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AI Unveiled: Exploring the Future with Jaclyn Rice Nelson, CEO & Co-founder of Tribe AI (part 1)

Wed Jun 21 2023
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The episode covers Jacqueline Rice Nelson's background and ventures, the significance of AI according to Google Ventures, the impact of Chat GPT and AI adoption, as well as challenges and opportunities in AI.


AI has captured consumer attention and changed the way people interact with technology

The release of Chat GPT made AI more accessible and engaging, challenging assumptions about its capabilities.

Concerns about bias, accuracy, trust, and hallucinations in AI

As AI adoption increases, there is a need to address these issues to ensure responsible use.

AI can empower humans without replacing their ability to think

The potential application of AI is to make humans smarter and enable them to handle tasks more efficiently.

Challenges and opportunities in AI

Creating a universal agent with multiple beliefs, building trust in AI tools, and addressing issues like misinformation are key areas of focus.

$91 billion AI market presents significant opportunities for investment and company creation

The rapid adoption of AI by businesses indicates a platform shift rather than a passing trend.


  1. Jacqueline Rice Nelson's Background and Ventures
  2. Google Ventures and the Significance of AI
  3. The Impact of Chat GPT and AI Adoption
  4. Challenges and Opportunities in AI

Jacqueline Rice Nelson's Background and Ventures

00:03 - 08:22

  • Jacqueline Rice Nelson is the CEO and co-founder of Trish, a network of technologists that build AI solutions for companies.
  • She co-founded Coalition Operators, an early stage venture fund and top woman's operator network.
  • Jacqueline spent the majority of her career at Google partnering with enterprise companies and incubating new businesses.
  • She built a 50,000 person expert network at Alphabet's growth equity arm to advise tech companies like Airbnb and Stripe.
  • Jacqueline started Tribe AI to bridge the gap between Google's use of AI and other companies' struggles with it.
  • Tribe AI partners with companies to build data science and AI solutions as an extension of their team or AI lab.

Google Ventures and the Significance of AI

08:04 - 15:47

  • Alphabet's growth equity arm invests in later stage companies to make money, not for strategic purposes.
  • The core idea behind Google Ventures is to help accelerate the scaling of growth in late stage companies.
  • Google can bring its expertise and advantage from a diligence perspective to assess and ensure the success of invested companies.
  • Venture firms have a different mindset compared to founders who are put on a pedestal in the industry.
  • Google's approach is not necessarily 'fail fast' like Facebook, but they are focused on AI and moving fast now.
  • The CEO of an AI company discusses the current significance of AI and why it's so big at this moment.

The Impact of Chat GPT and AI Adoption

15:23 - 23:15

  • AI, specifically chat GPT, has become a big topic in the news and has captured consumer attention.
  • The user interface of chat GPT made AI more accessible and engaging for people.
  • The release of chat GPT was not the first instance of this technology, but it changed the way people interacted with AI.
  • Chat GPT excelled at creative and artistic tasks, challenging the assumption that AI would only take blue-collar jobs.
  • The adoption of AI was low before chat GPT, but now there is a higher level of awareness and understanding among consumers.
  • There are concerns about bias, accuracy, trust, and hallucinations in AI.
  • The potential application of AI is not to think for humans but to make them smarter and empower them with superpowers.
  • There may be situations where AI can think for humans and save time by predicting their actions.
  • The distinction between thinking for humans and acting for them is important. Humans should retain their ability to think while allowing AI to handle certain tasks.

Challenges and Opportunities in AI

22:56 - 30:40

  • AI having agency over tasks and actions is a promising idea
  • Challenges remain in creating a universal agent with multiple beliefs
  • Ability to act on defined tasks exists with open AI plugins
  • Trust is a key factor for AI acting on our behalf without predefined parameters
  • Education, framing, and guardrails are needed to build trust in AI tools
  • Misinformation and deep fakes are concerning issues
  • Human creativity can solve known problems like misinformation
  • Unknown problems may be harder to solve and foresee
  • Consumer adoption of chat GPT has been remarkable and unprecedented
  • Businesses' rapid adoption of AI signals a platform shift rather than a fad
  • $91 billion AI market is expected to surpass SaaS and cloud markets
  • Accelerating business adoption of AI presents opportunities for company creation and investment
  • Tribe's role in helping companies adopt AI becomes more interesting with increased demand