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Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

2124: Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Fat In Spite of Reducing Calories, Solutions for a Butt That Won’t Grow, Signs You Are Overtraining & More (Listener Live Coaching)

Sat Jul 22 2023
ProbioticsGut MicrobiomeSpiritualityPhilosophyFertility ProceduresExotic AnimalsUFOsWrestling InjuriesNerve DamageLow TestosteroneExercise AbuseMuscle BuildingGlute Activation


This episode covers a range of topics including the power of probiotics, the gut microbiome's impact on health, transitioning from atheism to faith, philosophical discussions, fertility procedures, vasectomies, NFTs, Bitcoin, exotic animals, ancient art, UFOs, pyramids, wrestling injuries, nerve damage, low testosterone, exercise abuse, building muscle, and glute activation. The hosts provide insights on nutrition, training programs, and the importance of seeking professional help for physical and mental health issues.


Probiotics for Health

Taking a high-quality probiotic can alleviate cravings and improve various aspects of health such as anxiety, depression, fat loss, muscle growth, cognitive performance, sleep, and skin health.

The Gut Microbiome's Influence

Imbalance in the gut microbiome can lead to infections and affect behaviors, thoughts, and brain inflammation. It is connected to conditions like multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and autism.

Exploring Spirituality

Transitioning from atheism to faith involves curiosity, openness to wisdom found in spiritual practices, and taking a leap of faith. Ancient wisdom and the limitations of scientific explanations are discussed.

Philosophical Discussions

The hosts engage in philosophical discussions about material possessions, happiness, simplicity, vasectomies, NFTs, Bitcoin, digital currencies, and potential celebrity boxing matches.

Fertility Procedures and Exotic Animals

The vulnerability and societal expectations around fertility procedures are explored. The hosts share humorous anecdotes about visiting a fertility clinic. Ownership of exotic animals like koalas and tigers is discussed.

Ancient Art and UFOs

Ancient paintings and drawings depicting UFOs and aliens raise questions about human hallucinations and potential cover-ups. Pyramids found in China and Antarctica are mentioned.

Wrestling Injuries and Cannabis

A caller shares wrestling-related health issues and the use of cannabis for mobility. The importance of seeking professional help for nerve damage is emphasized.

Low Testosterone and Exercise Abuse

The challenges of low testosterone, overtraining, and exercise abuse are discussed. Gradual changes, taking breaks, and addressing underlying issues are recommended.

Building Muscle and Strength

The importance of supportive friends, strength training programs, increasing calorie intake, and prioritizing protein consumption for muscle growth is highlighted.

Glute Activation and Nutrition

Deliberate range of motion, slow controlled movements, and caloric surplus are key for building glutes. Increasing dietary fats and following specific training programs are advised.


  1. The Power of Probiotics
  2. The Gut Microbiome and Health
  3. From Atheism to Faith
  4. Philosophical Discussions and Personal Stories
  5. Fertility Procedures and Exotic Animals
  6. Vasectomies, NFTs, and Bitcoin
  7. Digital Currencies and Celebrity Boxing Matches
  8. Koalas, Exotic Cats, and Marketing Ideas
  9. Ancient Art, UFOs, and Pyramids
  10. Pyramids, Ancient Civilizations, and Wrestling Injuries
  11. Nerve Damage, Seeking Help, and Testosterone Levels
  12. Managing Pain, Wrestling Injuries, and Low Testosterone
  13. Addressing Low Testosterone and Exercise Abuse
  14. Supportive Friends, Strength Training, and Muscle Growth
  15. Building Muscle, Increasing Calorie Intake, and Training Programs
  16. Overtraining, Caloric Surplus, and Training Programs
  17. Building Glutes, Strength Training, and Nutrition
  18. Muscle Building, Caloric Surplus, and Training Programs

The Power of Probiotics

00:01 - 06:29

  • Taking a high-quality probiotic can help alleviate or blunt cravings for sugar, fast food, and chemicals that produce short-term highs.
  • Probiotics have been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, aid in fat loss, muscle growth, cognitive performance, sleep, skin health, moods and behaviors.
  • The gut has the second highest concentration of serotonin receptors in the body after the brain.
  • Seed is a highly recommended probiotic brand that consistently delivers results.
  • Probiotics also help prevent UTIs by promoting balance in the microbiome.

