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Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

EP 37: Using ChatGPT Across Different Functions of a Company

Wed Jun 14 2023

EU Parliament passes European AI Act

00:01 - 06:37

  • The EU Parliament has passed the European AI Act, which is the first law in the Western world.
  • The act requires foundation models like Chat GPT to ensure that their training data does not violate copyright law.

Salesforce announces Salesforce AI Cloud

00:01 - 06:37

  • Salesforce has announced a comprehensive suite of AI and few software called Salesforce AI Cloud.
  • The product is geared towards enterprise companies with a reported price tag of about $360,000 annually.

Meta releases iJepa AI image creation model

00:01 - 06:37

  • Meta has released its own version of an AI image creation model called iJepa.
  • iJepa uses knowledge of the world to complete images rather than looking at nearby pixels to auto-complete an image.

Improving explores using chat GPT

00:01 - 06:37

  • Improving is an IT consulting company that advises clients on technology and uses technology themselves as an internal business capability and consultant area.
  • They are still figuring out how to approach using chat GPT.

Responsibility and caution in using chat GPT

06:10 - 12:30

  • Using AI tools like chat GPT requires great responsibility.
  • Not using it is not an option as it cripples competitiveness.
  • Companies need to be cautious about exposing their intellectual property while using chat GPT.
  • Clients' decisions on the use of AI tools should be respected and followed.

Applications of chat GPT

06:10 - 12:30

  • Chat GPT can be used in any vertical of a company, including software development, compliance and policies, marketing, sales, and ideation research.
  • It can provide input into topics like privacy policy or marketing campaigns.
  • Chat GPT can summarize long texts to help with effective communication.

AI safeguards and detection of hallucinations

12:06 - 18:30

  • Entrepreneurs are using AI programs for content creation, while larger companies use it more for ideation research.
  • Two-fold safeguards are needed to make users feel comfortable sharing information and measure accuracy with confidence.
  • Chat GPT needs to detect its own hallucinations and provide a confidence score on responses.

Microsoft Co-Pilot for documentation and after-action reports

12:06 - 18:30

  • Microsoft Co-Pilot promises to help consultants produce documentation around their work and create after-action reports automatically.

Co-pilot for processing information and improving productivity

18:00 - 24:22

  • Co-pilot promises to read all emails and team messages related to an incident and produce an after-action report in PowerPoint with graphs.
  • AI tools like co-pilot can help process a ton of information that flows past us, helping us get to things we missed and create summaries.
  • Excel documents full of data can be analyzed by AI tools and summarized in Word or PowerPoint presentations.
  • AI tools can help improve productivity without impacting jobs, enabling employees to do their job better.
  • Companies should use AI tools if they are in a position where they can be used because it is the way of the future.
  • Most companies don't have staff who can read all emails and summarize them for an after-action report, so AI is more enabling than threatening.

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