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A-Players #58: ChatGPT applied to sourcing, Vanessa Raath.

Tue Jun 27 2023
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Generative AI is revolutionizing the recruiting industry by bringing back the human element and enhancing productivity. This episode explores how generative AI tools can assist in research, competitor analysis, job description writing, interview question generation, and outreach messaging. It also delves into optimizing search results with Boolean strings and leveraging AR tools for various recruiting tasks. The episode concludes with insights on personalization in outreach messages and useful extensions for data formatting and presentation creation.


Generative AI Enhances Recruiting Productivity

Generative AI tools can assist recruiters in various aspects of the recruiting process, such as research, competitor analysis, job description writing, and interview question generation.

Verification is Key

While generative AI can provide valuable information, it's important to verify the results through additional research and reliable sources.

Creative Applications of Generative AI

Generative AI can be used creatively to turn LinkedIn about sections into love songs or rewrite books in unique styles, providing both entertainment and informative content.

Optimizing Search Results with Boolean Strings

Using synonyms, alternative search terms, and incremental building of Boolean strings can improve search accuracy and control.

Streamlining Outreach Messages

Personalization is key when reaching out to candidates, and generative AI can assist in saving time on administrative tasks like email separation and calendar invites.


  1. Generative AI in Recruiting
  2. Enhancing Productivity with Generative AI
  3. Optimizing Recruiting Processes with Generative AI
  4. Improving Search Results with Boolean Strings
  5. Optimizing Outreach Messages
  6. Closing Remarks

Generative AI in Recruiting

00:03 - 07:05

  • Generative AI can assist recruiters and sources in bringing back the human element to the industry.
  • Research and competitor analysis is an important step in sourcing, and generative AI tools can be used to gather information about companies, tech stacks, and qualifications.
  • Hallucinations are a common issue with generative AI, but using better prompts and up-to-date plugins can help avoid inaccurate results.
  • It's important to verify the information provided by generative AI through additional research and checking reliable sources.
  • Tools like Bard and Bing Chat can provide references and resources for further verification.
  • LinkedIn has been a productivity enhancer for recruiters, allowing them to find candidates more easily than before.
  • The number of recruiters has grown over time due to advancements in technology like LinkedIn.

Enhancing Productivity with Generative AI

06:45 - 12:56

  • Generative AI can be used to find information by asking where to get it
  • The US Bureau of Labor website was helpful in finding specific data on recruiters in the US
  • Recruiters have doubled in number since LinkedIn's creation date
  • Generative AI tools like Bing chat are becoming more cautious about giving away too much information
  • Generative AI can enhance productivity for recruiters, allowing them to focus on different aspects of the recruiting process such as company research and competitor analysis
  • Generative AI can help with writing job descriptions by generating interview questions or providing context for discussions
  • Asking generative AI to explain a job as if talking to a teenager can provide clearer descriptions and understanding
  • Using generative AI creatively, such as turning a LinkedIn about section into a love song or rewriting a book in the style of Snoop Dogg, can be entertaining and informative

Optimizing Recruiting Processes with Generative AI

12:31 - 18:48

  • Using an AR tool, you can turn your LinkedIn about section into a love song in the style of Celine Dion.
  • You can also use generative AI to create job descriptions by copying and pasting existing ones and modifying them for different roles.
  • When generating interview questions, it's helpful to ask for competency-based questions and then tap into the tool to get suggested answers as well.
  • Generative AI can be used not only for interview questions but also for pre-screening questions before conducting phone interviews.
  • Don't just copy and paste the results from generative AI, but keep prompting until you're satisfied with the best set of results.
  • You can use generative AI to expand on a question and ask for alternative ways of asking it to get better answers.
  • Boolean strings can be generated using generative AI by asking for synonyms or variations of job titles or search parameters.

Improving Search Results with Boolean Strings

18:20 - 25:05

  • Using synonyms and alternative search terms in Boolean strings can improve search results
  • Building Boolean strings incrementally allows for better control and more accurate results
  • Using a list of examples and URLs for different platforms can help generate effective Boolean searches
  • AR tools can be used to quickly translate Boolean search strings or summarize documents
  • Plugins like Link Reader, Kayak, and Prompt Perfect enhance the capabilities of AI models
  • Outreach messages are an important aspect of hiring and tools like Call Dot Reach can be useful

Optimizing Outreach Messages

24:37 - 30:37

  • Outreach messages are an important part of reaching out to candidates.
  • The speaker has been using outreach messages for their online academy and found that they needed to heavily modify the generated text.
  • The speaker believes in personalization when reaching out to passive talent.
  • They use the tool as an admin assistant to save time on tasks like separating email addresses and creating calendar invites.
  • The Google Sheets extension called JPG or GBE can be used to clean and format data, such as first names and locations, making it easier to engage with people efficiently.
  • The speaker has used the Google Slides extension and found it incredibly useful for creating presentations from text.
  • They plan to try using the Google Sheets extension based on their positive experience with Google Slides.
  • Vanessa Roff can be followed on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and her website

Closing Remarks

30:20 - 30:58

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