The Gut Microbiome and Health

05:59 - 12:49

  • Imbalance of bad bacteria in the microbiome can lead to infections.
  • Good bacteria act as soldiers to prevent bad bacteria from taking over.
  • Bacteria can affect behaviors, thoughts, and brain inflammation.
  • Gut microbiome has connections to multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and autism.
  • Prescribing antibiotics to children used to be common but has decreased in recent years.
  • We may have traded wisdom of behavior and psychology for scientific knowledge.
  • Ancient wisdom is still relevant today, such as the concept of the seven deadly sins.
  • A question was asked about transitioning from atheism to belief in something strongly believed not to be true.
  • Being a well-read atheist often involves searching for holes in spirituality and religion.
  • True atheism involves curiosity and searching for answers about the nature of the world.

From Atheism to Faith

12:29 - 18:46

  • The speaker is an atheist but remains curious about the nature of things.
  • The more the speaker searched, the more mysterious things seemed to be.
  • A conversation with a friend made the speaker realize their own arrogance in claiming that God doesn't exist.
  • The speaker became open to the wisdom found in spiritual practices, starting with fasting and its behavioral benefits.
  • The longevity of spiritual practices suggests there may be wisdom and truth in them.
  • Meeting Bishop Barron and his team made the speaker feel connected and moved towards faith.
  • Taking a leap of faith brought a sense of calm to the speaker's life.
  • CS Lewis' book 'Mere Christianity' is recommended for atheists who are curious about spirituality.
  • The other person in the podcast had a different experience, seeking answers from science and philosophy when traditional sources didn't provide satisfactory answers.
  • 'Science of God' was mentioned as a book that explores scientific explanations for universal questions but acknowledges that some things require taking a leap of faith.
  • Boiling everything down to scientific explanations may do a disservice to human experiences like love or near-death experiences.

Philosophical Discussions and Personal Stories

18:17 - 23:46

  • Atheists are open for discussion and want to talk about philosophical topics.
  • People are consumed with day-to-day survival and philosophy is often overlooked.
  • Despite having more material possessions, people are still anxious and unhappy.
  • In the future, everyone will have access to everything they want through virtual reality or 3D printing.
  • Compared to the past, even lower middle-class individuals today have more than they could have imagined.
  • The speaker's father grew up poor but was happy because he had his family around him.
  • The speaker's family is Catholic but did not practice their religion regularly.
  • The speaker's grandmother was devout and would pray for specific situations like childbirth or job interviews.
  • The speaker's father compared his childhood toys (a tire) to modern video games and found that simplicity brought more joy.
  • March Madness week is a popular time for men to get vasectomies because they can recover while watching basketball.
  • Some friends of the speaker had mixed experiences with vasectomies, leading him to reconsider getting one.
  • There is a potential risk of the procedure not working as intended.

Fertility Procedures and Exotic Animals

23:24 - 28:59

  • Discussing the potential vulnerability and pressure of undergoing fertility procedures
  • Reflecting on the societal expectations around male fertility and the awkwardness of the process
  • Describing the clinical and procedural aspects of visiting a fertility clinic for sperm collection
  • Feeling underwhelmed by the experience and questioning personal performance
  • Sharing humorous anecdotes about the room setup and atmosphere at the clinic

Vasectomies, NFTs, and Bitcoin

28:38 - 34:13

  • The room is not nice, but it's clear that the last person in there was jerking off.
  • The hosts discuss vasectomies and where the procedure is done.
  • One of the hosts is considering getting a vasectomy and his partner is encouraging him.
  • They joke about being 'snip brothers' if they both get vasectomies.
  • The conversation shifts to NFTs and how their prices have dropped significantly.
  • They discuss the hype around NFTs and how people were making money from them.
  • The hosts compare NFTs to historical market crashes, like the tulip inflation.
  • Bitcoin is mentioned as still holding on, but its utility is seen mostly in the black market.
  • The hosts speculate on what will happen to Bitcoin when governments introduce their own digital currencies.

Digital Currencies and Celebrity Boxing Matches

33:57 - 40:04

  • The Federal Reserve is planning to introduce a digital currency.
  • This could potentially impact the value of Bitcoin and make it more associated with the black market.
  • There is a theory that intelligence agencies created Bitcoin to track activities behind the scenes.
  • Elon Musk has plans to turn Twitter into an all-in-one social platform, including currency exchange.
  • China already has a similar platform called WeChat.
  • Acquiring Twitter would accelerate Elon's vision for his platform by several years.
  • Elon's motivations for acquiring Twitter may include accessing user data for his neural link or open AI projects.
  • Elon Musk is considered the most successful entrepreneur of all time, having built multiple billion-dollar companies.
  • Mark Zuckerberg was seen wake surfing in a video and appeared fit and athletic compared to Elon Musk.
  • There is speculation about a potential fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, which could generate significant attention due to the popularity of celebrity boxing matches.

