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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

472 - Spend $0 on Marketing and See MASSIVE Results (with Janet Brinck)

Mon Jul 10 2023
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The episode features Janet Brink, co-founder of Dwellis, who shares her experience in building a successful real estate team. The team at Dwellis emphasizes leveraging resources, coaching team members, and utilizing social media for lead generation. They also discuss the importance of client events, personal growth, and finding purpose in business. Janet highlights an upcoming conference called The Faithful Agent that combines faith and business. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for real estate professionals.


Leverage and Team Building

Leveraging resources and building a strong team are key factors in achieving success in the real estate industry. Hiring transaction coordinators and other support roles can help agents scale their business.

Social Media Strategies

Utilizing social media platforms, such as posting videos and maintaining regular contact with clients, can elevate credibility and engagement. Authenticity in content and documenting rather than creating can alleviate struggles.

Client Events and Personal Growth

Organizing client events, covered by sponsors or business affiliates, can help build connections with clients. Providing value at these events and focusing on a great client experience can lead to referrals. Being vulnerable and admitting failure can inspire others and drive personal growth.

Finding Purpose and Faith in Business

Finding something higher than temporary achievements like money or recognition is important. The episode highlights an upcoming conference called The Faithful Agent, which aims to help individuals grow their businesses while also growing their faith.


  1. Introduction
  2. Building a Successful Team
  3. Social Media Strategies
  4. Client Events and Personal Growth
  5. Finding Purpose and Faith in Business


00:00 - 06:59

  • The podcast is called Stay Paid, a marketing podcast that provides listeners with a competitive edge and real-world tactics from top marketers.
  • The hosts are Joshua Stike and Luke Acree, who have worked together for 20 years at Reminder Media.
  • They have helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs in the past two decades.
  • The guest on this episode is Janet Brink, co-founder and director of Strategy and Growth at Dwellis.
  • Janet has 23 years of experience in the real estate industry and has been recognized by various publications for her sales volume.
  • She shares her story of building a successful team at Dwellis out of necessity.
  • Leverage was the key to their success, starting with hiring a showing assistant and then expanding to other roles like transaction coordinators.
  • Janet recommends hiring a transaction coordinator as the first hire for solo agents.

Building a Successful Team

06:31 - 13:28

  • The team at Dwellis has learned to leverage their resources and scale their business.
  • They focus on coaching, training, and teaching their team members how to generate leads.
  • The team follows a hybrid model with buyer's agents and listing agents.
  • Initially, they advised new agents to start with their database and a touch plan, but now they emphasize the importance of video, social media, and branding for lead generation.
  • Posting videos on social media elevates credibility and engagement.
  • The host shares his struggle with sharing his authentic self outside of real estate on social media.

Social Media Strategies

13:06 - 20:24

  • Building relationships and finding your people is important on social media
  • Video content attracts people and creates a connection
  • People perceive activity as productivity, so being visible is beneficial
  • Reminder Media offers branded magazines to help agents stay memorable
  • Documenting rather than creating content can alleviate struggles
  • Authenticity in content is emphasized by experts like Gary Vee and Jeff
  • Fear of posting imperfect videos should be overcome because they disappear after 24 hours
  • Client events are an effective strategy for building connections with clients
  • Various types of client events can be organized, such as happy hours, golf tournaments, movie nights, and family fun days
  • Maintaining regular contact with clients through calls, messages, and emails is still important alongside video content
  • Budgeting for client events can involve getting sponsors or business affiliates to cover the costs

Client Events and Personal Growth

19:59 - 26:49

  • Client events can be covered by sponsors and business affiliates, reducing the cost for agents.
  • Lenders or other individuals can contribute to the event's budget.
  • The speaker believes in giving value at client events rather than doing a sales pitch.
  • The team spends zero on marketing and focuses on providing a great client experience.
  • Promoting oneself is important as it encourages others to promote you through referrals.
  • Being vulnerable and sharing personal challenges helps motivate and inspire others in the real estate business.
  • Admitting failure gives power to learn from mistakes and make positive changes.
  • Ego can be a driving force, but as one matures, they seek something higher than temporary achievements like money or recognition.

Finding Purpose and Faith in Business

26:20 - 31:30

  • Finding something higher than yourself to strive for is important.
  • Money and success are not inherently bad, but they should not be the sole focus of your life.
  • Having children can drastically change your perspective and priorities.
  • Janet is excited about an upcoming conference called The Faithful Agent, which combines faith and business.
  • The conference aims to help people grow their businesses while also growing their faith.
  • The conference will feature speakers, experts, and lunch.
  • Janet's contact information can be found on Facebook and Instagram.