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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

451 - Effortless Content Creation with ChatGPT: Better Content, Less Time

Thu Apr 27 2023

Chat GPT and AI in Business

00:00 - 04:52

  • Chat GPT and other AI tools are becoming increasingly popular in business.
  • AI can save time and create benefits for businesses.
  • Elon Musk advocates for government regulation of AI development.
  • Using chat GPT can increase efficiency in content creation.

Content Creation with AI

04:31 - 09:08

  • Chat GPT can help with content creation by generating articles, social media captions, and scripts for videos.
  • AI can be used to write outlines for recording, social media captions, and visually appealing content.
  • AI can save time by generating new ideas and prompts.
  • The accuracy of AI is not perfect but it's great for feeding ideas.
  • Be specific in what you want from AI-generated content.
  • AI can rewrite articles into bullet points or synopses.
  • Email subject lines and webinar titles can also be generated by AI.

Features of the AI Tool

08:45 - 13:08

  • The AI tool has the best value proposition and is clearest about what the article is about.
  • The AI tool can refine webinar titles to make them more of a hook.
  • It can write deeper explanations and thoughts on each point of a topic.
  • The AI tool can save time by pulling information from emails for you to put in your CRM.
  • It can sort rows and columns and do basic Excel kind of equations.
  • Use it to write your listing descriptions if you're a real estate agent.
  • You could literally just start with an address, and it will write a whole description based on that address.
  • You can use it to come up with text messages, email subject lines, phone scripts, social media captions, etc.
  • One really cool feature is that you could have it proofread your own writing or write things in different languages.

Advancements of Chat GPT

12:49 - 17:14

  • Chat GPT allows users to write descriptions and emails in different languages.
  • Users can ask questions and dig deeper into the search engine.
  • The AI technology is great for generating content ideas and expanding on them.
  • Chat GPT is moving towards plugins that will plan trips, marketing strategies, and more.
  • The brain of Chat GPT can be connected to mediums of distribution like robotics.
  • Chat GPT will make life more efficient once it becomes more commonplace.
  • Users should start using Chat GPT now to prepare for its advancements.

Limitations of Chat GPT

16:46 - 18:22

  • Chat GPT has limited information on recent events past 2021.
  • Chat GPT is bad at writing dad jokes.
  • The resulting joke was not funny.