Koalas, Exotic Cats, and Marketing Ideas

39:44 - 45:12

  • Jake Paul hasn't jumped all over this.
  • When two people who don't know how to fight try to fight, it's not fun to watch.
  • UFC fans who know what fighting looks like can tell the difference.
  • There used to be matches where one person had training and would dominate the other.
  • Koalas have fingerprints that closely resemble human fingerprints.
  • Koala fingerprints have confused crime scene specialists before.
  • California has strict laws on owning exotic animals like koalas.
  • Texas has looser laws and allows ownership of exotic animals like tigers.
  • Permits are required to own a tiger, and there are certain space requirements for cages.

Ancient Art, UFOs, and Pyramids

50:14 - 56:16

  • The host mentions seeing ads for Viori and Caldera
  • People associate fame with being in commercials
  • The host's dad brags about him to the doctor during a colonoscopy
  • The host shares a 200-year-old drawing of a UFO sighting in Japan
  • Discussion about ancient paintings and drawings depicting UFOs and aliens
  • Speculation on why humans hallucinate similar strange things
  • Cover-up and suppression of information regarding UFOs
  • Mention of pyramids found in China and Antarctica

Pyramids, Ancient Civilizations, and Wrestling Injuries

55:46 - 1:02:14

  • Pyramids in Antarctica, Mexico, and Egypt all line up with constellations
  • Ancient civilizations built incredible buildings without modern tools
  • Art from the Renaissance era depicts objects that resemble UFOs
  • The phenomenon of seeing something more often after looking for it is called reticular activator
  • A shout out to the Instagram page trashcan Paul for funny content
  • Littrell from Oklahoma shares his wrestling-related health issues
  • Littrell experienced neck and arm tingling after a wrestling move
  • He continued wrestling despite symptoms and later developed sciatica and muscle atrophy
  • Littrell focused on mobility, protein intake, sleep, relationships, breathing techniques, and corrective exercises to improve his condition
  • He felt a strong connection to his body after consuming cannabis during a mobility session
  • Littrell seeks guidance on whether he's approaching his spinal issues correctly

Nerve Damage, Seeking Help, and Testosterone Levels

1:01:59 - 1:08:22

  • Nerve damage can be subjective and varies from person to person.
  • It is important to see an expert, such as a neurologist, for evaluation of potential nerve damage.
  • Exercises that may seem innocuous could potentially worsen the condition if there is underlying nerve damage.
  • If mobility exercises and adjustments do not improve the symptoms, it is time to seek professional help.
  • Seeing a specialist in nerves, like a neurologist, is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Surgery may be appropriate in severe cases of nerve damage, but strengthening exercises are generally beneficial regardless.
  • Getting a proper diagnosis will provide clarity on limitations and guide strength-building efforts.
  • Many people struggle with seeking professional help, but it is necessary for accurate assessment and guidance.
  • The caller's persistence in trying various approaches before seeking help is commendable.
  • Consuming cannabis brought attention to the issue, which could be related to nerve problems or psychological factors.

Managing Pain, Wrestling Injuries, and Low Testosterone

1:08:12 - 1:14:59

  • Consider the possibility that the pain in your body could be related to nerve issues or psychological factors.
  • Being a high-level athlete requires disconnecting from pain, so it's important to find ways to manage it.
  • Pro wrestling is physically demanding and can result in injuries, even though the outcomes are scripted.
  • Before considering cannabis, consult with a physical therapist who can refer you to a nerve specialist if necessary.
  • A physical therapist will take a comprehensive approach and may suggest specific movements or exercises.
  • It's crucial to address your pain properly to avoid making the situation worse.
  • Seeking help early is important for men's health as they tend to wait longer before seeking medical assistance.
  • The caller from California has been experiencing a plateau in strength gains despite increasing calories and training consistently.
  • He has also noticed low libido, motivation, and general fatigue, which led him to get his testosterone levels tested.
  • At only 27 years old, having low testosterone is surprising for him.
  • He wants to know if his lack of progress is due to low testosterone, overtraining, or both.
  • When starting TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), he wants to know what changes he can expect.

Addressing Low Testosterone and Exercise Abuse

1:14:37 - 1:21:33

  • The lack of progress is likely due to low testosterone and overtraining.
  • Starting TRT can lead to improvements in mood and overall quality of life.
  • Overtraining and overstress can significantly reduce testosterone levels.
  • Following a beginner strength training program six days a week may be too intense for someone with low testosterone.
  • Reducing the intensity and volume of training, increasing calories, and focusing on sleep and healthy fats can help improve testosterone levels.
  • A crash diet with low calorie intake and excessive running may have negatively impacted testosterone levels.
  • The individual has an abusive relationship with exercise and diet, using them as a form of self-abuse.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy alone will not solve the underlying issues caused by overtraining and poor nutrition habits.
  • Two approaches to address the situation are gradual changes or taking two weeks off from exercise while increasing calorie intake to allow the body to heal.
  • Staying consistent with lifting weights twice a week at around 2,800 calories can help improve strength and well-being over time.
  • Psychological challenges may arise from comparing oneself to others who are focused on intense workouts and personal records (PRs).
  • Considering whether friends are supportive or simply pushing each other in workouts is important for overall well-being.

