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The Sales Feed Show

Can ChatGPT really be your Sales Sidekick? with Jesse Ariss

Wed May 10 2023

AI in Sales

  • AI terms and tools like GPT, OpenAI, and Crayon are becoming popular in the sales world.
  • Jesse Harris believes that AI is a powerful tool that can give a competitive edge to salespeople.
  • There is a preconceived notion that AI will replace human workers, but Jesse argues that it is not the case.
  • Understanding what AI is and how it works can help overcome the fear of using it.

Chat GPT

  • Chat GPT is a program that understands human behavior and can answer questions, chat with people, and help with tasks.
  • Chat GPT can save time and make work easier for salespeople without any inherent risks.
  • OpenAI's chat GPT tool can be accessed by anyone on their website for free and can be used for tasks such as researching, asking questions, writing poems or essays.
  • Chat GPT is a tool that uses AI to assist with tasks such as drafting emails or proposals.
  • To get started with Chat GPT, users can visit and register using a Google account or email address.
  • While Chat GPT can help save time by generating prompts, it still requires review and personalization to humanize the experience.
  • The use of AI as an assistant raises questions about how well it can truly humanize the sales experience.
  • ChatGPT is a useful tool for writing emails and throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • It can help understand customer challenges and position products for specific audiences.
  • Personalizing ChatGPT prompts can make them more effective.

AI Applications

  • Recent breakthroughs in technology, such as machine learning and deep learning, have led to an explosion of interest in AI across various industries.
  • The consumerization of AI technology has made it more accessible to individuals without investing in expensive products or services meant for businesses.
  • AI is being used for good purposes, such as drones using optic recognition to detect sharks off the coast of California and alerting lifeguards to evacuate the beach.
  • AI is becoming more commoditized and integrated into various platforms, such as Microsoft Bing.
  • AI can be used throughout all touchpoints during the sales cycle, from qualifying leads to closing deals.
  • Chat GPT can be used to understand industries, company sizes, and other factors important for prospecting analysis.
  • Tailoring communications using AI can involve generating suggested cases for specific customers in particular industries.
  • Chat GPT can provide insights about a specific industry or company's quarter end, which can help salespeople determine the best time to approach potential customers.
  • Chat GPT can summarize and improve emails by shortening them, refining their structure, and making them more understandable for different audiences.
  • The tool can also summarize call logs and other data in bulleted email format, with specific requests for output.
  • Iterative processes using Chat GPT can help users understand common challenges in an industry and create emails with different tones or styles.
  • AI can understand intent and subtleties that may not be immediately apparent to humans.
  • Users should not be afraid to challenge AI and ask for highlights or pain points based on a call or text input.
  • Tools like Gong and Wingman are advancing to parse out key points from calls.
  • Knowledge is no longer limited to moderately priced software, as free tools like GPT can be used with the right inputs.
  • AI can be used for sales skill development through role playing scenarios with specific customers and deals.

Game Show Segment

  • The podcast includes a game show segment where contestants compete in sales challenges.
  • Raj and Tyler compete in sales challenges to win over the number one customer and prospect.
  • They play a game called Two Truths and a "Lei" where they have to identify which statement is false.
  • Chat GPT provides three statements, two of which are true and one is false.
  • The statements relate to B2B selling strategies such as understanding prospects' pain points, creating urgency in pitches, and building strong relationships for repeat business.
  • Tyler initially thinks the second statement about impulsive buying decisions is false but changes his answer to all three being true after further discussion.
  • The exercise highlights the shortcomings of AI-generated content and the importance of reviewing it before use.
  • The hosts discuss the naming conventions of AI products like Google's Bard.
  • The use of AI in naming products is likely common.
  • "Bard" is a name that creates the illusion of someone accompanying you on your journey and providing a soundtrack to your quest.
  • Microsoft's implementation of AI for their office suite, called "Co-pilot," is a great descriptive name that demystifies the technology.


  • Leveraging AI throughout the sales process, including prospecting, research, communication, role playing, following up, and analyzing customer success can make sellers better than 95% of their peers.
  • There is a lack of understanding about what chat GPT is among sellers, but trying it out can lead to increased usage and improved sales performance.