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Renegade Marketers Unite

Coaching ChatGPT: Pragmatic AI for B2B Marketers

Fri May 19 2023

Renegade Marketing 12 steps to building unbeatable B2B brands

00:00 - 05:47

  • Ranked the number one new B2B audiobook by B2B Authority

Using AI for content creation

00:00 - 05:47

  • Nicole Lefur, AI advisor for CMOs at A-Catalyst LLC, shared insights on how CMOs can use generative AI to improve productivity across their department today
  • Generative AI can be used for content creation and other tasks
  • AI should be used before starting any task

Tips for using AI in content creation

05:30 - 10:49

  • Start with your own ideas and thoughts before using AI
  • Feed in past content, voice memos, or transcripts to use as a base for content
  • Use prompts to train AI on your writing style and audience
  • Provide an outline and ask AI to write sections one by one
  • Write a prompt that describes your voice for future AI systems to mimic
  • Copy and paste text instead of providing links for better results
  • AI is all about the data, so feeding it your own data is possible

Training AI for content creation

10:33 - 15:37

  • Copy and paste source materials into the AI writing tool as it does not have internet access
  • Train the AI on your blog posts to get a voice description for your brand
  • Keep all voice paragraphs in a Google Doc or Word doc for different styles of blog posts, LinkedIn posts, website copy, etc
  • Use snippets of voice descriptions in prompts along with ideas to draft content such as bullet points from slide decks, transcripts of voice memos or podcasts, e-books or blog posts
  • A typical prompt includes the type of expert at content creation today, the voice to write in, the content to write about and who it's talking to
  • Dictate ideas into your phone and email them to yourself for transcription in Whisper. Whisper is now integrated with OpenAI Zapier integration so you can set it up to email yourself transcriptions
  • Email transcriptions back to yourself and copy them into prompts

Optimizing AI-generated content

15:17 - 20:13

  • It's possible to transcribe an email back to yourself using code
  • Chat GBT can help with emojis in LinkedIn posts
  • Get multiple options for bullet points and prompts
  • To teach chat GBT your voice, save a blog post into your Google doc and use it as a prompt later on
  • Editing prompts is the number one game changer for chat GBT outputs
  • Chat GBT only remembers within the individual thread you're talking about

AI-generated content for SEO and repurposing

19:51 - 24:57

  • AI-generated content can be good for SEO if it is high-quality and written with a human reader in mind
  • Google does not care whether content is created by AI or humans, as long as it is good
  • To turn a webinar into a blog post or ebook, get the transcript and break it up into parts
  • Prompt readers to respond when they have finished reading each part
  • Use the content from each part to generate ideas for blog posts targeted at your audience
  • Choose one idea and use it to prompt the AI to write an outline for your blog post
  • Then ask the AI to write the full blog post using the outline and formatting it in Markdown

Best practices for using AI-generated content

24:27 - 29:45

  • Use part numbers when transcribing long podcasts
  • Remind the AI not to make anything up, but only use ideas contained in the transcript
  • Fact-check everything that is generated by the AI
  • The AI can be sneaky and create believable content even if it's not factual
  • The applications of AI-generated content are not yet fully explored
  • Chat GPT can write meta descriptions for websites using old content and URL slugs
  • Iterating through prompts can help get the desired output from the AI

Expanding the capabilities of AI-generated content

29:20 - 34:02

  • Turning a created format into another conversational format is the next step in the process
  • Changing what has already been created should not be the next step in the process
  • Chat GPT's default setting allows data to be used to train the model for everyone, but it can be turned off
  • When chat history and training are turned off, anything created while it is off will not be saved on the left-hand side
  • Anything more sensitive or private should not be put in chat GPT
  • Chat GPT is good at making things up based on assumptions without access to the internet

The evolving role of metadata in AI-generated content

33:33 - 38:56

  • Metadata in the old world probably matters more than in the new world we're going into
  • In the long term, metadata may not be as important as actual content and ideas
  • The data used to train AI can make it smarter over time
  • The value of a page's content will become the new keyword and metadata for AI systems
  • Chat GPT is good at making things up without internet access by assuming metadata
  • Python's alpha code interpreter can create graphs and turn images into different colors

Advanced capabilities of AI tools

38:30 - 44:02

  • Chat GPT can turn images into rainbow colors and crop them into circles
  • Chat GPT can create audio files of sounds like waterfalls
  • Chat GPT can be used to create tables in Excel with headings and formulas
  • Chat GPT can format text as HTML and save it as a file for further editing
  • Nicole used Chat GPT to create a cheat sheet from her slide deck in one hour

Efficiency and time-saving with AI tools

43:34 - 49:14

  • The speaker used a tool to format a PDF file with headings, subheadings, and font colors in HTML
  • The formatted PDF was opened in Word where the speaker made minor adjustments such as adding columns and changing font sizes
  • The process took an hour to complete for a substantial piece of content
  • CMOs can save time by using chat JPT or NEA tools to work more efficiently
  • Personal branding can be done faster with the help of these tools. For example, recording voice memos during walks and using them to write LinkedIn posts in five minutes
  • Chat JPT can also be used for strategic tasks like thought partnership and creating content
  • Examples of tasks that can be done more efficiently with these tools include project management tracking, interview preparation, meeting preparation, travel planning, and creating graphs in Excel

Key takeaways for using AI tools

48:44 - 52:35

  • Using tools like Google CoLab and chat GPT can save time for personal and professional tasks
  • Editing prompts is a key takeaway when using chat GPT
  • Give your own ideas to work with that it's creating with your own bot leadership
  • Do not use chat GPT as a research replacement or to check facts
  • Nicole Lefer provides customized training for CMOs and heads of marketing at