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ChatGPT updates, Generative AI in recruitment and how to make the most of it with Robin Choy, CEO at HireSweet

Tue Apr 18 2023

Generative AI in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

00:03 - 07:03

  • Generative AI is having a big impact on talent acquisition and recruitment.
  • Hire Sweet CEO Robin Choi shares his formula for making the most out of Chat GBT.
  • The average time to hire in the UK is 45 days, but Enemo Group can help reduce that to around 30 days.
  • Most Generative AI products are still in beta, but many companies are launching their own models.
  • There have been major improvements in image generation with the latest release of Mid-Journey 5.
  • For recruiters, there won't be a big difference between GPT-4 and GPT-3, but GPT-4 manages larger texts better.
  • GB4 can summarize several pages of text, which could be useful for podcast transcripts.

Improving Results with Chat GPT

06:41 - 13:26

  • Giving context to Chat GPT is important for better results, using the role task objective context output framework.
  • Role playing is a powerful technique to bypass Chat GPT limitations.
  • The more information given to Chat GPT, the better the results.
  • Otter AI is a useful tool for recording screening calls and creating candidate synopses.

Enhancing Recruiting with CHEDGPT

12:58 - 19:28

  • Recruiting is a powerful tool that many companies under invest in.
  • Providing more information to CHEDGPT leads to better results.
  • Content creation is a popular use for CHEDGPT, but it should be used to generate new ideas and improve content rather than copying and pasting generic prompts.
  • Rubber duck debugging can be applied to CHEDGPT by using it as a peer to challenge and improve writing.
  • CHEDGPT can be used to generate variations, interview questions, and even Python code.
  • Software companies such as Seacout and Bemory have integrated CHEDGPT into their products for recruiting purposes.

The Impact of AI in Recruiting

19:13 - 26:16

  • Generative AI is not a new concept in recruiting and has been around for years.
  • The legal framework in Europe, GDPR, is clear about where AI can be used.
  • AI will impact all industries and jobs, but people will adapt to the changes.
  • New roles and jobs will be created while some will disappear or adapt.
  • Microsoft Copilot is an impressive AI that goes in sync with Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Small companies are creating more interesting products than major companies.
  • Most of the biggest products have been disappointing so far compared to smaller linear companies' products.
  • Chat GPT will change the way recruiters do their jobs in the next 12 months.

Future Trends in AI and Recruiting

25:47 - 29:20

  • Smaller, linear companies have created more impressive products than bigger ones.
  • Most software vendors will start integrating chargeability to their software in the next 12 months.
  • AI-powered functionalities will be available in all the software used.
  • Personal brand and company brand will be more important than ever due to noise caused by Chachability.
  • Signal through the noise can be found through personal brands and signals of trust.
  • Adopting Chatshoot GPT or whatever generated AI is important to stay ahead of the curve.