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The Peter Attia Drive

AMA #49: Heart rate recovery, strength training, rucking, kidney function, and brain health

Mon Jul 17 2023
exerciseruckingbone healthload bearing activities


The episode covers exercise-related topics including starting to rock, building muscle, and kidney function. It also explores the benefits of rucking for bone health and provides insights on load bearing activities. The importance of maintaining strength and avoiding overexertion is emphasized.


Rucking for bone health

Rucking is a beneficial load bearing activity that helps improve bone mineral density, especially for women.

Benefits of rucking over walking

While walking is reasonable, rucking provides greater benefits due to the increased load-bearing activity.

Rucking as an adjunct to weightlifting

Rucking can be seen as a complementary exercise to weightlifting for improving bone health.

Treadmill rucking for cardio training

Treadmill rucking with adjusted weight and incline can help achieve zone two cardio training.

Shuffle running while rucking

Shuffle running while rucking is a good alternative to running that is easier on the knees.

Maintaining strength to avoid injury

Maintaining strength becomes important when trying to avoid injury and not overexerting oneself.


  1. Exercise-related topics
  2. Rucking for exercise
  3. Load bearing activities and bone health

Exercise-related topics

00:11 - 07:05

  • Starting to rock and building muscle versus maintaining it
  • Lifting before or after cardio
  • Importance of glomerular filtration rate for lifespan
  • Decline of kidney function with age
  • Homocysteine and alcohol in relation to the brain

Rucking for exercise

06:37 - 12:48

  • Start low and gradually increase intensity
  • Experiment with different styles of rucking
  • Using a hip belt for weight distribution
  • Choosing appropriate footwear for different terrains
  • Benefits of rucking for women's bone mineral density
  • Rucking provides greater benefits than walking

Load bearing activities and bone health

12:29 - 19:24

  • Walking, swimming, cycling, and rucking are beneficial for bone health
  • Rucking puts more load on the body compared to swimming or cycling
  • Weightlifting is the best way to increase bone mineral density
  • Running only impacts lower body, not as effective for overall bone health
  • Rucking can be seen as an adjunct to weightlifting for bone health
  • Treadmill rucking with adjusted weight and incline for zone two cardio training
  • Shuffle running while rucking as an alternative to running that is easier on the knees
  • Shuffle running on a track with adjustable speed for different heart rate zones
  • Maintaining strength is important to avoid injury and overexertion