Supportive Friends, Strength Training, and Muscle Growth

1:21:08 - 1:27:46

  • Taylor's friends who are into weightlifting may not genuinely care about his well-being
  • Taylor needs the support of his friends to help him with his competitive mindset and exercise abuse
  • Recommendation to send Taylor's friends this episode for awareness
  • Suggestion to follow Maps and a Ball workout program and increase calorie intake
  • Working with a therapist is advised to address the root causes of exercise abuse
  • Taylor has been consistently training for the past year or two, focusing on barbell training
  • Initial motivation for working out was weight loss, followed by desire to build size and strength
  • Taylor's challenge is not consistency but avoiding exercise abuse and creating a beneficial relationship with fitness
  • Taking two weeks off from working out can lead to significant strength gains upon return
  • Advice to increase dietary fats, prioritize protein intake, and get nutrient levels tested (vitamin D, magnesium, zinc)
  • Low nutrient levels can contribute to anxiety, depression, low recovery, and low testosterone

Building Muscle, Increasing Calorie Intake, and Training Programs

1:27:19 - 1:33:41

  • For female clients doing proper weight training, 50 grams or less of fat is low.
  • The client should aim for at least 100 grams of fat per day.
  • Bump up calorie intake from fat sources like olive oil and steak.
  • Eating a big bowl of vegetables with olive oil and chicken thighs can help increase fat intake.
  • Feeling the need for lots of volume to feel satiated may indicate nutrient deficiencies.
  • Good fats can help with satiety and overall well-being.
  • The client will be put in the private forum to monitor progress and get support.
  • After two weeks off, the client will start the recommended program called maps and a ball.
  • It's important for people to recognize their dysfunctional relationship with exercise and food.
  • Increasing calorie intake from fat can lead to muscle gain and improved well-being.
  • The next caller is Cody from Iowa who wants to know why he can't lean out.

Overtraining, Caloric Surplus, and Training Programs

1:39:52 - 1:46:31

  • Cut the volume down by a third for most programs except Maps Anabolic and Maps Symmetry
  • Walking is a good form of cardio if you don't enjoy other types
  • Increasing steps can be beneficial for overall health
  • Focus on getting stronger as a primary goal in workouts
  • Eat more calories and prioritize protein intake to build muscle
  • Maps Anabolic is recommended for building muscle and shaping the butt

Building Glutes, Strength Training, and Nutrition

1:46:03 - 1:52:12

  • Now, is this a connectivity issue at all? Like do you feel like when you do squats or lunges or anything, like you feel a lot in your quads versus like you don't get a lot of activity in your glutes or is this like more just, you know, you haven't really put that kind of work in weight training wise?
  • I have actually injured right now from doing too many squats and jumps and my hips got my sore and then that threw out my lower back.
  • Once my back feels better, I wanna activate my glutes.
  • We're gonna come, you get a pass. Stop listening to anybody else. Don't follow any of the work out.
  • A good strength. So to build your butt is no different than it is for the guy who says, I want to build my biceps muscle.
  • Make sure you're deliberate with your range of motion in terms of depth of your squats. So you're nice and slow and you're in your focus control increase.
  • If you start sweating a lot during your workout, you're moving too fast. We're not trying to burn calories, we're not trying to not, we wanna build.
  • Follow the pre phase for about four weeks before moving into phase one. Do the two day week foundational workout when moving into phase one.
  • In order for this muscle to build and grow, feed it in a caloric surplus. You gotta give extra calories.
  • Take five grams of Crete in every single day to help with building muscle.
  • You're going to train everything initially for best results. Maps and a ball is a perfect program to start with.

Muscle Building, Caloric Surplus, and Training Programs

1:51:49 - 1:53:31

  • Eating in a surplus is necessary for muscle growth, regardless of the exercises done.
  • Reducing calories and staying low calorie will hinder muscle growth.
  • Building a big chest, shoulders, or arms requires feeding the body in a surplus.
  • Mind Pump creates workouts for followers on Instagram for less than five dollars a month.
  • The RGB Super Bundle at includes Maps Anabolic, Maps Performance, and Maps with a 30-day money back guarantee.