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Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

2119: Getting Leaner By Eating More Calories, Ways to Improve Muscle Definition, How to Train When You are Feeling Burnt Out & More (Listener Live Coaching)

Sat Jul 15 2023
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The episode covers various topics including fitness principles, training approaches, bubble shows for kids, pest control, pharmaceutical advertising, a laser tractor, Trump's presence at a UFC fight, a new social media platform called Threads, and the health benefits of BPC157. It also discusses gut health, reverse dieting, reintroducing foods, protein intake, overtraining, and communication in the fitness community.


Balancing work in fitness

Doing the least amount of work to elicit the most amount of change leads to better results in fitness.

Multiple sessions for strength gains

Dividing workouts into multiple sessions throughout the day can lead to better strength gains and more fat loss.

Bubble shows for kids

Kids enjoy playing with bubbles more than watching a bubble show.

Natural ways to repel bugs

Using cinnamon, peppermint oil, and certain plants can repel bugs and spiders.

Issues with pharmaceutical advertising

Pharmaceutical companies advertise on news networks to control the narrative and influence investigative reports.

Threads as a new social media platform

Threads is a new platform that focuses on culture and entertainment, posing a threat to Twitter and Elon Musk.

Health benefits of BPC157

BPC157 has potential health benefits such as anti-ulcer potency and CNS disorder treatment.

Importance of gut testing

Getting gut testing can be life-changing for overall well-being and performance.

Reverse dieting for long-term improvement

Reverse diets gradually increase calorie intake and focus on identifying underlying gut issues.

Communication issues in the fitness community

The fitness community needs better communication and understanding to address symptoms properly.


  1. Fitness and Training
  2. Multiple Sessions and Strength Gains
  3. Bubble Show and Kids' Party
  4. Ants and Bugs
  5. Pharmaceutical Advertising
  6. Laser Tractor and Jonah Hill
  7. Trump, Threads, and BPC157
  8. Paleo Valley and Gut Health
  9. Gut Testing and Reverse Dieting
  10. Reintroducing Foods and Fitness Approach
  11. Protein Intake and Listener's Health
  12. Overtraining and Fitness Community
  13. Communication in the Fitness Community

Fitness and Training

00:00 - 11:57

  • The guiding principle for success in fitness is to do the least amount of work to elicit the most amount of change. This approach leads to better strength gains, fat loss, joint pain reduction, and improved mobility.
  • Cutting down on volume can lead to better results and leanness.
  • The approach to training depends on the individual's motivation and consistency. For those who struggle with consistency, increasing intensity and volume is recommended. For highly motivated individuals or fitness enthusiasts, scaling back may be necessary.
  • Balancing the right amount of work is crucial for long-term success.
  • Working out at home allows for flexibility in exercise selection and duration. Having limited equipment encourages focus on effective exercises. Breaking up workouts throughout the day can still be effective.

Multiple Sessions and Strength Gains

11:35 - 17:18

  • Dividing a workout into multiple sessions throughout the day can lead to better strength gains, more muscle, and more fat loss.
  • Working out throughout the day is convenient if you have a home gym set up. Splitting up workouts can be more effective for both advanced and beginner individuals.
  • Training frequently and practicing exercises throughout the day can lead to rapid strength gains.
  • A trainer who bench pressed a lot of weight trained by doing sets in between clients, which resulted in significant strength gains.

Bubble Show and Kids' Party

16:54 - 22:32

  • The podcast host describes a bubble show for kids organized by a company that contracts individuals to do bubble shows all over the United States.
  • The kids at the show were not interested in learning about the science behind bubbles and just wanted to see bubbles being made.
  • After the show, the kids had a great time playing with bubble stuff in the backyard.
  • The host suggests skipping the bubble show and going straight to letting kids play with bubbles.

Ants and Bugs

27:09 - 33:23

  • Spraying raid or stepping on ants can cause them to move their colony somewhere else in the house. Wiping up ants with a wet towel and disposing of them is more effective.
  • Using cinnamon and peppermint oil can repel bugs from a sandbox.
  • Plants like lavender, basil, and peppermint emit strong smells that repel spiders and bugs.
  • Having air moving can help reduce the presence of mosquitoes.

