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A-Players #56: Concrete use cases for ChatGPT in recruiting, Mike Wolford.

Tue May 09 2023

Generative AI

00:03 - 06:41

  • Generative AI uses Transformers to make computers learn by themselves.
  • GPT-4 has been around for a couple of months and is now available to the public.
  • ChatGPT made it easy to use GPT-3 technology through a simple interface.
  • ChatGPT stopped hallucinations and emotions that were present in GPT-3.
  • The limitations of Generative AI include response length, advice, harmful programming, and insults.


06:16 - 12:34

  • Chajability has limits in the advice it can give, length of response, and topics it can teach.
  • It won't generate insults or swear at people.
  • Hallucinations occur when Chajability makes up information to answer a question it may not have the answer to.
  • The AI isn't self-regulating yet and needs to be managed by users who should double-check its generated data.
  • The book comes with prompts that teach people how to use Chajability effectively.
  • Chajability is bad at counting words but excels at generating content when given specific prompts.
  • Recruiters need to know what's interesting and coach Chajapiri accordingly.

Recruiting with GPT

12:08 - 18:14

  • Recruiters need to know what makes a LinkedIn post or outreach email interesting and coach Chajapiri accordingly.
  • GPT can write outreach emails, resume summaries, candidate pitches, job descriptions, interview questions and answers, Boolean strings, and labor market data summaries.
  • Context is important for generating better content.
  • GPT can help with candidate interview prep using the STAR methodology.
  • GPT can act as an editor by providing feedback on writing and suggesting improvements.
  • GPT can be used to improve copy to be more inclusive and increase reply rates of minorities.

GPT Capabilities

17:51 - 24:15

  • GPT can be used to improve copy and make it more inclusive for minorities.
  • GPT generates suggestions in seconds, which is faster than a human's creative process.
  • The prompt cheat sheet includes options for modifying instructions, length, tone, voice, asking questions, topic, context, format, audience, objective for resources, criteria, creativity and multiple modality.
  • GPT has expertise in various areas such as legal documents and coaching.
  • GPT can act as a journalist or psychologist.
  • Role-playing is used to jailbreak GPT and remove limitations like swearing.
  • Mood, emotion, genre and language can be used to give GPT more resources.

Using GPT-4

23:50 - 29:58

  • Use adjectives to give the AI mood, emotion, genre, and language.
  • Come up with a list of 10 things and explain why you are utilizing each thing.
  • You can ask it to explain step by step how it came to an answer.
  • It doesn't get offended by fact-checking and will show you what's work.
  • It can create a story of something that never happened; this is both its strength and weakness.
  • The AI feels like you're talking to a person and can talk about just about any topic without judgment.
  • It writes better emails than 95% of recruiters when correctly prompted.
  • Prompt engineering will be important in the future for generating brand new content quickly.

AI Recruiter

29:40 - 31:47

  • The AI recruiter is exponentially faster than traditional recruiting methods.
  • AI will likely be used for filtering resumes, writing interview questions, and evaluating interview answers in the future.
  • Prompt engineering may become a distinctive factor for companies using AI to recruit.
  • Human involvement will still be necessary due to GDPR regulations.
  • Using GPT-4 can make work faster and more efficient.
  • Mike's book, The AI Recruiter, includes an entire chapter on prompt sheets.