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14 Tips to Use ChatGPT In Your Job Search (DF#98)

Wed May 24 2023

Using chat GPT in job search

00:00 - 12:28

  • Chat GPT can be used for creating job search materials, interview prep, and negotiation prep
  • Access chat GPT at for free or pay $20/month for premium access to GPT-4 and priority access to the platform
  • Most AI tools use OpenAI's API which can be accessed at
  • Chat GPT is a computer program created by OpenAI that can understand and generate human-like text
  • It can be used to create workout routines, content calendars, websites, marketing copy, etc.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Editing the output after using Chat GPT is recommended for better results.
  • Chat GPT has a heavy paper bias due to being trained on historical data from the internet.
  • Fact-checking and using a degree-free lens is necessary when using Chat GPT for job search purposes.

Job matching and resume optimization

12:03 - 24:20

  • Chat GPT can match skills, needs and wants to suitable job openings or roles.
  • It can analyze resume, experience and job preferences to recommend the best opportunities.
  • Be careful of paper bias when using this feature.
  • This feature saves time and effort in job search especially for those starting from scratch.
  • Vocational creativity exercise helps expand jobs known and target them better.
  • Chat GPT can help identify remote work opportunities based on skills and experience.
  • It cannot tell which jobs are open at the moment but can suggest different roles that could be remote.
  • Chat GPT can create a custom job search strategy based on skills, experience, goals and type of work desired.
  • It provides actionable tasks, tips and priorities to make the job search effective.
  • Resume optimization is one of the most utilized features of Chat GPT. It analyzes and optimizes resumes for specific jobs.
  • Three ways to optimize resumes with Chat GPT are writing it from scratch, inputting original resume for a spin or prioritizing experience for a specific job.
  • Chat GPT can help optimize your resume by prioritizing relevant experience for a specific job.
  • You can use Chat GPT to create a resume for a data analytics role using your current resume.
  • You can write your resume in pieces and then put it all together in a Word or Google Doc.
  • Chat GPT can help you write compelling cover letters tailored to specific job postings.
  • It suggests structure, content, and tone that aligns with what the company is looking for.
  • Chat GPT can analyze your online presence and suggest improvements for LinkedIn, personal website or professional portfolio.

Interview preparation and salary negotiation

24:10 - 30:19

  • Prepare for interviews and negotiations with Chat TPT, which can simulate interviews and provide feedback.
  • Write down answers to top interview questions in a Google Doc or Word doc.
  • Ask Chat GPT to give you the most common interview questions or answer specific questions for you.
  • Prepare for behavioral and technical questions by asking Chat GPT to list them out.
  • Write down answers to all behavioral and technical questions generated by Chat GPT.
  • Good preparation is key to avoiding nervousness during interviews.
  • Use good preparation when negotiating salary.
  • Use chat GPT to come up with objections and counters for salary negotiations.

Networking and company research

36:08 - 48:35

  • Chat GPT can provide a plan of how to go about networking and give you strategy tactics to do cold outreach and build your network.
  • It won't give you actual names, but it will identify job roles within certain organizations or target industries that you should reach out to.
  • Chat GPT is great for procrastinators and those afraid of starting.
  • It can help with company research by providing insights into culture, news, values, and financial performance.
  • For newer companies, manual research may be necessary.
  • Chat GPT can help identify areas where skills may be lacking compared to job requirements or goals.
  • Finding a job backwards is a useful skill that can be learned manually or with Chat GPT's output.
  • Soft skills assessment is important as they are harder to train than technical skills.
  • Soft skills are harder to train than technical skills.
  • Chat GPT can summarize soft skills from a resume and cover letter.
  • Chat GPT can recommend resources for improving soft skills.
  • Chat GPT can provide insights into job market trends and suggest in-demand skills.
  • Detailed prompts lead to better output from Chat GPT.
  • Breaking down resumes into parts leads to better output from Chat GPT.