Pharmaceutical Advertising

38:22 - 44:16

  • Pharmaceutical companies advertise on news networks to control the narrative and influence investigative reports.
  • Allowing pharmaceutical advertising on television and the internet doesn't make sense since consumers have to go through doctors to get prescriptions.
  • The largest lawsuits ever paid out were by pharmaceutical companies for putting out drugs they knew were killing people.
  • Pharmaceuticals are the third largest killer, after heart attacks, due to prescribed drugs.
  • Investigative reports can help connect the dots between medication and strange symptoms experienced by consumers.
  • News networks are reluctant to pursue these stories as it affects their revenue from pharmaceutical advertising.
  • Pharmaceutical companies may feel trapped in a deal with news networks, as stopping payments could lead to negative stories being aired about them.
  • Around 87% of children tested had glyphosate residue in their bodies, which is sprayed on GMOs and can be reduced by consuming organic foods.
  • Organic foods and supplements should also be tested for glyphosate residue.

Laser Tractor and Jonah Hill

43:58 - 49:49

  • There is a laser tractor for pests that can kill bugs but not plants. The laser tractor could be a healthier way to mitigate pests and reduce chemical usage. It is unclear if the laser can kill rodents.
  • Jonah Hill's ex-girlfriend accused him of emotional abuse and called him a narcissistic sociopath. She posted their text messages, which some people found to be reasonable and respectful. Others argued that Jonah Hill was being controlling in his expectations for the relationship.

Trump, Threads, and BPC157

49:20 - 1:01:03

  • The discussion revolves around a partner's request and whether it is controlling or reasonable.
  • They question why people are mad about certain things.
  • There is mention of Trump being at a UFC fight and wanting to be on Joe Rogan's show.
  • The idea of a debate-style podcast with Trump is discussed, with some believing it would work well.
  • It is suggested that Democrats want Trump to win the primary but not the general election.
  • The timing of attacks and tactics used in presidential elections are mentioned.
  • A powerful campaign video by DeSantis targeting moms is discussed as effective political action.
  • The importance of rallying moms together for political organizing is highlighted.
  • Threads is a new platform that poses a threat to Twitter and Elon Musk. Threads aims to focus on culture and entertainment, reducing the visibility of political and serious content.
  • There are speculations that Zuckerberg and Meta may have been influenced by the government to compete with Elon Musk.
  • Threads was developed by 20 engineers in just nine months. The platform is similar to Twitter but integrates well with Instagram.
  • There are concerns that Threads may cannibalize Instagram's user base instead of attracting new users.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk suggests that large platforms should have market share in various types of content.
  • The stock price of Meta has increased significantly since the launch of Threads.
  • BPC157 and KPV are being studied for their potential health benefits, including anti-ulcer potency and CNS disorder treatment.
  • BPC157 upregulates receptors for growth hormone, aiding in healing processes throughout the body.
  • Users have reported positive effects on gut health after using BPC157 for several weeks.
  • Paleo Valley's bone broth is easy to digest and can be used as a protein boost with meals.

Paleo Valley and Gut Health

1:00:34 - 1:07:43

  • Paleo Valleys bone broth is an easy way to boost protein with every meal. Adding one or two scoops of bone broth instantly adds 15 to 20 grams of protein.
  • Brett Johnson is a great follow on social media for financial insights.
  • Organifi offers organic supplements like peak power for improved health and energy.
  • Reverse dieting question from Brea about transitioning from a mostly carnivore diet.
  • Brea feels best on a carnivore diet due to improved digestion and lack of bloating.
  • Suggests getting tested for gut issues like SIBO or SIFO to address root causes.

