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The Art of Online Business

ChatGPT Prompting Tips: Navigating Your Way to Better Outcomes

Fri Apr 14 2023

Behind the Launch

00:01 - 05:54

  • Behind the Launch is a free audio event where industry experts share insights and tips on successful launches.
  • The goal of the event is to dispel the notion that successful launches are easy and without struggles.
  • Listening to these conversations will provide a proven path to make more sales during your next launch.
  • Prompting tips for Chat GBT prompts involve teaching it your writing style and tone as the first step.
  • To do this, copy and paste a podcast episode, video, blog post or email into Chat GBT and ask it to analyze the text for writing style and tone of voice.
  • If you're happy with what it tells you, tell Chat GBT to use that style going forward within the chat.
  • If you're asking for a podcast title or an email subject line, you don't need to prime Chat GBT in this way.

Using Chat GBT

05:31 - 11:44

  • When asking for a podcast title or email subject line, tone of voice is enough.
  • For longer writing tasks, tune the AI to your tone and style.
  • Tell the AI what role you want it to play.
  • Give as much background information as possible about your target audience.
  • Be specific about their pain points, struggles, values, goals and aspirations.
  • Detailed information leads to better results from the AI tool.
  • Create a working target audience paste in for convenience.
  • Knowing your target audience is fundamental to using the AI tool effectively.

Chatech EPT

11:14 - 17:23

  • Chatech EPT can be used to figure out a problem when you don't know how to prompt it to do something.
  • Best practices for the level of audience detail that will offer the best results from a prompt include basic demographic information and psychographic details such as values, pain points, and communication tone.
  • Giving context about the program is important before asking ChatGPT to write an email sequence consisting of 5 emails or draft an email to promote a limited time discount for a coaching program.
  • ChatGPT can create task lists for teams preparing for upcoming webinars.
  • Results can be produced in numbered lists, bullet points, or table formats.

Chatshi BT

16:58 - 23:00

  • Chatshi BT can generate results in numbered lists, bullet points, or table formats based on user input.
  • It can create a social media calendar for the next month and suggest engaging questions to increase engagement.
  • Users can ask Chatshi BT to write customer support emails or FAQs.
  • Giving more context about the audience and course pricing leads to better outcomes.
  • Users can prompt Chatshi BT to act as a social media manager and develop campaigns across all relevant platforms.
  • Neat provides examples of prompts for different types of content, such as YouTube video scripts.
  • Chatshi BT can write email sequences with specific formatting preferences and gender-neutral language if requested.


22:31 - 28:45

  • ChatCPT writes emails based on the prompt given to it.
  • It can write emails for cold traffic by specifying that in the prompt.
  • The output is produced within seconds and changes can be made if required.
  • Specific requirements like word count or format can also be mentioned in the prompt.
  • Common pitfalls while crafting prompts include vague or ambiguous prompts, overloading the prompt, neglecting the set format, using negative phrasing, and assuming prior knowledge.

Using Chat GPT

28:18 - 34:17

  • When using Chat GPT, all information within a chat is learned from itself.
  • Expecting perfect results is a common pitfall when using Chat GPT.
  • Continue to educate yourself on terminology and new tools in the field of AI language models.
  • Test different prompts in different ways to prompt in a tool like Chat GPT or CLOD.
  • Refine and iterate on outputs to get the best results.
  • Teach Chat GPT your tone of voice for written content outside of emails or video titles.
  • Provide detailed descriptions of target audience, programs, courses, clients, etc. for specific prompts.
  • Be specific with the format and output you want from Chat GPT (table, list, outline, bullet points).
  • Add your own personality and story to outputs before using them.
  • Contact Rick with any questions about AI tools.

Podcast Announcement

33:50 - 34:17

  • Exciting announcement coming in two episodes
  • Listeners can DM Rick on Instagram with questions
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