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Future of UX

#17 ChatGPT Prompts - 7 ways to Boost Your Workflow As a Creative Freelancer

Thu Mar 09 2023

Ways to Use Chat GPT

00:03 - 06:19

  • Chat GPT can be used for inspiration and brainstorming.
  • It can generate suggestions based on your input, such as creative ways to market a new product or innovative features for a dating app.
  • Chat GPT can also assist with copywriting and content creation, generating product descriptions, headlines, social media captions, and researching and writing blog posts.
  • Other uses include automating customer service responses, creating chatbots for websites or apps, and generating personalized recommendations for users.
  • Chat GPT can also be used in education to create study materials or generate essay prompts.
  • It is important to keep in mind the potential biases of AI language models and to use them responsibly.
  • A free mini guide summarizing these 7 ways to use Chat GPT is available for download.

GPT for Copywriting and Content Creation

05:50 - 11:51

  • GPT can be used for copywriting and content creation, including generating product descriptions, headlines, social media captions, researching and writing blog posts and articles.

GPT for Design and Layout Tasks

05:50 - 11:51

  • GPT can assist with design and layout tasks such as color schemes, typography, layout ideas, creating mock-ups or wireframes for websites or app designs.
  • GPT can give feedback on designs, wireframes and flows by providing suggestions on improving designs or usability tips. A link to a web hosted image must be provided for analysis.

GPT for Quick Prototypes

05:50 - 11:51

  • Chat GPT is a useful tool for quick prototypes that need feedback but don't need to be perfect.

GPT for Gathering Information and Research

11:33 - 16:19

  • Chat GPT can help in gathering information on target audience and conducting user research studies.
  • It can also assist in market research and analysis by providing information on consumer behavior, competitor analysis, or emerging trends in your industry.

GPT for Project Management

11:33 - 16:19

  • TETGPT is a helpful tool for project management as well. It can be used to create product timelines or schedules that remind us of upcoming deadlines or even manage your calendar and schedule appointments.
  • Define what needs to be completed, what do you already know, what is the time frame that you have so everything you know put it in there and then it creates some kind of like an outline for you.