Gut Testing and Reverse Dieting

1:07:23 - 1:14:10

  • Treating symptoms like bacterial overgrowth or dysbiosis with band-aid solutions may make you feel better temporarily, but addressing the root issue is necessary for long-term improvement.
  • Seeing a functional medicine practitioner and getting gut testing can be life-changing in terms of strength, performance, energy, hormones, skin, hair, and overall well-being.
  • Reverse diets involve gradually increasing calorie intake over time by focusing on proteins, fats, or carbs depending on individual needs.
  • Working with a functional medicine practitioner and getting gut testing is crucial to identify any underlying issues causing distress when consuming carbohydrates or starches.
  • Restrictive diets often become more limited over time if the root issue is not addressed properly.
  • Increasing calories through meat alone can be challenging for reverse dieting purposes.
  • Testing and identifying the root cause of digestive issues can provide valuable knowledge for overcoming plateaus and expanding food options.
  • Addressing dysbiosis or other underlying issues can lead to improved athletic performance and better assimilation of various foods.
  • Avoiding foods that trigger discomfort is not a sustainable solution as it may lead to further restrictions over time.
  • Treating SIBO or other gut issues can provide long-lasting relief from digestive problems.

Reintroducing Foods and Fitness Approach

1:13:43 - 1:20:27

  • Treating SIBO was a breakthrough for the speaker, solving an underlying issue that had been masked.
  • It can be challenging to reintroduce other foods after finding a safe place with limited options.
  • Noticing which foods make you feel uncomfortable and which make you feel good is important information.
  • Reintroducing problematic foods after solving the issue can lead to regression.
  • Having one or two foods that bother you is somewhat normal, but if entire categories of foods cause discomfort, there may be an underlying cause.
  • Jumping from program to program in fitness training can be dangerous.
  • Consistency and following a program fully is generally ideal, but individual variants should be considered.
  • Higher reps can be more exhausting and fatiguing than lower reps due to increased volume.
  • Cutting the volume in half during high rep phases can help reduce stress on the body.

Protein Intake and Listener's Health

1:26:27 - 1:34:02

  • Eat 40 grams of protein with each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • Focus on getting stronger rather than worrying about the scale. Strength and muscle mass are more important than body weight.
  • Aim for at least 120 grams of protein per day.
  • Don't cut calories to get leaner, focus on gaining muscle instead.
  • The caller's daughter is doing benching, squatting, and overhead pressing.
  • The caller experienced burnout from overtraining and high stress. Doctor appointments showed inflammation in the chest muscles.
  • The caller needs to listen to their body and not push themselves too hard.
  • Consider seeing a specialist for further testing and advice.

Overtraining and Fitness Community

1:33:32 - 1:40:27

  • Recommendation to get more testing and see a specialist due to inflammation and inability to stand. Resting has improved the situation, but further testing is still recommended.
  • Less and slower exercise is advised for better results.
  • MAPS 15 program suggested as a starting point for exercise.
  • Additional testing recommended including inflammatory markers, kidney function, liver function, hormone profile, C-Reactive Protein, A1C, and creatinine levels.
  • Finding a functional medicine practitioner or joining MP holistic health forum for further guidance on testing.
  • The symptoms described are not typical of overtraining and require deeper investigation.
  • MAS 15 program will be sent along with access to the private forum for ongoing support.
  • Understanding the balance between rest and pushing oneself in training can be challenging.
  • Fitness approach should focus on doing as little as possible to elicit change rather than excessive suffering or effort.
  • Programming helps find the right dose of exercise based on individual circumstances and stress levels.

Communication in the Fitness Community

1:40:05 - 1:43:53

  • The podcast discusses a case where a person experienced intense symptoms after working out.
  • The doctors didn't provide a clear explanation for the symptoms and made quick assumptions.
  • The possibility of severe chest inflammation and muscle damage is mentioned.
  • The hosts highlight the messaging issues in the hardcore fitness community.
  • They discuss the importance of looking deeper into patients' symptoms and conducting appropriate tests.
  • Rhabdo, a condition associated with intense workouts, is mentioned as a potential cause.
  • The hosts emphasize the need for better communication and understanding in the fitness community.