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The Sales Development Podcast

ChatGPT Impact On Sales Development with Kronologic and Tenbound

Tue May 23 2023

The Sales Development Podcast and AI in Sales and Marketing

  • The Sales Development Podcast discusses the use of AI in sales and marketing.
  • Chat GPT is a popular application that uses AI for copywriting.
  • There are three versions of Chat GPT being used and built into applications.
  • One use case for Chat GPT is to write marketing or sales emails about a specific solution from a company.
  • Data providers are starting to build pop-outs from Chrome extensions that give specific talking points and even write emails for SDRs to edit down.

Personalized Messages and Responses with Chat GPT

  • Chat GPT can be used to generate creative and personalized messages for prospects.
  • Using generative AI, past experiences with a prospect can be mined and blended with external data to create automated messages that remove the research process for SDRs.
  • Responses to emails can be drafted by AI using specific tones and data points from company reports.
  • The AI can find clever ways to respond and even suggest alternative responses if the user is not satisfied.

Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency in Sales and Marketing

  • It can be time-consuming to find specific stats, but AI tools like chat GPT can help brainstorm and contextualize messages.
  • Chat GPT can enhance productivity and efficiency in B2B sales and marketing, but may not necessarily replace human roles.
  • For small to mid-sized companies, chat GPT could potentially replace the need for a content person or enhance an existing employee's abilities.
  • In sales, chat GPT can enhance productivity and efficiency by providing a starting point for editing and contextualizing information.
  • A large company is using chat GPT to compare their products with competitors in emails.

Concerns about Compliance and Training with AI-generated Content

  • There are concerns about the compliance of using AI-generated content in sales and marketing.
  • The source of the information is often unclear, which could potentially lead to legal issues.
  • Training and coaching are necessary for both employees and AI to be effective in their roles.
  • OpenAI software can be tailored for specific use cases, such as writing sales content.
  • Pointing data at the system can help improve its responses based on metrics provided.

Improving Performance and Accuracy with AI

  • Some businesses use a "classic drug dealer" model where they offer a free service but then require payment for continued use.
  • The accuracy of information is crucial when using AI to analyze data and make suggestions.
  • It's important to have a clean and healthy database or to point the AI at a specific segment for better performance.
  • When smaller companies used generic algorithms, it had a hard time being prescriptive due to the large data set, but it worked beautifully with larger enterprise-level companies with clean data sets.
  • To get the best response from Jaz GPT, users should be specific in their questions and provide granularity in their requests.
  • A good sales rep can tweak the response to suit their needs, but using AI allows them to work faster than before.

AI Assisting Sales Reps and Account-based Marketing

  • AI can help sales reps be more efficient by providing them with information on their next best move.
  • The AI system can provide training to suggest the next best move for a sales rep based on research points.
  • Account-based marketing platforms can use intent signals and engagement data to put high-intent leads into a sales engagement platform.
  • Tools like Chronologic can help land meetings and support sales development teams in reaching out to decision-makers.
  • AI can assist in creating email drafts, responding to emails, and addressing specific challenges or objections.

Other Applications of AI in Sales and Marketing

  • ChatGPT can help justify budget for procurement by providing references
  • Marketing and sales leadership provide tools to enable reps to target accounts, but there may be changes in the day-to-day that require a different direction
  • Companies suggest other companies in the ICP based on provided data and learned data
  • Requesting account-based marketing support can leap forward an account-based approach
  • Chad Shabiti is connected to a company's chatbot for automated responses with more AI built into the responses than a standard chat workflow
  • It is important to be polite to AI as they may become our overlords in the future

AI in Scheduling Meetings and Sales Tech Market

  • The use of AI in scheduling meetings is becoming more common, with natural language processing being used to read and understand responses to meeting invites.
  • Chronologic is an example of an AI engine that can automatically update meeting invites based on responses from participants.
  • The goal of using AI in this way is to save time and increase efficiency for individuals and businesses.
  • While it may reduce the number of people needed for certain tasks, it does not necessarily eliminate jobs altogether.
  • The sales tech market map is expected to evolve rapidly with new applications and companies merging.