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The Business of Authority

Chat GPT For Authority

Mon Apr 10 2023

Chet GPT

00:00 - 06:37

  • Chet GPT gained more monthly active users in three weeks than Facebook did in three years.
  • The implications of Chet GPT are enormous for most businesses.
  • Chet GPT is great at giving you the first draft or an outline.
  • It's almost like a writing partner, but it has a similar kind of feel to it.
  • The writing voice is extremely flat and you get it and you're like, oh, I just need to pump this up, throw this out, replace with this.
  • All of a sudden you're going straight to editor mode.


06:07 - 12:48

  • JetGBT is like a writing assistant that can generate content on a topic and provide an outline.
  • It's not a writing partner, but more like a research assistant.
  • It's generative and suggestive, but not always accurate or correct.
  • It's helpful for people building their expertise and authority in their field.
  • JetGBT can be used as a sparring partner to test controversial ideas or opinions.
  • The AI is trained on the internet and has the opinion of the collective unconscious of people who post stuff online.

AI Tools and Podcasting

12:26 - 25:24

  • People who make a lot of money in less time often feel guilty and unproductive when they have more free time.
  • The internet has no clear answer on whether it's okay to work less than 30 hours a week until retirement.
  • Guardrails are put in place by developers building large language models to prevent systemic issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia.
  • Different language models will have different guardrails based on the values of their creators.
  • AI tools like Podium can create show notes, highlights, quotes, timestamps, and chapters for podcasts in under a minute for free.
  • Show notes structure saves time and helps with finding quotes quickly.
  • AI transcription tools like DScript can help podcasters save time by automatically transcribing audio files and removing filler words.
  • Chat GPT can generate HTML and CSS code for a basic website, which could be useful for solo web designers or starter website services.

Modular Website Building and Code Generation

25:11 - 32:10

  • Modular website building services could be changed by GPT chatbots.
  • HTML and CSS are not the primary tools for building websites anymore.
  • A video of a guy who asked chat GPT to build an iOS to-do app that would run as an app in the app store on iOS was forwarded to the speaker.
  • The thing wrote the code, and they would ask for changes or there'd be a bug. And he would say, 'There's a bug online yada yada.'
  • If it was built right into Xcode and it was maybe 30% better, it's gonna allow an extremely new iPhone developer to build stuff that's pretty cool.
  • It is possible to connect Slack with ConvertKit using Zapier AI.
  • Chat GPT can write code that connects two APIs like Slack API and ConvertKit API.
  • The training data used by Chat GPT may not be up-to-date, which can cause problems in some use cases.
  • Zapier has some cool features but lacks specific things that don't exist yet. It would be cool if there was a way to bypass that without having to create your own web server or something similar.
  • Someone could correct me, but probably writing code and pasting it somewhere without creating your own web server is too complicated for non-coders.

Trust and Use Cases of Chat GPT

31:41 - 38:39

  • Chet GPT feels like the early days of mobile where everyone sees use cases.
  • The use cases for Chet GPT are everywhere and it is becoming ubiquitous.
  • Chat GPT can be used to solve problems or challenges in different fields.
  • There are concerns about trusting Chat GPT, but it can still be useful if taken with a grain of salt.
  • Chat GPT can be used for administrative tasks such as writing assistants or summarizing books.
  • It would be great to train one of these models on audio to make it searchable and timestamped.
  • Some people worry about how ideas will be monetized if they are all in Chat GPT, but this does not worry the speaker.
  • There may be issues with consent when uploading audio to make it searchable.

Intellectual Property and Value of Conversations

38:15 - 44:23

  • If someone doesn't consent to being put into the AI, that's valid.
  • From a mission perspective, it's important for ideas to appear when someone is looking for them.
  • Google search is already summarizing ideas on its results page and not giving credit.
  • It's better to have intellectual property out there than not be included in all areas.
  • The value people get from a conversation can't be stolen.
  • A coach or advisor helps apply information so it produces results.
  • Follow up episodes on Chat GBT and use cases would be cool.