Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Talent & Growth is a community and knowledge-sharing podcast for anybody involved in HR, Talent Acquisition or People. We help you and your business get better at attracting great people and retaining great people. According to Spotify Unwrapped, in 2022, we were: - In the top 10% of followed podcasts in the world - In the top 10% of most shared podcasts in the world - In the top 2% of content creators in the business category - Listened to in 41 countries

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Thu Aug 10 2023

Redefining Talent Acquisition: An Exploration of Reverse Sourcing

reverse sourcinginbound recruitmentjob descriptionstalent attractiondiversity hiring

This episode of Talent and Growth features Jim Miller, VP of People and Talent at Ashby, discussing the power of reverse sourcing. Jim shares his experience with traditional sourcing methods and the limitations they present. He explains the concept of reverse sourcing, which involves optimizing job descriptions for plain language and using inbound methods to attract candidates. Jim provides insights into successful reverse sourcing campaigns and highlights the importance of context in attracting the right talent. He also discusses challenges and obstacles in implementing reverse sourcing strategies and offers advice on overcoming them. The future of sourcing is explored, with a focus on AI-driven tools and the shift towards fair and equitable hiring processes.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Tue Aug 08 2023

Mastering the Candidate Journey: From First Contact to Long-Term Impact

candidate experiencehiring processtransparencycommunicationcustomer experience

This episode of Talent and Growth focuses on the importance of candidate experience. The guests, Chris and Carl Connors from candidate.fyi, along with Mary Straybringer, discuss how to improve candidate experience, its impact on hiring processes, and the correlation between candidate and customer experience. They provide insights on measuring and enhancing candidate experience, adapting to remote interviews, and leveraging candidate feedback. The episode emphasizes the need for transparency, communication, and treating candidates with respect.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Thu Aug 03 2023

The Future is Paperless: Exploring CV-less Hiring

CVless HiringRecruitmentUnconscious BiasDiversityAI

This episode discusses the concept of CVless hiring with Andrew Wood, founder of Willow. They explore the benefits of moving away from CV-based assessments, such as reducing unconscious bias and future-proofing the hiring process. Examples of successful transitions to CVless hiring are shared, along with insights on maintaining fairness and diversity. The implications of AI on CVless hiring are also discussed.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Tue Aug 01 2023

Cutting Through the Noise: The Art of Captivating Candidate Outreach

Candidate OutreachRecruitmentTalent Acquisition

This episode of Talent and Growth podcast focuses on candidate outreach. Host Paul Church is joined by expert Sandra Feldman to discuss the importance of standing out in a competitive job market. They explore creative outreach approaches, the role of collateral, tools for effective outreach, strategies for creating awareness and interest in organizations, and tailoring outreach based on seniority levels.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Tue Jul 25 2023

Dissecting Rivalry and Unity in People and Talent Functions

PodcastTalentWorkplace DynamicsPeople FunctionTalent Acquisition

The episode features an interview with Michael Nielsen, VP of People, and David Field, Director of Talent at Speechmatics. They discuss the dynamics between people and talent in the workplace, the challenges and successes of creating a talent function from scratch, and strategies for building a people and talent team. The hosts also delve into topics such as salary transparency, improving talent acquisition, and working together harmoniously.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Wed Jul 19 2023

How To Measure Quality Of Hire With Caitlin Ingham, Jonathan Durnford-Smith & Joey Koksal

Quality of HireMeasuring Quality of HireRetentionOnboarding ProcessImproving Hiring Process

The episode discusses the subjective and elusive metric of quality of hire. It explores guidelines for measuring quality of hire, including technical knowledge, cultural alignment, motivation, commitment, adaptability, and strong work ethic. The panel emphasizes the importance of retention in early-stage companies and aligning employees with business objectives. The onboarding process is highlighted as crucial for employee success and includes setting clear expectations and objectives. Measuring quality of hire involves considering factors like contract duration, performance reviews, feedback from managers and peers, and probation periods. The episode also covers improving the hiring process through tools, guidance, and a democratic approach. Key insights include creating a persona for candidates and involving talent acquisition earlier in the hiring process.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Tue Jul 18 2023

The State Of The Market with Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Labour MarketRecruitmentUKTechnologyWorkplace Culture

The episode covers the current state of the labour and recruitment market in the UK, challenges and adaptations in the labor market, candidate shortage and recruitment strategies, impact of technology on recruitment, education and future professions, attracting talent and salary transparency, and the future outlook for recruitment agencies.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Thu Jul 13 2023

Setting Up A Talent Function From Scratch with Lea Mendonca, Hannah Buckley & Oliver Lochhead

Talent AcquisitionHiring ProcessCandidate ExperienceDiversity and InclusionEmployer Branding

This episode discusses how to set up a talent function from scratch. The conversation covers topics such as branding, candidate experience, managing stakeholders, diversity and inclusion, employer branding, budgeting, forecasting, metrics, and key insights for talent experts.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Tue Jul 11 2023

Smart Work over Hard Work: Revolutionizing Workplace through Coaching

talent attractiontalent retentioncoaching programinternal coachingcareer progression

The episode discusses the importance and impact of coaching in talent attraction and retention. Guests from Hedrem Assisted share their experience with implementing a coaching program. Headroom Assistance, a niche human services company, focuses on talent retention and internal talent pipeline development. They invest in internal coaches to maintain service levels and provide career progression. The episode explores the implementation and key elements of a successful coaching program, as well as the benefits and considerations of internal coaching programs.

Talent & Growth presented by The Animo Group

Thu Jul 06 2023

Looking After Employee Wellbeing with Cat McClay & Rhiannon Barr

Employee Well-beingLeadership EngagementWork EnvironmentFinancial Well-beingProactive Support

The episode discusses the importance of employee well-being in the current challenging times. It explores strategies for evolving well-being initiatives, leadership engagement, creating a supportive work environment, financial well-being, and promoting employee well-being. The episode emphasizes the need for employers to actively support their employees' well-being and provides insights on how line managers and HR teams can effectively promote well-being. The episode concludes by highlighting the significance of an engaged and social team in creating a positive work culture.

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