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Ep 100 | #SorryNotSorry, Part 3: Lazy growth strategies get you lazy results

Thu Jul 13 2023
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The episode discusses the importance of email list growth for business success. It emphasizes the need for clear instructions, consistent actions, and specific goals. List size is crucial for selling online courses and memberships. Taking list growth seriously and facing discomfort are key steps towards business growth. The episode also provides information about the podcast's purpose and how listeners can engage.


Email list growth is crucial

Growing and scaling a business requires prioritizing email list growth over social media.

Effective actions for list growth

Clear instructions, consistent pitching to podcasts, setting specific goals, and considering audience size are important for list growth.

Taking list growth seriously

Evaluating actions weekly, setting intentional goals, and facing discomfort are necessary for successful list growth.

Podcast information

The podcast provides marketing tips, answers questions from listeners, and encourages engagement through DMs or texts.


  1. Email List Growth
  2. Effective Actions for List Growth
  3. Taking List Growth Seriously
  4. Podcast Information

Email List Growth

00:00 - 07:01

  • Email list growth is crucial for growing and scaling a business.
  • Your email list is more important than social media for business success.
  • Many people claim to be doing everything but are actually not taking effective actions for growth.
  • Designating seasons for growth, selling, and nurturing can help manage workload.
  • It's important to ensure that the actions on your to-do list align with your growth goals.
  • Having unrealistic expectations about posting frequency and content can hinder list growth.
  • Simply providing free value without clear instructions on how to join the email list won't lead to significant growth.

Effective Actions for List Growth

06:41 - 13:28

  • Clear instructions are needed to get onto a list
  • Pitching to podcasts should be done consistently, not just once in a while
  • Specific growth goals need to be set
  • Calculating the number of people needed to reach the goal can help determine necessary actions
  • Consider audience size when planning strategies and partnerships
  • Intentionally set goals and align actions with those goals
  • Increase the importance and urgency of list growth for online business success
  • List size is crucial for selling online courses and memberships

Taking List Growth Seriously

13:04 - 19:38

  • If you want your business to last, take list growth seriously
  • Hold yourself accountable to growing your list by evaluating your actions weekly
  • Set intentional and specific goals for list growth
  • Not every season is a growth season, focus on the objectives that align with your current season
  • Facing discomfort in growing your list is the next level for yourself and your business
  • Set a goal for how many people you want to add to your email list by the end of the year
  • Multiply that number by 30 to get an idea of how many people you need to reach out to
  • Create a list of at least 20 ways to get in front of that number of people with lead magnets or webinars
  • Map out the rest of the year, building relationships with potential collaborators and planning growth efforts accordingly
  • Remind yourself of the impact having more people on your list will have on your business's success

Podcast Information

19:16 - 19:38

  • This podcast aims to provide marketing tips and answer questions.
  • Listeners can send their marketing questions via DM on Instagram or text them to a personal number.
  • The host will share resources or create future episodes based on the questions received.