast featuring stories from the intersection of science and fitness. Each story is born in a conversation about quality of life and incubates until it can grow into actionable insight. The show is hosted by former comedian and lifelong human performance coach, Kenny Kane and Professor of Exercise Physiology at CSUF, Andy Galpin. The show is produced in volumes and the chapters of each volume are released weekly.

The Body of Knowledge

Tue Sep 03 2019

The Snapshot

resource allocationbalancerelationshipsperformancecontextual training

The episode explores the importance of allocating attention and resources in various aspects of life. It emphasizes the need for balance and conscious decision-making to avoid negative consequences. The role of curiosity, ego, and communication in relationships is discussed, along with the impact of resource allocation on athletic performance. The concept of context is introduced as a guiding principle in training and coaching. The episode also highlights the pitfalls of misguidance in the fitness industry and the significance of personal growth. Balancing energy resources and making choices consistent with personal values are explored. The power of self-assessment and holding oneself accountable is emphasized for sustainable growth.

The Body of Knowledge

Tue Aug 27 2019

Growth Quadrants


The episode explores the difference between motivation and purpose in achieving sustainable growth. It emphasizes the importance of addressing purpose, behavior, relationship, and system in coaching conversations. The fitness industry's focus on surface-level goals is discussed, along with the need for clarity of purpose. The four quadrants (purpose, behaviors, relationships, systems) are introduced as a diagnostic tool for assessing alignment. The episode also delves into the challenges of navigating the end of a fitness journey and balancing short-term wins with long-term growth. Effective coaching conversations, wellness models, and the value of high-touch gym experiences are explored. The tension between purpose and other factors is highlighted, along with the importance of coaching from a place of meaningful life and growth.

The Body of Knowledge

Tue Aug 20 2019

Muscle Growth

Muscle GrowthHypertrophyContractile ProteinsSatellite CellsSarcoplasmic Hypertrophy

The episode explores the topic of muscle growth and hypertrophy. It covers the mechanisms behind muscle growth, including hypertrophy and hyperplasia. The role of contractile proteins and satellite cells in muscle growth is discussed. The episode also delves into the different types of muscle hypertrophy and measurement techniques. It explores the relationship between protein synthesis and hypertrophy. The psychology of muscle growth and practical tips for maximizing muscle growth are explored. The episode concludes with a discussion on the applications of muscle growth research and future areas of study.

The Body of Knowledge

Tue Aug 13 2019

The Five (Voltron) Tenants

fitnesscoachinglong-term commitmentgrowth mindsetlegacy

The episode discusses the conflicts between the fitness market and what coaches want to deliver. It emphasizes the importance of reframing the conversation about fitness and considering long-term commitment. Building relationships, accountability, and purpose are crucial for long-term success. The Voltron system, consisting of five guideposts, helps align goals and decision-making. The episode also explores the impact of growth mindset, connection, and contribution in coaching. It highlights the value of leaving a legacy and the role of clear values in effective coaching. Additionally, it discusses the importance of clarifying the value and benefits of products or services and starting with why, how, and what.

The Body of Knowledge

Tue Aug 06 2019

Invest vs Consume


The episode explores the concept of growth through different lenses and mental models. It introduces the idea of investment versus consumption in physical practice and emphasizes the importance of self-regulation and reflection. The podcast presents a model for giving and receiving value, balancing soft science with hard science. It discusses the need for an integrated approach to growth, considering multiple physiological systems. The episode also highlights the Craftsman's Workshop, which offers tools and coaching for coaches to create meaningful supportive change.

The Body of Knowledge

Tue Jul 30 2019

Use Your Brain

GrowthMuscle Fiber TypesInterpreting ScienceAdvancementsComputing Power

The episode covers topics such as growth and muscle fiber types, interpreting science, advancements in research, statistical significance, computing power, social media, and technology. It explores the implications of Andy Galpin's research on muscle fiber growth and discusses the challenges in interpreting scientific results. The episode also highlights advancements in computing power and its impact on scientific analysis. Additionally, it delves into the issues surrounding social media and emphasizes the importance of responsible technology use.

The Body of Knowledge

Mon Mar 05 2018

Mental Skills (featuring Jared Cohen)

mental skills coachingsports psychologyDISC assessmentCrossFit trainingleadership

This episode explores the world of mental skills coaching and sports psychology. The hosts discuss the challenges they've faced in producing quality content on Sherpas and introduce their guest, Jared Cohen, a mental skills coach. They express skepticism about mental skills and personality analysis but appreciate Jared's concise approach. The difference between mental skills and sports psychology is explained, along with the various titles used in the field. The integration of the DISC behavioral assessment in coaching practices is explored, highlighting its benefits in improving communication and team performance. The application of DISC assessment in CrossFit training is discussed, emphasizing the importance of balancing different personality traits. The episode also delves into the role of mental skills in leadership and the practical application of concepts in real-life situations. The importance of previewing and planning for potential problems, adapting coaching style and communication, and stepping out of comfort zones for growth are explored. The episode concludes with a guest introduction and gratitude from the hosts.